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The child burped yellow: causes, possible deviations, treatment, reviews

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The child burped yellow: causes, possible deviations, treatment, reviews
The child burped yellow: causes, possible deviations, treatment, reviews

The appearance of a baby is an important event in the life of every couple. Newly minted parents are alarmed and frightened by every incomprehensible phenomenon. In the first weeks of life, the digestive system, and all other organs, adapt to new living conditions.

Some babies may spit up their mother's milk after eating. The phenomenon passes with time. However, it happens that the child does not spit up milk, but an unknown substance that has a yellow tint. For some new parents, this phenomenon most often scares them, makes them panic and sound the alarm. Others try to calm down and find the cause on their own or together with a pediatrician.

Reason for regurgitation

baby spitting up yellow

Regurgitation can be due to several main reasons. Most often, this phenomenon is explained by the fact that a newborn baby with a good appetite does not have the ability to control the amount of food eaten and follow the rules for taking mother's milk or prepared formula.

That is why very often, especially inthe first months of a child's life, the cause of regurgitation may be banal overeating. Especially if the baby is breastfed. A newborn baby is able to stay at the source of food for hours, because the process of sucking the breast allows the baby to feel protected. In turn, the child's stomach is still very small and cannot contain all the food consumed. That is why "excess" milk is removed from the baby's digestive system in the only way available.

Another common cause is air getting into the mouth. The phenomenon is explained by a violation of the feeding technique. Most often, air enters the baby's mouth if the nipple does not fit snugly against his lips. If the baby is formula fed, hold the bottles of food at the right angle, while making sure that all the foam rises after shaking the formula.

In addition, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of capacity, pay attention to the size of the hole in the bottle. It must be appropriate for the age of the baby. You should also choose the optimal size of the hole in the nipple so that not a single air bubble leaks out.

After finishing feeding, you need to hold the baby in an upright position. In no case do not shake it, do not put it on your stomach.

White spitting up due to one of the listed reasons should not disturb new parents. They will disappear as soon as the baby's digestive system gets stronger.

It's worth worrying if the mass resulting from regurgitation is not white, but yellow.

What the yellow color signals

baby spitting up yellow after feeding

It should be understood that the unusual color of regurgitation, one way or another, is associated with the improper functioning of the alimentary tract, since it is in it that bile production occurs. It is she who gives the substance released during regurgitation, a yellow tint.

Specific color indicates that bile enters the esophagus, irritates the mucous membrane.

Why spit up yellow

baby burped yellow

There may be several reasons for this unusual phenomenon, one of the most unpleasant is congenital pathology. It can occur as a result of a difficult pregnancy or as a result of a woman’s improper behavior during the period of bearing a baby. Deviation from the norm can be expressed in intrauterine disorders, leading to abnormal development of internal organs. The risk group in this case includes children who appeared before the due date. Congenital pathologies of the esophagus are very rare. Most often, the baby spit up in yellow after feeding for another reason.

Congenital pathology is accompanied by increased activity, shuddering and screaming attacks.

The entry of food from the stomach cavity into the esophagus may be due to the ingestion of amniotic fluid.

baby spit up yellow

There may also be several reasons why a newborn baby spit up yellow.

  1. Lactose intolerance or poor tolerance. Suchthe problem occurs as a result of a lack or complete absence of the necessary enzyme.
  2. Taking antibiotics. Such drugs can have a negative effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines.
  3. Infectious diseases that the baby's body is unable to fight. Regurgitation of a yellow substance in this case may be accompanied by colic, loose stools, as well as a change in the emotional mood of the baby. Possible increase in basal body temperature.
  4. If the baby spit up yellow milk, it is possible that the baby is allergic to some product used by the mother. In addition, a similar phenomenon may be the result of an allergic reaction to the milk mixture (if the baby is bottle-fed).
  5. Intestinal obstruction. Pathology is accompanied not only by yellow regurgitation, but also by changes in the size of the baby's tummy. During feeding, it increases in size, and after the end of the process, it falls off sharply.

If an infant spit up yellow, you should immediately contact a specialist in a medical facility for an examination and a full examination.

Yellow regurgitation with formula feeding

baby spitting up yellow after feeding

The reason for the appearance of unusual substances during regurgitation may be a sharp transition to artificial feeding. As a rule, this happens when lactation stops unexpectedly due to any factors. Another cause may be a disease of the mother, incompatible with breastfeeding.breastfeeding.

If yellow regurgitation does not stop after a week, x-ray and clinical examinations may be required to make a diagnosis.


newborn baby spit up yellow

If action is not taken in a timely manner, there is a risk of serious consequences.

The entry of food from the stomach cavity into the esophagus, due to the ingestion of amniotic fluid, can cause sudden screams, bouts of increased activity. In addition, the child appears shudders. If you do not contact a pediatrician and a neurologist in time, serious diseases of the central nervous system may occur, which will provoke subsequent violations in the development of the baby.

baby spit up yellow milk

If, as a result of inaction, part of the contents of the stomach enters the lungs, the child may develop serious diseases of the nasopharynx and respiratory tract.

Which doctor to contact

If a baby spit up yellow after feeding, see a doctor immediately. The very first specialist that new parents will visit with their baby should be a pediatrician. He will examine the child, give directions for additional examinations. If necessary, write to the gastroenterologist. The baby may need to see a surgeon.

If the cause of regurgitation is the ingestion of amniotic fluid, consulting a neurologist is indispensable.


Treatment depends on the causeregurgitation yellow. If bile is excreted in milk due to lactose intolerance, the doctor usually prescribes mixtures that do not contain this component. The problem is fixed quickly. After a few days, yellow spitting up stops, the child begins to gain weight again, smile.

If the problem is caused by intestinal obstruction, the pediatrician sends the parents along with the baby to a consultation with a gastroenterologist. The doctor examines the baby and prescribes medication based on the results of the examination.

Congenital pathologies need more serious treatment. In some cases, surgery is required.

Reviews of new parents

The problem of unusual discharge during spitting up is quite common. Newly minted parents who are faced with a similar phenomenon note that a timely appeal to specialists will not only correct the situation, but also avoid serious consequences.

Moms and dads claim that self-medication can only aggravate the situation. That is why it is very important to contact qualified specialists. Parents are strongly advised not to neglect the advice of doctors and follow all recommendations.

Instead of a conclusion

Unusual regurgitation should alert parents and cause immediate medical attention. No need to self-medicate and wait for the problem to resolve itself.

If a baby spit up yellow, then he has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and he needs to be examined as soon as possible. In addition, youngmothers should know the correct technique for feeding their baby.

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