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What to give for a leather wedding? Tips for guests and heroes of the occasion

What to give for a leather wedding? Tips for guests and heroes of the occasion
What to give for a leather wedding? Tips for guests and heroes of the occasion

The three-year wedding anniversary is called a leather wedding. Why exactly this name? It is believed that spouses who have lived together for 3 years already feel each other's skin. Their relationship has become as strong as this material. As on any other marriage anniversary, it is customary to present presents on this small anniversary. What do you give for a leather wedding? We will deal with this issue in this article.

How to mark an event?

Before we start to prepare a gift for a leather wedding, let's get acquainted with the long tradition of celebrating the three-year anniversary of family life. Leather items are a mandatory attribute of spouses on this day. It’s good if these are items of clothing, but in the warm season you can only get by with shoes or accessories (belt, bracelet, hairpin). On the festive table, meat of large animals must be present: pork, beef or lamb. Figures in the form of a horse or a cow are baked from the dough. It is these animals that are considered family charms at this stage of life.

what to give for a leather wedding

What to give for a leather wedding,if you are a guest?

3rd Anniversary Presents must either be all leather or include elements of this material. The gift should be practical and relevant for spouses. Consider the most popular gift options.

  • Leather furniture. An armchair or just a set of stools finished with this noble material will become both an ornament and the most popular things in the house.
  • Animal skins. A rug or capes for furniture made from the natural skin of a bear, wolf, fox is a chic and spectacular gift. However, he will make a proper impression on the heroes of the occasion only if they are not allergic to animal hair. Check it out beforehand.
  • Album for photos in a leather cover. There are more and more pictures every year, so this gift will be very useful.
  • Box with leather trim. Such a thing can serve as a small safe for storing jewelry or money.
  • Watch with personalized leather straps.
  • Painting from leather. It will decorate any interior, bring a touch of warmth and comfort to it.
leather weddingt

What to present to the husband in the three years of family life?

The question of what to give a husband for a leather wedding worries many women. Explore our tips, maybe some idea will appeal to you.

  • Accessories: belt, leather gloves, purse.
  • Attributes for fishing or hunting: a leather case for fishing rods or a gun, a decoy, a box for small gear.
  • Automotive "little things":chair covers, steering wheel cover, mirror pendant.

What to give a wife for a leather wedding?

A man will never make a mistake if he presents his wife with a leather handbag on the third anniversary of the wedding day. After all, as you know, no matter how many of them there are in a woman's collection, one more never hurts. To please exactly, choose a handbag in a classic color: white, black, beige or gray. Accessories of this color scheme will suit any outfit. Also, a woman will be delighted with such a gift as jewelry with elements of genuine leather. It can be a set consisting of a pendant, bracelet and earrings. Belt, shoes, leather gloves - these are the things that your beloved wife will wear with pleasure.

what to give for a leather wedding

Now you know what to give for a leather wedding. It turns out that choosing and presenting a present is not difficult at all. The main thing is to do it sincerely, from the bottom of your heart.

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