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What is a jug? Definition, purpose and use

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What is a jug? Definition, purpose and use
What is a jug? Definition, purpose and use

Making a quality homemade liquor is a true art that requires certain knowledge and experience. In addition, experts say that special containers must be used to produce and store home-made alcohol. Experts consider wooden containers to be the most suitable. When storing homemade wine or whiskey in wooden barrels, anchors or tubs, the drink acquires a wonderful taste and unique aroma. One of the most popular types of containers used in the production of homemade alcohol is the jug. What is a jub? How is it different from other types of containers? What are jugs?

what is a jug

What is a jug?

Jug, or can, is a small container with a lid, which is used to store various kinds of drinks at home. Questions about what a jugs are, what types of jugs are, are often of interest to beginner winemakers.

Jugs made of wood are mainly used. Wines made in wooden, plastic and metal jugs differ in many ways. In a wooden jug, wine does not oxidize, since contact with metal is completely excluded by the container. Thanks toTo such a property of wood as the lack of tightness, wine in a wooden jug gets the opportunity to "breathe". In the process of interaction of wine with the material of the container, a rich bouquet of the drink is created.

Beginners should be aware that the most popular material for making jugs is oak. Oak wood contains tannins necessary for production. In the process of natural diffusion, the drink absorbs them and acquires a unique, memorable aroma and taste. If you pour ordinary vodka into an oak jug and insist it well, you will get a rather strong drink with a rich flavor range and, according to connoisseurs, valuable medicinal properties.

Often beginners ask questions: what is a jug and how is it used? This container is used for the preparation and storage of homemade wine, kvass, mead, various tinctures. Mostly jugs are made in volumes from 3 to 50 liters.

What is the difference between a jug and a barrel?

Often winemakers are interested in this question. Capacity data is different:

  1. Form. The jug has the shape of a cone, slightly tapering upwards. The barrel is a cylinder, in which the central part is somewhat expanded.
  2. Method of storage. Barrels are transported and stored in any position. Drinks are kept and stored in jugs. Vessels can be either in a horizontal or vertical position. They are not suitable for transportation.
  3. Cost, which directly depends on the manufacturing technology of the container. Since the jug is made in a simpler way than a barrel, then it costssomewhat cheaper.
what is the difference between a jug and a barrel

Which is better?

The answer to this question depends on your goals. If you need a container for storing drinks in small volumes, it is better to purchase a jug. It will successfully perform the function of a beautiful interior element in the kitchen or living room. For semi-industrial production of cognac, whiskey or wine, it is better to use a capacious oak barrel.

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