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"Diamond eyes": drops for cats and dogs (instruction)
"Diamond eyes": drops for cats and dogs (instruction)

Pet owners know that eye diseases in pets are not uncommon. They deliver many unpleasant moments not only to animals, but also to their owners. Sometimes kittens have watery eyes from birth, and this worries the owners very much. How to help your pet? Is there a remedy that can save an animal from eye diseases? We will talk about this in the article.

diamond eyes

Eye diseases: classification

Cats and dogs are prone to many eye diseases. The ability to identify them in time, provide first aid if necessary and contact a specialist in a timely manner is the task of the owner of a cat or dog.

Specialists divide this type of ailment into:

  • inflammatory;
  • traumatic (or congenital pathology).

The first group includes:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • keratoconjunctivitis;
  • keratitis;
  • inflammation of the nasolacrimal duct;
  • irit.

In addition, to eye diseases in ourfour-legged pets also include problems with the orbit, canal and other tissues surrounding the eye - panophthalmitis, blepharitis and others.

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The second group includes mechanical damage - bruises, a foreign body, as well as inversion of the eyelid, glaucoma, cataracts, etc. Diseases can be classified according to their course - it can be chronic, subacute and acute.

In the chronic course of the disease, its symptoms do not disappear completely over time, but only fade a little. But it is precisely this fact that increases the risk of the animal losing sight or other he alth problems (especially in cases where the cause of the disease was an infection or virus).

Eye diseases in our four-legged pets are divided into primary and secondary. Primary refers to changes in the eyes, which are the main disease. Secondary are those ailments that have arisen in connection with a more serious he alth disorder (an infectious disease, for example). In this case, it can be argued that conjunctivitis becomes one of the symptoms. And in order to completely cure the animal, one should fight the underlying disease, and not its clinical sign. Such a conclusion can only be given by a veterinarian, who should be contacted at the first sign of illness.

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Tear tears

This is mostly caused by the kitten's (or puppy's) unformed immunity. In this regard, viruses that cause tears enter his body. In older animals, the causecan become an allergy, for example, to poplar fluff, perfumes, household chemicals. Often watery eyes are a property of a special breed of cat. Rather, the property of some breeds is the inversion of the eyelids. In this case, tears appear in connection with the emerging microcracks. But in such a situation, only surgery will help.

In other cases, your four-legged pet can help eye drops "Diamond Eyes". This is a well-proven remedy that has a bactericidal, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect.

"Diamond Eyes" - drops that penetrate well into all tissues of the eye and provide a stable and fast effect. All reviews about this drug are positive (both from pet owners and veterinarians), since there are practically no contraindications to its use, side effects are rarely recorded. Veterinarians often prescribe this drug to their four-legged patients, considering it effective and safe for he alth.

diamond eyes for cats

"Diamond Eyes" - drops that can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy or pet store. The price of the drug is quite affordable - a 10 ml bottle costs from 130 to 160 rubles.

"Diamond eyes" (drops): instructions, release form

The drug is available in the form of drops, in a plastic bottle, which is packed in a cardboard box. It contains the name, capacity and instructions for use. In addition, it must indicate the date of manufacture and expiration date.


Diamond Eye Dropsfor cats and dogs contain:

  • taurine (0.02g/ml);
  • succinic acid (0.001 g/ml);
  • distilled water;
  • chlorhexidine digluconate (0.00015 g/ml).


Diamond Eyes eye drops (for cats and dogs) have anti-inflammatory, decongestant and bactericidal action. When injected into the conjunctival cavity, the agent easily penetrates into all tissues, thereby providing the therapeutic effect of the active ingredients.

Chlorhexidine bigluconate has a bactericidal effect (rapidly manifested) on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, lipophilic viruses and dermatophytes. It binds cations that are formed as a result of dissociation of chlorhexidine (s alt) by cell walls, disruption of membrane function and osmotic balance of cells. This leads to a decrease in the level of cellular ATP and the destruction of the infection.

diamond eye drops instruction

Taurine and succinic acid contribute to the restoration and normalization of tissues, have a reparative effect, slow down (and sometimes prevent) the development of cataracts and are a prophylactic against dystrophic and degenerative disorders in the lens and retina.

Doses and method of administration

Diamond Eye Drops (instructions included with each package) are indicated for everyday eye cleaning, as well as for mild conjunctivitis. In this case, a gauze (sterile) swab moistened with the preparation is removed from the inner corner of the eye.crusts and exudate. Then "Diamond Eyes" is instilled into the animal. For cats and dogs weighing up to ten kilograms, 1 drop is enough, for dogs weighing more than ten kilograms - 2 drops. The procedure is repeated one to three times a day.

  • 45 days the drug can be used once a day when processed. Then you should take a break for ten days.
  • 20 days "Diamond Eyes" can be used twice a day when treating an animal. After that, you need to take a break for seven days.
  • No more than 14 days the drug is used in the treatment three times a day. Then it is necessary to interrupt the treatment for five days.

In case of profuse lacrimation, injuries, "red eye" syndrome, ingestion of irritating substances or foreign objects, the drug is used two drops three times a day for five to fourteen days. "Diamond Eyes" is recommended for the prevention of cataracts, as well as degenerative age-related changes in the cornea and retina.

diamond eye drops for cats

The drug is used in courses of twenty days. Dosage - no more than two drops, with a mandatory ten-day interval.

Side effects

At the recommended doses, Diamond Eyes does not cause irritating or allergic reactions. The use of the drug according to the instructions does not give complications and side effects. With the individual sensitivity of the animal to the individual components of the product, the use of drops should be discontinued.

Storage conditions

In a dry and cool place "Diamondeyes" are stored for 24 months from the date of manufacture. Expired eye drops are prohibited.


The Diamond Eyes are produced by the Russian company NEC Agrovetzashchita (AVZ), known to animal lovers. For many years, she has been developing and producing drugs for farm poultry and animals.

Agrovetzashchita produces more than three hundred types of medicines in fifteen forms - granules and tablets, oil and aqueous solutions, suspensions and injections, gels and sprays, eye drops, shampoos and ointments, balms, etc. All these diverse products are manufactured on the basis of advanced technologies on modern equipment. All Agrovetzashchita products are certified and registered in Russia and neighboring countries.

The company has its own research and development center. The department of development and research of new medicines of the company employs five professors and doctors of sciences, sixteen candidates of sciences. The company is the "guardian" of the Hermitage's world-famous cats.

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When should drops be used?

Final advice for new pet owners. Remember that the eyes of a cat/dog should always be clear, bright, not squinted. If you find clouding, redness, tears (or other discharge), then first of all it is necessary to clean the animal's eyes, and only after that you can usedrops.

"Diamond Eyes": reviews

Veterinarians unanimously declare that this is a really effective and completely safe remedy. "Diamond Eyes" successfully cope with many eye diseases in dogs and cats. It is important that they can be used not only for adult animals, but also for kittens and puppies. The owners emphasize that their pets tolerate the treatment well. Drops are easy to use and affordable.

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