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Best steamer: reviews of the best models
Best steamer: reviews of the best models

He althy lifestyle along with the same nutrition is not only a newfangled trend, but also a great opportunity for the vast market of related devices. One of these is the steamer. With its help, you can cook a variety, and most importantly - he althy food without a single drop of fat.

In the process of processing ingredients with steam, all useful substances are preserved - vitamins and microelements, which, alas, does not happen during normal baking or cooking. The market for kitchen appliances, and steamers in particular, is not just big, but huge. It is very easy to get confused in all this variety even for an experienced chef, not to mention ordinary consumers.

Let's try to understand this issue and compile a list of the most popular models from different price categories, determining which steamer is better. User reviews, features of the devices, as well as the feasibility of buying will be discussed in our article. Let's start with budget models and finish with the premium segment.

Delta DL-38

The model has the best price among other analogues, which is especially important for domesticconsumer. But judging by the reviews of a good Russian-made double boiler, the cost is far from the only advantage of the device.

delta steamer

The advantages of the model include the presence of a special bowl for cooking rice, as well as the ability to add liquid right during cooking. The last point will be especially useful if you are new to this business and are forced to adjust your actions right during cooking. It is also worth mentioning the competent indication of the water level, which allows you to top up in time.

As for the assembly, users leave entirely positive feedback about the double boiler. Not everyone will agree to choose a frankly budget model, but the DL-38 series is really a success, and there are no questions about its quality. The model, of course, is not designed for cooking any serious or exotic dishes, but it will do just fine as a basic option.

Estimated cost is about 1000 rubles.

Atlanta ATH-1651

The model is a compact set of cups with a very simple and intuitive mechanical control. The power of 400 W is more than enough for the available volume (4.8 liters). Judging by the reviews of the double boiler, it is able to meet the needs of a small family of two or three people.

steamer atlanta

The device received an on indication, a good hourly timer and automatic shutdown functionality. The latter will be needed at the end of the cooking process or when the protection is triggered. As for assembly, usersleave only positive feedback about the double boiler. The case of the device is made of stainless steel, and the bowls themselves are made of high-quality heat-resistant and transparent plastic.

The exterior of the model also pleases. Classic and versatile chrome design will find a place in any kitchen. Judging by the same reviews of the Atlanta ATH-1651 steamer, it is unpretentious in maintenance and washes in minutes thanks to its high-quality coating.

Estimated price is about 1500 rubles.

Endever Vita 170/171

The three-tier model from the famous brand is considered one of the best in the budget sector. Judging by the reviews of the Endever steamer, it is a serious competitor to the more noble representatives of this segment due to attractive and balanced characteristics.

steamer endever

The model turned out to be quite powerful (1000 W) and can easily serve a family of three. The case of the device is made of high-quality plastic, as well as three heat-resistant bowls. Management mechanical type and extremely clear.

There is a corresponding indication on the body to control the water level, and there is no need to interrupt the cooking process to add liquid: there is a special hole for topping up. It is also worth noting the automatic protection system: if the water runs out, the device will turn itself off. The same happens at the end of the timer cycle, which is designed for a maximum of an hour.

Reviews of the Endever Vita 170/171 steamer are generally positive. The model perfectly copes with the task, unpretentiousin service and fully recoup the funds invested in it.

Estimated cost is about 2300 rubles.

Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact

Judging by the reviews of the Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact steamer and sales statistics, this model from the mid-budget segment can be called the best-selling in Russia. The power of 650 W is exactly enough for all containers with a total volume of 7 liters. For a family of three, this is the best option. In addition, the small and real power of the model, coupled with excellent efficiency, allows you to save a lot on electricity.

tefal steamer

There is no display or electronic control here - only mechanics, so the price of the device does not bite. There is the usual light indication of inclusion, as well as automatic protection and water level control.

One of the notable features of the model is the aqua timer. He himself selects the required amount of water for a particular dish. As a plus, you can also write down the thoughtful design of containers, which, like a nesting doll, fold into each other to save space in the kitchen that is always missing.

Estimated price is about 3,000 rubles.

Fusion Happy Baby

Judging by the reviews of the Happy Baby steamer-blender, this is a great option if a baby is growing in your family. The device will easily prepare not only nutritious, but also delicious meals for your child, while preserving all the useful trace elements and vitamins.

steamer and blender

There are no complaints about the blender: fastchopping, cutting and mixing ingredients. Separately, it is worth noting the sensible security system. You will not be able to start the machine until all moving parts are securely fastened and covered. The transparent lid allows you to observe the cooking process and, if necessary, make any adjustments. Also worth noting is the ease of maintenance of the model due to the collapsible design.

