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Spanish doll "Antonio Juan" (photo)

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Spanish doll "Antonio Juan" (photo)
Spanish doll "Antonio Juan" (photo)

Every little girl should have her favorite toy. Spanish dolls "Antonio Juan" is the cherished dream of any girl, which parents can make a reality. They look like real children, so they can become a daughter or son, girlfriend or friend for a child. It all depends on what kind of doll your favorite child chooses. The lovely toys are highly detailed and have a naturalistic look appropriate for the age of children.

Company history

Spain, the birthplace of these wonderful dolls, back in the nineteenth century established itself as a real European capital of all toy production. This country supplies high-quality toys in large quantities to the shelves of stores in Europe and the CIS countries.

spanish doll

The Antonio Huan company, thanks to which this Spanish doll was born, has its own long history, but introduced its products to the Russian market only in 2010. These toys are designed by European designers and produced in the small Spanish town of Onil in the province of Alicante.

"Antonio Juan" (Spanish doll) meets all international quality standards. And this is not surprising - the factory that produces beautiful toys is an honoraryparticipant of all international exhibitions. Naturally, all dolls of the company are completely safe for children, because they are made from absolutely harmless materials. The main slogan of the manufacturer is impeccable quality, a special style of products, continuous improvement and affordable prices.

Description of the miracle toy

The Spanish doll "Antonio Juan" is a real copy of a living child with sexual characteristics, each of which is unique in its own way and has individual facial features. Her skin feels real to the touch due to the fact that it is made of extremely soft vinyl with the addition of silicone. Therefore, the toys are so realistic that at first glance you might wonder: is this a toy or a real child?

This Spanish doll is created by the master himself, who puts his whole soul into her image. From their beautifully molded faces, which, perhaps, give them a great resemblance to author's or collectible toys in the form of children, only friendliness and kindness emanates. Thanks to their adorable faces, all kids love them without exception.

Clothes for "Antonio Juan" are designed by fashion designers and sewn in factories that produce real children's clothes. Each fold and bow is exquisitely beautiful, and the fabric of the doll's outfit itself has a pleasant texture and rich colors.

Also a huge plus of this children's fun is that they are not flavored and do not emit any odors.

spanish dolls

Characteristics of the collection

Spanish brand dolls"Antonio Juan" is designed for children over the age of three. They have an interesting soundtrack. When you press on the tummy, the toy laughs funny, says some words and may cry. This built-in toy mechanism is powered by three batteries.

Mainly the doll's body is soft and stuffed with special material, movable arms and legs are made of vinyl. But there are some types of this toy that have a completely vinyl appearance. Her hair can be washed and brushed without fear of damage.

These puppet masterpieces are produced in different sizes, depending on the age of the child the doll conveys. It can be both babies in infancy and children already of preschool age. The toy is packed in a large beautiful box, so it is ideal as a gift. All goods produced by this Spanish company are certified.

juan spanish dolls

Baby toy

Spanish baby dolls are dressed in pink or blue knitted outfit, depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. They have the appearance of a real, just born baby with the correct anatomical proportions.

These baby dolls even have all the folds on their little arms and legs, which are typical for real children. Mimicry completely repeats the infant, which cannot but bribe when choosing a toy for your beloved daughter. Their growth starts from 23 centimeters, and weight - from 700 grams. Playing with such a doll, the child will learn to care for and take care of the little man,acquiring adult skills from an early age.

spanish dolls antonio juan

Baby Dolls

This type of Spanish toy can become a little girl's best friend or girlfriend. Complete with dolls, you can purchase various clothes and accessories so that the baby can take care of her, do her hair, change clothes and play. This will not be difficult for a child, since "Antonio Juan" is small: its height starts from 37 centimeters, and its weight starts from 900 grams.

The company has released a large number of dolls in this age category with different parameters and unique appearance. Therefore, each buyer will be able to choose a toy to his taste.

Reviews from grateful customers

Dolls "Juan" (Spanish) won the hearts of consumers around the world and became popular in many European countries, as well as in the CIS. Parents leave only positive feedback about them. Thanks to the realism and pleasant appearance, children are simply crazy about them. Their kindness and cuteness encourage the child to make friends with them and spend all their free time taking care of their favorite doll. This cannot but please parents, because the beloved child develops such feelings as love, caring, accuracy.

spanish baby dolls

Many mothers say that these Spanish dolls look extremely natural, and one gets the impression that they have acquired another family member. Over time, unlike many other toys, AntonioJuan" all the hair remains in place, and she continues to make all the sounds that were originally laid down, without distortion.

Collectors all over the world also fell in love with wonderful dolls, so they are eager to replenish their collections with them.

Such a gift, no doubt, will appreciate any baby. After all, he will not get bored with time and will delight her for many more years.

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