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Finn McMissile - the character of the cartoon "Cars"

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Finn McMissile - the character of the cartoon "Cars"
Finn McMissile - the character of the cartoon "Cars"

The series of cartoons "Cars" fell in love not only with children, but also with adult viewers. It tells about the world of cars that can freely talk to each other. After watching these cartoons, you will learn about the adventures of many amazing characters, among which Finn McMissle stands out. What is this car? What is his character? What role does he play in the adventures of the main characters? Finn McMissile is a very charismatic and interesting character, so it's worth talking about him in more detail.

Who is this character?

Finn McMissile is a secret spy agent who appears in the second part of the cartoon, and from the very first minutes. It is he who receives the message from his partner, who asks him to be rescued. Even then, Finn begins to demonstrate miracles of dexterity and ingenuity. He is remembered by the audience for being extremely reminiscent of a kind of James Bond in the world of cars - he is very cool, incredibly charming and elegant, so he captivates at first sight.

Finn McMissile

At the same time, he has a wide variety of qualities that he acquired during his service in intelligence: he perfectly maneuvers, thinks quickly and has an incredibly high intelligence, thanks to which he has been opposing villains of variousscale from all over the world.

Finn McMissile is an amazing character that so many people like. Which is why people ask questions about what kind of background does this special agent have? These questions have to be answered with great difficulty, since little is known about the past years of the British agent.


The creators do not give out any details of the past of this cartoon character "Cars". Finn McMissile appears out of nowhere and tells almost nothing about himself to anyone. Even when asked if his real name is, he replies that no one needs to know.

Finn McMissile cars

However, if you look at Professor Zeth's reaction when Finn arrives at the oil platform at the beginning of the cartoon, you can understand that these two have a great past. Apparently, Finn constantly prevented the evil professor from carrying out his insidious plans, so Zeth immediately ordered to get rid of MacMissle as soon as he was declassified. Finn himself says that in his life there were a large number of the most diverse missions that he successfully completed, but he cannot tell in more detail about them, since this is a military secret.

By the way, the appearance of McMissle could happen earlier than in the second cartoon - it was planned that he would be the hero of a spy action movie, to which the heroes of the first part went to the cinema. However, the character turned out to be so interesting that they decided to leave him in order to give him a full-fledged role in the second part. Here is such an incredible Finn McMissile– the cartoon would obviously not be the same without him.

finn mcmystle cartoon


It is worth paying attention to the variety of equipment that this secret agent has. Throughout the cartoon, as well as in the computer games of this universe, Finn uses water skis, a scuba diving mask, magnetic wheels, a skateboard, grappling hooks, mini-cameras, as well as various lethal weapons - from machine guns to rockets. So it's no surprise that Professor Zeth is so worried about Finn appearing on the platform in the cartoon.


As you might have guessed by now, McMissile appears in the cartoons from the Cars series, as well as in computer games based on this fictional universe. However, these are not all areas where you can meet this character. For example, it can be found in the Lego constructor - Finn McMissile is so remembered by everyone that he is one of the most popular characters in the series. You can also find collectible figurines and many other items such as notebooks, pens, backpacks and so on.

lego finn mcmisl

So if you, like many other viewers, liked this character, then you can always purchase any product in his form or with his image, as well as play for him in a computer game. This will be especially fun for young children who really liked the cartoon "Cars" (when it first came out) and who are still in awe of many of its characters, including secret agent Finn McMiss.

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