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How to tell a female from a male budgerigar when buying

How to tell a female from a male budgerigar when buying
How to tell a female from a male budgerigar when buying

Budgerigars are very popular with adults and children. These are the perfect feathered pets. They are unpretentious, obedient, good-looking, do not require special conditions (for example, a daily walk), and besides, they can be taught to speak. Before buying, many are wondering how to distinguish a female from a male budgerigar. Here you can either rely on the knowledge of the seller (which does not exclude surprises), or try to figure it out yourself.

First, decide what you want from your future pet. If you want to teach him to speak by all means, you should choose a male, they are more receptive to learning. But the females are more calm, gentle and obedient. It should also be noted that when buying a couple, the parrots will be more focused on each other, so the likelihood of learning their speech or drawing their attention to their person is significantly reduced.

how to tell a female budgerigar from a male

So, in front of you are a dozen cheerful multi-coloredparrots, each of which attracts the attention of the future owner. What are the main differences between females and males? First of all, pay attention to the color of parrots: males are more catchy than females. Take a close look at their wax. Young parrots at the age of 3-4 months have a pink or lilac uniform color of the cere, which turns blue over time. Females, on the other hand, are most often distinguished by a pinkish or pale blue cere with a light border. In an adult sexually mature female, ready for breeding, the cere turns brown.

If you're a little confused and can't figure out how to tell a female budgerigar from a male, you can study them for a while. To accurately determine the gender, observe the behavior of the parrot. Boys tend to be more outgoing, determined and agile.

differences between male and female

Having made a choice and learned how to distinguish a female from a male, the budgerigar should be provided with a suitable place to stay in your home. Of course, you need a cage. The budgerigar house should be spacious enough and as simple as possible. A square or triangular cage 60 by 40 cm is best suited for a pair of parrots. Newfangled and intricate parrot houses can not only be uncomfortable for your pets, but also cause additional problems when cleaning the cage. Take a look at the side walls. If you don’t have the desire to clean feathers, husks and fluff all over the room every day, you should take a cage with high walls, it’s bettertransparent, which allows you to watch the bird and keep the environment clean.

house for wavy parrots

The most suitable material for the cage will be stainless steel or polymer coating. Wooden frames may be to your pet's taste, which will lead to deformation of the house, and it is quite problematic to remove parasites from such material. Do not forget to carry out disinfecting procedures once a month: pour boiling water over the cage (of course, after releasing the parrot for a walk).

When choosing a suitable house for a future tenant, do not forget to also purchase food, drinkers, toys, mirrors, etc. Nowadays, there are many accessories that will brighten up the leisure of your wavy friend during your absence. Now you know the answers to the main important questions that may arise when buying a parrot, in particular, how to distinguish a female from a male. A budgerigar should be loved and pampered, treated with patience, then he will delight you every day with his cheerful mood and new successes!

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