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Density of cast iron and its advantages

Density of cast iron and its advantages
Density of cast iron and its advantages

The modern variety of assortment on the shelves with dishes is simply amazing. And yet, cast iron has not lost its popularity among ceramics, glass, non-stick coatings and other innovative problems. Our ancestors loved such dishes.

cast iron density

The high density of cast iron allows you to cook on it with maximum convenience. This material is universal: in such dishes they boil, fry, stew, bake. It can be safely put both in the oven and directly on the fire, because even the most extreme temperatures are tolerated by cast iron without problems. And, which is also important, a cauldron made of this alloy retains heat for a very long time. So even after turning off the stove, your signature pilaf or meat and potatoes will be cooked automatically, acquiring tenderness and rich taste. And the dish left in the same pot for the evening will remain hot for a long time.

cast iron density

You can talk endlessly about such dishes as a cast-iron cauldron. Without this thing it is difficult to imagine oriental cuisine. In a cauldron, the inhabitants of Central Asia cook pilaf, shurpa, porridge, and vegetables with lamb. Their families are large, which means that the cauldron must contain food for a lotof people. True, this dish is not cheap. But if we take into account that a real high-quality cauldron will last for several generations, he does not care, then the costs are quite justified.

Experienced connoisseurs of cast iron cookware say that this unique material, like good wine, only gets better with age. But this does not mean that he does not need proper care. True, the high density of cast iron and practicality reduce it to a minimum.

Immediately after buying a new cookware made of this alloy, pay attention to its coating. This is usually wax or some other similar protective agent. It is easy to wash off with a sponge and warm soapy water. But in the future, when cleaning cast iron, it is better not to use soap.

Did you decide to cook your first dish in a new dish? It does not matter whether cast iron will stand in the oven, on the stove or on the fire, its density will withstand any temperature. The main thing is that the first dish in a new cauldron should be as fat as possible. The housewives will surely gasp and say that after this laundering of cast iron will turn into hard labor. Not at all. First, with a damp cloth or sponge without detergent, remove food debris. Then simply rinse the cauldron with clean water and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth. But what is not recommended is to fill the cast iron with water for several hours, so that food residues can be easier to wash. This destroys the protective layer, and the density of cast iron may change. So it's better to wash the dishes right after the whole dish is eaten.

cast iron cauldron

If you inherited an old cast-iron cauldron fromgrandmothers, and the natural protective coating on it is practically absent, do not worry - it can be restored. Just grease the dishes with vegetable oil (it will take quite a bit) and put in a preheated oven for about half an hour. Then let the pot cool down. Be careful not to burn yourself!

A few more words about the structure of cast iron. This alloy, although hard, is quite brittle and subject to sudden changes in temperature. This must be remembered and in no case should you fill a hot cauldron with cold water. The density of cast iron will suffer from this, and microcracks may form on its surface, which will then increase.

In a word, with minimal care, cast iron cookware will faithfully serve you for decades, and the dishes cooked in it will only get better and tastier over time.

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