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Magnetic aquarium scraper - just what a fish lover needs

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Magnetic aquarium scraper - just what a fish lover needs
Magnetic aquarium scraper - just what a fish lover needs

What does a fish lover need? First of all, the aquarium. However, this is only the beginning. Next, you will need to fill it with soil, algae, you will need lighting, a filter, a feeder, etc. A magnetic scraper for an aquarium is another important accessory that makes life easier for a fish lover. It perfectly cleans the glass from algae appearing on them. And since this is not the most pleasant occupation, it is the magnetic scraper for the aquarium that will turn it into a real game. Let's take a closer look.

Magnetic aquarium scraper - convenient and easy

Let's start with the most common patterns. They come in different handle lengths. That is, pollution can be removed from any part of both large and small tanks. However, the bottom can be difficult to clean. Pisces can feel stress due to movement. In this case, it is best to use a magnetic aquarium scraper. You can clean it without even getting your hands wet - just run it along the walls.

magnetic scraper for aquarium

Great invention

All in all, a magnetic aquarium scraper is a great thing to help useful cleaner fish. That's why it's not worth itwait for the moment when huge spots begin to grow on the glass. As soon as small green dots appear, you can start cleaning.

It is a scraper with two magnets enclosed in plastic cases. The shape of the accessory is well thought out, so it is very comfortable to hold it in your hand. The main thing is to pay attention to the size when choosing. For a small aquarium and a scraper, you need to take a smaller one. It will be much more convenient for them to work, and harm to plants can be avoided. For a large aquarium, you need to purchase a larger scraper. Otherwise, cleaning may take a long time.

magnetic scraper for aquarium price

The power of the magnets is also estimated when choosing. The halves should be well attracted to each other. The housing is ideally made entirely of plastic to avoid rusting of the metal parts. Floating scrapers are also excellent models. If one half accidentally detaches from the other, such an accessory will not be able to drown. Therefore, it will not be necessary to catch it at the bottom.

Working principle

Any magnetic scraper for an aquarium always leaves only positive reviews. The inner part, when cleaning, perfectly scrapes off everything that comes in its path. External - polishes glass to a shine. The scraper can always be inside the aquarium, without interfering with either the view or the fish themselves. In addition, it also serves as a kind of feeder for them. After all, when cleaning from the walls, a lot of algae flies.

You can drive a scraper very quickly alongverticals and horizontals. You can also do circular motions. Nothing threatens the aquarium, even if you arrange the so-called mini-tsunami in it.

magnetic scraper for aquarium reviews

If the plaque layer is large

Sometimes, however, it is not possible to clean the green plaque the first time. In this case, it is necessary to pass the scraper over this section of the glass several times. Do not doubt that on the third or fourth time everything will be clean. Moreover, you don’t have to make any special efforts at all, as, for example, when working with a brush, blade or a simple rag. This will not make the scraper magnetize stronger. The only result from the increased pressure is the glass polished on the outside.

It is only important not to forget to follow the mastic on the velvet. As soon as it ends (about 500 cleanings of 1.5 meters), you need to buy a new scraper or stick a soft cloth. The accessory lasts for about a couple of years with daily cleaning every 4-5 days. It costs a magnetic scraper for an aquarium (the price, of course, depends on the size and quality) from 300 to 7000 rubles.

In a word, this efficient and highly specialized tool is a must-have for every aquarist, as it can be difficult to do without it.

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