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Riddles about cucumber for small and large

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Riddles about cucumber for small and large
Riddles about cucumber for small and large

Even adults love to solve riddles. About cucumber, for example, there are a lot of them! Meanwhile, not everyone will be able to find the right answer right away.

Rhyming riddle

At the youngest age, it is quite difficult for kids to navigate the world of adults. Yes, and their logic is still poorly developed. Therefore, it is best to offer them riddles about cucumber with a rhyming answer at the very end.

riddles about cucumber

He's he althy, tasty like, Our green fellow, He grew up in the garden, A is called - … (cucumber).

And to make sure they solve the cucumber riddle for children, you can show the kids a picture with a cucumber drawn on it. And even show them a real vegetable in the event that difficulties still arise.

Riddle about cucumber for children 4-5 years old

It is very useful that every fun gives kids new knowledge. So solving riddles not only teaches you to find the right answer, comparing existing knowledge. Let the children endure something new as well, solving cucumber riddles.

That's not a pumpkin, not a watermelon.

Green, juicy, fresh taste!

Unripe he is vomited

And put in salads.

But believe me, anyoneboy

Loves to crunch… (cucumber)!

Everything seems to be the same as always: the text lists the main signs of a vegetable, by which you can accurately guess what it is about. But the wise teacher immediately noticed: there is a mention here that the vegetable is torn unripe. This is what you should talk about after guessing the riddle about the cucumber!

cucumber riddle for kids

After all, as you know, even the name of this vegetable in translation means "immature". And a ripened cucumber, by the way, no one will eat - it is not tasty, tough and unpleasant.

Riddles about cucumbers for adults

Funny parties, corporate holidays, youth evenings will become even more fun if you diversify them with riddles. Of course, you should not use the questions that are usually asked to children. Moreover, there are puzzles of a sufficient level of complexity. It is only important to make sure that humor is present in it. For example, let's rephrase the well-known riddle about geese, "sharpening" it for an adult audience:

Crawling home from the corporate party cucumber. To meet him - a company of "relatives" from another corporate party. Our fellow was not at a loss and said: “Hello, one hundred cucumbers!” And they answered him: “No, my dear! We are not a hundred! But if there were still the same number of us as now, and even half as many, plus another quarter as many, and you, dear cucumber, are with us, then there would be a hundred of us. How many cucumbers went to meet our young man from the corporate party?

It is clear that without a certain level of knowledge, it is quite difficult to guess this puzzle-riddle. Therefore, onfor an adult corporate party, it will be just extremely appropriate. Let's call the answer. There were 36 cucumbers: 36 + 36 + 18 + 9 + 1=100.

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