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Tenga Egg: owner reviews, purpose and instructions for use

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Tenga Egg: owner reviews, purpose and instructions for use
Tenga Egg: owner reviews, purpose and instructions for use

In the modern world, the ability to achieve goals, earn money, plan your time and follow a schedule is valued. But we want you not to forget about another, no less exciting side of life - intimate, hidden from strangers, sensual and emotional.

The article will talk about a device that will help expand the boundaries of this hidden universe filled with pleasure and sexuality. You may not even have heard of this product before, but we advise you to pay attention to it. The article will talk about such an intricate device as the Tenga Egg.

What is this?

Tenga Egg is a revolutionary stimulating sex toy with which a man can get new and very unusual sensations that will diversify your sex life and open unexpected facets of bliss.

Tenga eggs

The creator of the masturbator is the Japanese company Tenga, which specializes in the development and production of products designed to stimulate pleasure.The corporation also received an award for the design of its brainchild, so there are no questions about quality when purchasing. And if we add to this an acceptable price, which is not typical for the sex industry market, then positive reviews from Tenga Egg are guaranteed.


The device is made of super elastic material, pleasant and silky to the touch. The original size of it is 6.5 cm by 4.5 cm, but during operation, the egg can be stretched up to 30 cm.

device elasticity

The masturbator is packaged in light plastic in neutral colors, which does not have provocative inscriptions, so the appearance of the product does not raise any suspicions about its connection with the world of sex toys, which is undoubtedly captivating. In the kit you also immediately get a bag of lubricant. This shows that the manufacturer took care of its customer as much as possible, and this approach guarantees the company loyal reviews about Tenga Egg.

A distinctive feature is the inner surface of the egg - it is not smooth, but is represented by different textures. That is, you can choose for yourself a ribbed, wavy, sharp, delicate or any other shape.

Product varieties

Depending on the structure that is responsible for stimulating pleasure, the consumer is offered a choice of the following types of toys:

egg varieties
  1. Wavy - tension is created by wavy spirals located around the perimeter inside the egg.
  2. Clicker - the wall is covered with unique elements,which, with various physical effects and a connected imagination, give a kind of stimulation.
  3. The Cool Edition - Contains a menthol-infused lubricant that guarantees an icy cool feeling.
  4. Cloudy - Covered inside with cloud-shaped shapes that are responsible for maximum pleasure with strong impact.
  5. Crater - Serrated details play a major role for great grip and new emotions.
  6. Surfer - has accentuated protrusions that resemble a wave, and thus this egg gives a strange, but very pleasant sensation. This structure is suitable for most users, which ensures that Tenga Egg Surfer receives only positive reviews.
  7. Dance Edition - has maximum elasticity.
  8. Lovers heart - creates a feeling of human warmth due to the ability to maintain body temperature.
  9. Misty - microscopic bumps are located all over the surface of the wall, which gives an exciting and growing pleasure.
  10. Party Edition - consists of an elastomer, which is complemented by non-standard elements.
  11. Spider - An evenly detailed wall with reinforced lattice edges for sharp stimulation.
  12. Shiny - ribs, like the sun's rays, warm and caress, thereby giving new emotions.
  13. Silky - the surface is made up of fine interwoven threads that resemble the light touch of silk.
  14. Stepper - Perfectly positioned up and down bi-directional wedges guarantee unexpectedsensations.
  15. Street Edition - intricate elements are responsible for non-standard, unlike anything stimulation.
  16. Thinder - Guarantees a sharp and strong impression with hard and vertical ribs that behave differently depending on the force of impact.
  17. Twister - creates a corkscrew effect, which is provided with swirl patterns.

How to use?

At first glance, if you believe the reviews about Tenga Egg eggs, the question arises of how to use it, because the toy looks as non-standard as possible and is absolutely not similar to similar products.

First, the device must be unpacked like a boiled egg, because, as already noted, it is in a plastic shell that looks like a shell. Then pour in the lubricant that comes with the kit to facilitate sliding and proper grip, as well as to avoid unpleasant sensations. Consumers should not be confused by the small size of the toy. It stretches up to 30cm thanks to its super elastic material.

According to the Tenga Egg reviews, which is better, consumers could not determine, because each type of masturbator has its own, unique surface structure, and anyone can find something new for themselves. You can experiment with the strength and brightness of sensations, which directly depend on how you twist, stroke or pull the egg.

the inside of the egg

Thus, a simple device can open a world of non-standard emotions to partners, reveal previously hidden facets of pleasure and ecstasy.

Reviewsmen about Tenga Egg

The use of this device brings sensuality to a higher level and guarantees only favorable responses from those who dare to give themselves a tsunami of delight and pleasure. So, for example, most users agree that initially the toy was in doubt due to its small size, but later this property was turned into a virtue, because the egg fits in your pocket, and you can take it with you even on trips or travels and provide yourself with pleasure anywhere.

The market for male sex devices is not very diverse, and toys are devoid of grace and attractiveness, while female ones are on the contrary, cute, sexy, exciting and sometimes look like works of modern art, this is another common opinion that unites all the Tenga Egg masturbator reviews.

The product has fans of all ages, because it helps to discover new facets of sexuality, to know your body and your desires.


Yes, among all the above positive qualities, the egg also has some disadvantages that you should be prepared for.

Firstly, the toy is for single use only. But even the manufacturer himself gives recommendations on hygiene and careful operation, which will allow you to extend the life of the masturbator for a few more sessions.

set of 6 pieces

Secondly, a thoughtful pricing policy. If you purchase only one unit of production, then it will be inexpensive. But if a person wants to discovernew levels of sensations and experiment with different types, then as a result he will spend a very significant amount. There are kits available on the market that include 6 different eggs. However, in Tenga Egg reviews, consumers often point out that the cost of this toy is nothing compared to what delight it can give you.


If you follow all the indicated instructions for use, allow yourself to relax and allow your imagination to open up to the maximum, then you will easily open the door to the land of sensuality and unknown emotions.

passionate relationship

Don't be ashamed of your nature, be afraid to expand not only your own sexuality boundaries, but also your partner's. Speaking openly about your desires and preferences, you guarantee yourself a he althy and liberated relationship, and yours will also be added to the positive feedback about Tenga Egg.

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