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Wedding dress in Provence style. Jewelry and bridal bouquet

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Wedding dress in Provence style. Jewelry and bridal bouquet
Wedding dress in Provence style. Jewelry and bridal bouquet

Refinement, tenderness and elegance are the main features that a classic wedding dress in the Provence style has. For many years, brides have preferred this outfit, seeking to create a romantic and mysterious image. This style is suitable for absolutely all girls, regardless of the features of the figure, it will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

Wedding dress in Provence style: color

White color has been considered a classic for more than a century, symbolizing innocence and purity. Not surprisingly, many brides prefer a white Provence style wedding dress. A fashionable alternative to white at the moment is the ivory tone, also called milky, which fashion designers have loved in recent years. It looks more lively and energetic, but remains gentle.

Provence style wedding dress

Of course, a wedding dress can be not only snow-white or milky. Shades will also help to emphasize the beauty and tenderness of the image.light lilac pale blue, lavender. All of them fit perfectly into the Provence style. These colors do not have to be the main ones, they can be added with the help of accessories, enlivening the image of the bride. The main thing is that all shades are natural and soft.

Which fabrics to prefer

From the fabrics from which a wedding dress in the Provence style is created, such properties as naturalness and lightness are required. The bride should not be embarrassed by the fact that natural fabrics quickly wrinkle, slight negligence is a characteristic feature of the "rural" style. Silk, satin, chiffon, cotton - these materials are the perfect choice.

wedding provence

Finishing should be distinguished by sophistication and simplicity. Delicate lace is often used, the use of flounces and frills, fringe and embroidery is also allowed. It is important that the trim does not give the dress a pompous look. Prints are allowed, choosing patterns, you can give preference to a geometric or floral ornament. Of course, the drawings should be small.

The femininity and fragility of the newlywed will be emphasized by a translucent dress decorated with inconspicuous embroidery.

Length, cut, style

Straight wedding dress with a (small) floor-length train is a classic dress for a bride who is attracted to French style. This does not mean that the girl cannot afford the length of the mini, it is only important to refuse the train in this case. An elegant sundress made of airy fabrics in light colors will organically fit into the atmosphere of a "rural" ceremony.

wedding bouquets

Also, the bride can fit the style in the shape of the letter A, which has a semi-fitted or free silhouette. It is important that the outfit does not restrict freedom of movement, this is contrary to the postulates of the Provence style. The skirt, smoothly expanding downwards, is a characteristic feature of the “rural” outfit, as well as an overestimated waistline. By the way, a dress with a high waistline will help full or pregnant brides hide problem areas.

The top can be left open, the neckline can be draped with light lace, straps with different thicknesses are also welcome. The absence of sleeves is a characteristic feature of the outfit, but puffed sleeves can also be used, which should be voluminous and short. We must not forget about the elegant belt, a beautiful elastic band or assembly can become the highlight of the dress. Also, the dress can leave an open part of the back due to the round neckline, this area can be effectively “draped” with a translucent fabric.

Accessories, decorations

Beautiful wedding dresses are traditionally complemented by jewelry, and Provence style is no exception. Romanticism and tenderness of the image of the bride will help emphasize elegant pearls. A string of pearls around the neck will look much better than a luxurious diamond necklace when it comes to a “rural” ceremony. This decoration is especially well combined with a sundress dress. Items made of silver and gold are also appropriate.

beautiful wedding dresses

Typical Provence decorations are those used in past centuries. Bridecan look into the "grandmother's chest" or visit the appropriate stores in search of "old" necklaces, bracelets, earrings. When choosing earrings, it is best to focus on voluminous models; intricate bracelets and necklaces are welcome. The highlight of the outfit can be an old brooch.

Effective accessory - a belt made of natural material, decorated with natural or artificial flowers. It is allowed to throw an air shawl over the shoulders. You can abandon the standard veil in favor of an unusual hat, the role of decorations of which is natural "accessories" - flowers, leaves. Also, the bride will look charming with a wreath on her head.

Bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquets are something brides cannot do without. A characteristic feature of the Provence style is a close connection with the natural world. Therefore, the bouquet should not include elements created from non-natural materials. It is worth paying attention to wild flowers that can emphasize the tenderness of the image. French fragrant herbs will be a great addition to such a composition.

Provence style jewelry

Wedding bouquets using lavender are sophisticated and elegant. Alternatively, you can choose lilac carnations, pansies, violets.

Makeup and Hairstyle

A wedding dress in Provence style should be complemented with a suitable hairstyle. It is better for brides to abandon strict styling, which absolutely does not fit into the "rural" image. Preference is given to the slight negligence characteristic of thisstyle. The ideal option is a braid, from which several strands “accidentally” got out. Wild flowers woven into the hair will be an appropriate addition, you can also use a wreath.

straight wedding dress with train

While preparing for the wedding, brides should not only choose beautiful wedding dresses, but also carefully consider makeup. In this case, you do not need to apply an abundance of cosmetics, it is better to refrain from such bright strokes as neon shadows. Natural colors should prevail. Eyebrows can be turned into a thin thread or not touched at all. When applying makeup, you should focus on the image of the “forest fairy”, it should only emphasize the natural beauty.


Wrong shoes can turn an event like a wedding into torture. Provence is a style that loves simplicity, shoes also obey this rule. The bride should not choose models with high heels, it is better to stay on elegant shoes or sandals with a medium heel or without it at all. Ballerinas will do too.

The choice of bridesmaid outfit is also important for an event like a wedding. Provence is a style that loves delicate, natural colors. Traditionally, bridesmaids wear purple dresses, the shades of their dresses may vary.

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