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Steamer "Brown", reviews and description

Steamer "Brown", reviews and description
Steamer "Brown", reviews and description

Today, cooking any dish is much easier than, for example, ten years ago. To do this, there are a huge number of household appliances. With its help, you can quickly chop, mix, beat, squeeze, bake, fry, stew and so on. One of the most sought-after inventions at the moment is the steamer. Many people do not think about buying it until small children appear in the family. Then, having tried to cook in it once, you will no longer be able to prefer something else to it.

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A striking example of household appliances of this type is the "Brown Multiquick" steamer. You can cook anything in it, from vegetables to dumplings. In it, you can stew, steam, defrost and simply heat food. Be sure that nothing will burn or spoil. Steamer "Brown" allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, which saves time. In addition, while it is working, you can safely go about your business and not follow the cooking process every second. This is a definite plusfor most housewives.

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The Brown steamer guarantees that the food cooked in it retains its beneficial properties and acquires an excellent taste and aroma. Such delicacies are very beneficial for he alth. This cooking method is recommended for baby and diet food.

Steamer "Brown", instructions

The kit includes two bowls with a total volume of 6.2 liters. There is also an additional bowl in a whiter dark color. It is perfect for vegetables that give color (carrots, beets). The rounded shape allows you to cook a variety of dishes: fish, chicken and so on. A special container is provided for cooking rice and other cereals. It turns out friable and very tasty porridge. It has a fairly large volume - two liters. Thanks to this, you can even cook for a large family.

brown steamer reviews

The case is made of opaque plastic. Heating element power - 850 W. Mechanical control. When you turn off the device, you will hear a loud and pleasant sound. There is a cord storage compartment. There is a timer that automatically turns off the device at the time you specify. The maximum working period is 60 minutes.

Most double boilers are designed in such a way that when cooking several dishes at the same time, juice and liquid from the upper layers freely penetrate to the lower ones. In some cases, this can be considered a plus. For example, potatoes cooked with meat (meat on the top tier) will be immediately poured with meat sauce.However, this is not always good. The Brown Multiquick steamer has separate trays for each bowl that can be removed. Thus, the tastes and smells of dishes do not mix, which allows you to cook not only delicious, but also dietary dishes.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow to prepare meals. If you are using a steamer for the first time, be sure to wash the parts. Then fill the tray with water, and the containers with food, set the time. The water heats up in just a few seconds.

The steamer "Brown", reviews of which are mostly positive, is very easy to clean. All containers are removed. They are dishwasher safe.

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