What does it mean to date a girl: meaning, relationship features
What does it mean to date a girl: meaning, relationship features

Video: What does it mean to date a girl: meaning, relationship features

Video: What does it mean to date a girl: meaning, relationship features
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For a young man to initiate the transition of a friendship or friendship with a girl into a deeper sphere of close communication is always an important step that cannot be taken spontaneously. In childhood, the proposal to date means very different than in late adolescence or early adulthood. A guy, even if he is serious, should remember that each phase of a relationship has its own charm and you should not try to get ahead of events or push a girl to make difficult decisions.

So what does it mean to date a girl?

Dating is like?

What do the words "dating a girl" mean? Having the intention to approach the chosen one with this proposal, the guy most likely imagines the future relationship as a continuous series of pleasant events. And this is partly true - the dating period is filled with a unique feeling of happiness, especially if the girl fully responds to the feelings of her lover.

However, along with the joy of the closeness of a loved one, the young man also receivesa significant share of responsibility for a friend. In addition to the fact that the girl will need to be protected from any manifestations of aggression from the outside, the young man will also have to defend her right to be present in his life. Many of his relatives or acquaintances may be against the relationships that have been created, and the determination with which the young man stands up for his love will play a big role in the development of tender feelings.

What does it mean to date a girl? Being faithful and counting on loy alty in return, being on the side of your girlfriend in any controversial moments and being able to listen - all these can become pleasant duties if you do not perceive them as a heavy burden. Even difficult situations that develop during the construction of a new relationship can become a reliable platform for the further growth of young love.

girl holding a rose
girl holding a rose

Preparing for an important step

Before you ask a girl on a first date, you need to try to reduce the likelihood of refusal on her part, or rather, she needs to like her. Young people can know each other all their lives, but only in the future relationship will the girl look at the young man with “wide eyes”, assessing him not as a comrade, but as a potential life partner. After all, dating a girl (which means also meeting at least some of her expectations) is also an opportunity to look at yourself as an adult.

A guy should remember everything he previously knew about a girl's interests, her likes and dislikes. If he does not have such information, you can search for the necessary material insocial networks, on the personal page of the chosen one, but psychologists do not recommend asking her friends. It is not known in what form this information will reach the girl, and how she will perceive the news that they are “digging” behind her back in her life. It’s better to approach her with a proposal poorly prepared and armed only with your sympathy than knowingly run into hostility.

What does it mean to ask a girl out and how to do it?

First, a young man should make sure that his sympathy for a girl is dictated by stronger impulses than friendship. For love experiences, you can take a strong physical attraction that is not associated with high feelings, and the excitement of rivalry for the heart of a "popular" girl. Eliminating the possibility of an erroneous perception of the situation, it remains only to act:

  1. We need to find out what are the chances that the girl will respond positively to the proposal. To do this, you need to compare all available information about her interests and prepare a plan for further action, taking into account all the information collected.
  2. The way to invite the chosen one to be together does not have to be original and certainly not public. A young man should remember that this is not a request to marry him and excessive pomposity can only embarrass the girl.
  3. After making a decision, you should act quickly, and not walk around your friend, leading her into bewilderment with your hints.

Of course, it can also happen that a girl's plans do not include a serious relationship, or her heart is already taken. In this case, do not dwell on failure and moredevote time to self-realization. Also, what does it mean to start dating a girl?

Young people in a cafe
Young people in a cafe

If you like a classmate

What does it mean to date a girl 14 or younger? The specific age of the chosen one does not yet imply active romantic actions on the part of the companion. A teenage girl wants to feel like an adult, but physiologically she is not yet ready for intimacy and will diligently avoid any form of intimate caress (except kissing).

If a boy is the same age as a girl, there are no big difficulties in maintaining a certain distance. For young people, the main thing is not to be led by curiosity and not try to completely copy the behavior of older couples. There are many other interesting things to emulate in adult life, such as the ability to trust each other or be faithful.

Teenage love
Teenage love

For older kids

What does it mean to date a high school or college age girl? It is important for older girls to see next to them not so much a “popular” as a meaningful young man with prospects.

A guy's sense of humor and the ability to be himself under any circumstances will help to focus attention on himself. Any attempts by a guy to attribute unusual qualities to himself or create an illusion of a more successful person around him are obviously doomed to failure and will only prevent him from capturing the heart of the desired person.

In addition to working on oneself (improving the ability to conduct a conversation and forming a worthy externalimage) a young person should also think about the need to have personal funds. Not too often, but from time to time, a friend will need to be taken to the cinema or cafeteria, to please her with small gifts.

If a young man is still in school and does not have the opportunity to earn extra money, he can talk to his parents and ask for money for his personal expenses. It is quite possible for a student to get a job with hourly pay and prove by this, first of all, to himself that he is ready for an independent life.

Boy and girl holding hands
Boy and girl holding hands

Correct behavior is the key to success

Having offered a girl to meet (which means taking the responsibility to support her in all areas of life), the guy should not forget that the time of youth is a period of easy relationships, without being burdened with overwhelming duties. A young man (except in some cases) should not take on the full material support of a girlfriend, go towards all her desires or become "his man" in the circle of her family.

Competent placement of accents in a relationship is a very important point that does not have to be discussed directly. A guy can simply hint to his chosen one that he is not yet ready to meet her parents or that the amount of his additional income does not correspond to her desire to rent a separate apartment.

The decision to have a fulfilling sex life is also not a matter that either partner can make on their own. If a girl wants to meet (which means her willingness to enter adulthood), this is stilldoes not indicate her desire to have sexual relations. Haste in such a delicate topic can do more harm than deepen tender feelings. In any case, the guys should get to know each other better before moving on to intimate relationships.

Embrace of a young couple
Embrace of a young couple

What to do if the girl refused

What does it mean to meet a girl, if the circumstances have turned out well, is no longer a secret, but when the proposal to be together, the chosen one refuses? There can be many reasons for this behavior of a friend:

  • boyfriend failed to express his desire to date with the right words;
  • a girl's idea of a "prince" does not match the image of a young man;
  • the guy was too intrusive;
  • young man has created an unfavorable reputation for himself.

Difficulties can also appear in the life of the girl herself, for example, her parents do not allow her to meet with boys until graduation. Having received a refusal, the young man has the right to ask about his reason, but he must not turn the conversation in such a way that the girl is forced to make excuses.

If a young man's feelings are strong enough, and he is not ready to give up plans for his beloved, he can continue to be close to her, giving her attention, like a true comrade. In any case, the girl will not forget the proposal made to her once and, perhaps, later reconsider her attitude towards the guy.

girl texting
girl texting

Transition from dating to relationship

A serious relationship for a young couple begins from the moment a decision is made aboutjoint future. Not necessarily, having voiced their desire to get married or move to a new level of intimacy, young people should immediately begin to live together, because often young lovers simply do not have a sufficient material basis for this. However, there are circumstances that come into force without fail, as soon as a young couple changes the phase of an easy relationship to a serious one (for example, meeting relatives).

Usually, at the beginning of the journey, young people need help from their parents, as from people who are more experienced in life matters and financially secure. However, relatives are not always ready to provide this help, believing that youthful love requires more time testing or that a girl and a guy are not good for each other.

In the face of opposition, young people must stand firm, but this can only be done on one condition: proving by their actions that their decision to be together is justified and not negotiable. A young man should (without interrupting his studies) start earning money, and a girl should learn how to run a household. Making sure that the beloved takes their future seriously, even the most zealous skeptics will calm down and stop creating obstacles.