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Bridal bouquet of roses for a wedding in winter

Bridal bouquet of roses for a wedding in winter
Bridal bouquet of roses for a wedding in winter

Time for a wedding celebration, many young couples choose spring or summer. Young people who want to stand out from others hold a wedding ceremony in the winter. A beautiful bride in a white dress looks very beautiful against the backdrop of falling snow and a white landscape all around. Many people know that a wedding in winter is much cheaper for young people and their parents than in summer or spring. But there are also additional hassles. In winter, it is necessary to choose beautiful boots and a fur coat for the girl. Transport must be appropriate for the season and weather. Also, for a photo shoot, you need to look at beautiful places. The most important thing is to choose the right wedding bouquet for the bride. After all, he will help her look feminine and emphasize her beauty.

bridal bouquet of pink roses

The best option for a winter celebration would be a bridal bouquet of roses. These flowers are among those that are more resistant to cold. For the correct creation of a bouquet, you can contact the services of a professional florist. The specialist will help you choose a beautiful shade of flowers in a wedding bouquet. Flowers in a wedding bouquet should be in harmony with the girl's outfit. For example: if the dresshas a pinkish tint, then the bride's bouquet of pink roses will look very beautiful. The pink shade of flowers in winter will look very fresh and feminine.

Rose is considered the queen of flowers. She has always been recognized as the most beautiful flower. Therefore, quite often, many couples order a bridal bouquet of roses from florists.

Wedding bouquet can consist of only one flower. But the bride's bouquet of roses, decorated with various beads, ribbons, and decorative stones, will look very beautiful. If desired, specialists can create a real masterpiece, and the bride will look irresistible on her happiest day.

bridal bouquet of roses

The bride's bouquet of roses is perfect for a tall girl (height from 165 to 180 cm). Since elongated bouquets are suitable for tall ladies. The elongated ones can be drop-shaped or cascaded.

For girls shorter than 160 cm, a bouquet of roses is suitable, which has a round or cupped shape.

bridal bouquet of roses

When ordering flowers for the bride from roses, you need to discuss with the florist the number of them in the bouquet. It should be noted that the wedding bouquet should not be very heavy. After all, a beautiful bride should wear it for a long time. The weight of the bouquet is affected by: the number of flowers, the weight of the holder, its decoration. When creating a wedding bouquet for a bride, florists use many different materials. The holder must be soaked in water so that the flowers do not weaken, pick up fresh flowers,decorate with lace fabrics, beads, pebbles, additional plants. Therefore, the more flowers there are in the bouquet, the heavier it will be.

Although a wedding bouquet made by the groom himself will be a wonderful gift for the bride. After all, how nice it is to realize that a beloved and dear person tried, created a masterpiece, including all his love and desire in it.

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