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What does the line on a tube of toothpaste mean?
What does the line on a tube of toothpaste mean?

To understand the quality of a product in a tube, some consumers look at the color of the small square on the tube seal. There is an opinion that the color of this object indicates the composition of the toothpaste. To understand what the strip on the tube means, you should familiarize yourself with the facts and theories.

Theory about the relationship between labeling and the chemical composition of the paste

One of the most famous theories that exist today is the theory about the relationship between the strip on the tube of paste and its chemical composition.

What does the stripe on the tube mean?

This statement reveals the meaning of the marking color. A black mark at the bottom of the package means (according to the theory presented) that inside it is a mixture of chemical, harmful elements. This paste does not contain any natural ingredients. The blue strip indicates the content of 20% natural ingredients in the hygiene product. The remaining elements of the composition are classified as chemical and, accordingly, harmful.

There are other colors of stripes on tubes. What do the red squares on the spike mean? Adherents of this theory are ready to reveal the secret. The paste inside such a package, in their opinion, hasits composition is half natural ingredients.

The highest quality oral hygiene product has a green stripe on the tube. According to the theory presented, the product contains only natural ingredients.

Theory of marking depending on the application method

There is a hypothesis that links labeling with the duration of use of a given product. What does the strip on the tube mean? This theory presents 4 possible answers.

Adherents of this theory believe that a paste with a blue mark on the spike is suitable for daily hygienic brushing of teeth. Red marking means that the content provides a healing effect. But you can use such a product for no longer than seven days.

What do the stripes on tubes mean?

According to the theory, paste with a green label on the package has a firming property. She is allowed to brush her teeth for exactly 30 days.

The black strip on the tube informs about the whitening type of paste that adversely affects the enamel of the teeth.

Consumer income level theory

Some theorists insist that the significance of the strip on tubes is due to the financial situation of consumers who purchase this type of product. According to the presented hypothesis, a black stripe is applied to the tubes of the economy class product. This is explained by the fact that the content includes the cheapest components.

A stripe on a tube of blue paste indicates better ingredients in the product. Elite funds are indicated by a red marking.Also, such a tool, according to the presented theory, has the most gentle composition for tooth enamel and can be used daily.

This hypothesis is silent about the meaning of the stripes on green tubes.

Periodontosis toothpaste theory

Colorful streaks on tubes are explained by many assumptions from marketers, consumers and even some dentists.

Stripe on tube of paste

This assumption from its position explains the stripes on the tubes. What do these labels mean? Adherents of the theory explain the following. A black bar reveals a product that causes periodontal disease. In the oral care market, these pastes are in the majority. Which can't help but scare.

The red mark indicates the presence of synthetic substances permitted by GOST.

But the green square on the edge of the tube indicates that such a product is the most environmentally friendly. According to theorists who consider this theory correct, this type of paste is the most beneficial for human he alth.

Theory about the presence of abrasive

Colored stripes on tubes, according to this assumption, indicate the frequency of use of the product due to the presence of abrasive components in their composition. Small particles, whitening and polishing teeth, spoil the enamel over time. According to the hypothesis put forward, products with the highest content of abrasive particles are marked with dark colors (blue, black, brown, etc.). Such funds can be used no more than once every 7 days.

coloredstripes on tubes

Paste with a red stripe can be used up to 3 times a week, as they contain less abrasive. Pasta with a green stripe on the package is permissible to brush your teeth daily.

Theories about the territorial purpose and the content of petroleum products in the paste

What do the stripes on tubes mean?

Among the many assumptions and conjectures about what the stripe on the tube means, one should also note the hypothesis that the color of the label depends on the territorial purpose of the product. According to the submitted statement, the black stripe indicates the production of pasta for Asian countries, as well as the third world.

For Europeans produce pasta with green or red squares on the package. But for the US, manufacturers mark the packaging of hygiene products in blue.

Another "geopolitical" theory is the oil version. According to her, a black stripe on the tube indicates the presence of a large number of refined products. There are fewer of these components in the package with the blue stripe. They are practically not to be found in the paste marked in red. Green indicates an environmentally friendly product.

Dye theory and marketing conspiracy

There is an assumption that the labeling depends on the presence of dyes in the product. The green stripe on the tube is assigned to a paste made from natural ingredients that does not contain synthetic dyes. But in packaging labeled with dark shades, there are many harmful chemicals that give colorpaste. According to the presented hypothesis, such markings can be black, brown or blue.

There are also suggestions that the green stripe marked the packages is not accidental. Marketers, knowing that this color correlates with nature and benefits for humans, began to mark toothpaste with it. A tube with a green label should help sell the product.

Printing process

Black stripe on tube

Whatever theories are put forward, the fact about the technology of the production process cannot be overlooked. According to him, a color mark is needed during the production process to indicate the place where the packaging was trimmed. A high-tech optical machine reads the optical marker and seals the tube.

The label is produced in the same color as the barcode. Sometimes it is performed in accordance with the packaging design. The darker the color of the marking, the more contrast it looks on a white background. This allows the machine not to miss during the technological cycle.

Packaging and dyes

To understand what the stripes on tubes mean, you should also be familiar with the principle of package design. There are 4 primary colors used when printing on equipment. They may not always fulfill design ideas. Therefore, there is a prepress technology. Extra shades are removed, they are replaced with mixed ones. The color is divided according to the number of sections of the printing equipment.

Green stripe on tube

Designingthe main color at the preparation stage, take into account the peculiarity of barcode printing and readable elements. They cannot be created by superimposing two colors. Otherwise, with a small offset, the text and marks will become unreadable. Therefore, one more is added to the main four - the main shade. It is this additional color that will be the mark on the end of the tube, and the barcode, and the font on the package.

It helps to optimize the producer's costs. And it is much easier for equipment to capture one color of all elements. The very meaning of the technology of printing design elements and information on the packaging is to correlate the color of the tag with the main color of the print. Its selection should be contrasting. And the best contrast is a white background with black or blue elements.

When wondering what the strip on the tube means, you should not listen to the assumptions and hypotheses passed from mouth to mouth of people who are far from the technology for the production of such a product as toothpaste. The theories that exist among consumers, marketers and even dentists are actually far from the truth. The facts provided by the technology of production and printing on the packaging of the product indicate a completely different meaning of the label in question. Everything is very simple. The marking on the solder tube is just a detail of the technological process, which depends on the main color of the package design.

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