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Funny contests for a woman's anniversary

Funny contests for a woman's anniversary
Funny contests for a woman's anniversary

Anniversary is a very important event in the life of any person. And, of course, everyone wants it to be bright and fun. In addition to treats and surprises, it is necessary to think over an entertainment program. Contests for a woman's anniversary must be included in it - they will please the hero of the occasion and serve as an excellent warm-up between successive approaches to a plentiful table.

women's anniversary contests

If a professional toastmaster is invited, the task is noticeably simplified. But more often relatives and friends want to organize the event themselves - then you need to write a script in advance. Competitions for the anniversary of 50 years, a woman needs to choose those that will favorably emphasize the strengths of the hero of the occasion. In order for the program to become another gift for the birthday girl, it is necessary to make it targeted. Original competitions for a woman's anniversary can be done in the form of master classes in the art of drawing, knitting, cooking, arranging bouquets, etc. It will be more interesting if such entertainmentthe birthday girl herself will take part and become the winner.

Competitions for the anniversary of a woman would be logical to arrange "purely female", which can be somehow connected with the hero of the occasion. For example, questions for guests might read:

competitions for the anniversary of 50 years for a woman
  • Which birthday girl's favorite eau de toilette?
  • What skirt length does she prefer?
  • Which dress would you like her to wear?
  • Does the birthday girl dye her hair and what color?
  • What polish are the nails of the hero of the day covered with today?
  • What is the birthday girl's favorite male name?
  • What is the name of the hero of the occasion close people and why?
  • At what age did the birthday girl give her first kiss?
  • What is the hero's favorite color of clothing?
  • What are the birthday girl's favorite flowers?

Questions can be prepared on the topic of work, family, hobbies, etc.

In such a contest, for each correct answer, you can give out a kind of tokens, and then determine the winner. It is especially interesting when men get such questions, the presenter, in case of difficulty, should turn on in time and delicately help.

wishes for an anniversary

Wishes are an important part of any celebration, they can also be included as a separate item in the contests. On an anniversary, a woman always wants to hear how beautiful, smart, successful she is. To fulfill the hidden desires of the birthday girl, prepare cards with adjectives and ask guests to give beautiful wordsthe hero of the occasion, taking into account the proposed delightful compliments. Wishes for the anniversary can be pre-recorded on video, put music, arrange pictures. Such a congratulation will remain in memory and will be a highlight at the event.

Don't neglect such a wonderful tradition as encouraging contestants with small gifts. Such nice attention will be the key to active participation in the competitions of a large number of guests. When planning the program, you can also prepare themed souvenirs, such as photographs of the birthday girl in frames or on calendars. Such a prize will be not only pleasant, but also useful.

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