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Bridal bouquet: autumn wedding style

Bridal bouquet: autumn wedding style
Bridal bouquet: autumn wedding style

Autumn is a great time for a wedding. After all, this time of the year plays with bright, unique colors that can be easily used to make the wedding day truly wonderful and unforgettable. But what should be the bride's bouquet, its autumn version? What are the best flowers to use?

Bridal Bouquet: Autumn W altz of Flowers

It's no secret that a wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories. And autumn flowers can give it brightness and elegance. And here the imagination of florists is not limited - compositions can be made in crimson, warm yellow and orange tones, as well as less flashy pastel colors. autumn bridal bouquet

Autumn bridal bouquet may consist of gerberas, large dahlias, as well as callas or chrysanthemums. Of course, you can use your favorite roses of different shades. However, you can always take a more risky route and create a unique, original composition, using, for example, large sunflower flowers that will contrast beautifully with a white wedding dress.

autumn bouquetbrides

Autumn bridal bouquet (photo) can be decorated with cereals. Yes, mature ears will look bright and unusual.

autumn bridal bouquet photo

The main difference between the autumn flower arrangement is the lack of greenery. In turn, for decoration, you can use dry leaves of warm brown and yellowish hues, which will only emphasize the peculiarity of this accessory. By the way, professional florists often use artificial autumn leaves, which are then decorated with rhinestones, beads, beads and sparkles, which make such a flower masterpiece fabulous.

Of course, the beauty of flowers can be enhanced with matching silky ribbons embellished with an elegant pattern or tiny crystals.

Bridal bouquet: autumn wedding option

Of course, with an unsuccessful selection of wedding decorations, even the most unsurpassed bouquet created by a skilled florist can look dull and even out of place. But with some little tricks, you can make the whole holiday sparkle with bright and warm colors of autumn.

autumn bridal bouquet

First of all, you should pay attention to the bride's outfit. A dress with a simple cut can be decorated with ribbons or a belt to match the flowers. Shoes of a suitable color will also look great. Of course, do not forget about the hairstyle - a few bright flowers woven into the bride's hair will give her beauty, make her look like a real forest fairy.

Do not forget that the bride and groom should be perfectlylook together, so you can choose a tie of the appropriate shade for your future husband. By the way, ideally, the spouse's bouquet should be made from the same flowers as the bride's bouquet, or be beautifully combined with it.

You can also think about decorating the hall and tables with the same bright flowers, autumn leaves and beautiful ribbons - this will create a wonderful mood and give the celebration more warmth and sincerity.

Of course, bouquets for guests can also be made in the same style, using artificial or fresh flowers.

As you can see, the autumn bridal bouquet can set the tone for the whole celebration, turning it into a wonderful, unforgettable day not only for the newlyweds, but also for those who came to congratulate them and celebrate such an important event together.

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