Estimated cost is about 4500 rubles.

Philips Avent SCF870

Another steamer-blender, but from the venerable Philips. The model is noticeably more expensive than the previous respondent, but the quality of execution here is a level higher. Judging by the reviews of the Philips Avent SCF870 steamer, it is very convenient to work with it.

philips steamer

The model received a mechanical type control that works simultaneously with both the blender and the steamer itself. It is also worth noting that the device comes with an intelligent spatula, a measuring cup and a rather impressive brochure with recipes for popular dishes.

The case itself is made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic. The latter does not accumulate fat and washes well. It would be useful to pay attention to the long meter cord, which will justify itself more than once in the process of use.

According to the reviews of the Philips Avent SCF870 steamer, users appreciate the efficiency with which food is cooked, ease of operation, modest dimensions, as well as an attractive design of the model, which will go well with any kitchen. The model from the eminent brand turned out to be of high quality anduniversal. In it, you can cook not only the usual dishes, but also baby food.

Estimated price is about 8,000 rubles.

Philips Avent SCF875

Continuing the theme of "Aventov", it is also worth considering the sensational steamer-blender from the premium segment - "Philips SCF875". This is a professional model with advanced functionality and a corresponding price tag.

avent steamer

The device has a mechanical control, a half-hour timer and a liter basket. The highlight of the device can be called the functions of defrosting and heating products. That is, here we have not just a double boiler, but also a microwave. And all this works like clockwork and without any failures.

Distinctive features of the model

As for the assembly, Philips never had any problems with this: high-quality body materials, no backlash, cracks and squeaks. The control of the model is clear, it can be easily understood without instructions.

Users are extremely positive about the possibilities of the steamer. Dishes are prepared very quickly, and the consistency of mashed potatoes looks pleasant. The owners also note the rich delivery set, which included a spatula, a container for storing cooked dishes, a container for chopping steamed ingredients and a multi-page recipe book.

Estimated cost is about 14,000 rubles.

Panasonic NU-SC101

The NU-SC101 steamers from the venerable Panasonic are perhaps the best the premium segment has to offer. Although the device is single-tiered, it will plug any floor-by-floor model into the belt.Immediately it is worth noting clear and convenient electronic control with all kinds of indications. On the front panel there is a large touch screen with all the necessary symbols on the sides.

panasonic steamer

15 liters of displacement is enough to feed any family. Inside there is a powerful convection oven, where not only fast, but also uniform heating of products takes place. As an effective aid, the steamer offers 13 recipes for popular dishes that will be prepared completely automatically. Among them, French meat, manti, barbecue, cheesecake and other equally popular dishes can be noted.

Features of the model

Due to the presence of convection, all food comes out juicy, be it meat, poultry or fish. For users who are always in a hurry, a quick steam function is provided, where after 20 seconds there will be the required amount of steam, and after three minutes the temperature has reached 100 degrees.

It is also worth noting a large number of different modes for cooking the most exotic dishes, from shrimp to desserts. Judging by the reviews, many users use the model as a sterilizer for baby bottles and other kitchen utensils. In general, consumers are entirely positive about the model and its capabilities. The steamer fully justifies the money invested in it and will be an indispensable assistant in the kitchen for everyone who prefers a he althy diet.

Estimated price is about 25,000 rubles.

Summing up

When choosing a technique of this kind, you must first weigh the critical characteristics. Be sure to first pay attention to the power of the equipment. The parameters of household models vary between 400-2000 watts. The higher this value, the faster the dish will be cooked. Moreover, saving electricity due to a decrease in power does not work here. The time spent cooking, for example, in a 400-watt model will eat up about the same amount of money as with a fast 2000-watt machine.

It would also be useful to pay attention to the containers and their number. It is desirable that they be independent. The number of simultaneously prepared dishes and the ease of washing depend on this. But you shouldn't get carried away with it. The maximum that is better to count on is three containers. The quality of food will suffer from more quantity.

Well, and excessive savings when choosing this kind of equipment is not the best way to get a quality model. Here, first of all, you need to look at the brand. Nothing good can be expected from Chinese no-name manufacturers.

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