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Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy: a review of drugs. Can nail fungus affect pregnancy?

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Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy: a review of drugs. Can nail fungus affect pregnancy?
Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy: a review of drugs. Can nail fungus affect pregnancy?

Fungal infection of the nail plate (onychomycosis) occurs in representatives of different sex and age groups. Obviously, expectant mothers are no exception. Let's try to figure out whether nail fungus affects pregnancy and how to get rid of it.


The main cause of fungus is a dermatophyte fungus. A favorable moment for the development of the fungus can be:

  • decreased immunity;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • high blood sugar in a pregnant woman;
  • failure of microcirculation in the vessels of the legs;
  • minor wounds in the area of ​​the nail plate;
  • poor hygiene.

Such a disease is infectious. The fungus can easily be brought home from crowded places with a large number of people. In places of accumulation of high humidity, the fungus is activated. Such a wonderful period in the life of every expectant mother, like pregnancy, alsoable to become a provocateur for the development of a fungus of the nail plate. Almost all of the above reasons are collected here, which change their indicators for the entire period of pregnancy.

lamisil for fungus


Fungus of the nail plate belongs to the group of secondary diseases. Its main location is in the interdigital zones, gradually it moves to the nail. The main signs of foot fungus include:

  • minor cracking;
  • unreasonable scabies stop;
  • strong peeling;
  • exfoliated skin in the interdigital area.
liquid for nail fungus


By paying attention to such minor signs of the condition of the skin on the feet in time, there is a chance to stop the disease process in time and prevent damage to the nail plate. If you miss this moment, then the main symptoms of nail fungus include:

  • sealing of the nail plate;
  • color changes (acquisition of a brown or yellow tint by the nail);
  • increased fragility of nails;
  • severe itching;
  • tolerable but unpleasant pain around the nail area.

Expectant mothers wonder if nail fungus is dangerous during pregnancy? It has no effect on the fetus, but after that it can cause many diseases in women. Acute pain with onychomycosis appears already in the later stages of the development of the disease. This is a strong signal of the need to seek help from a specialist.

varnish from fungusnails during pregnancy

Medicated treatment

Getting rid of nail fungus is hard, getting rid of nail fungus is even harder during pregnancy. Medicines that are taken by mouth are very effective, but they cause serious harm to the he alth of the expectant mother and fetus. Therefore, drugs are prescribed for them that can be applied topically (ointments, creams, gels and solutions). The risk from the use of such products is minimal, since their effect extends only to the area of ​​application. And there is still damage from them, since the active substances negatively affect the formation of the fetus after penetration into the blood. A fairly effective remedy is Exoderil. How much does the drug cost? It depends on the pharmacy and the region. But the cost fluctuates within 500 rubles. It is impossible to self-medicate in case of a fungus. During the entire treatment, it is necessary to constantly consult with a doctor who will correctly select the medicines. Otherwise, it may threaten to terminate the pregnancy or the fetus may develop various disorders.

how much does exoderil cost

Therapy Schedule

The treatment regimen for nail fungus during pregnancy should be developed individually for each patient:

  • the medicine should not have components, the influence of which can lead to negative consequences and affect the he alth of the future woman in labor and her baby;
  • drug should be simple and easy to use;
  • it is necessary to choose a medicine that will also have antibacterial andanti-inflammatory properties;
  • the degree of impact on the area affected by the fungus may be different, this must be taken into account when choosing a remedy;
  • treatment period should be short to reduce the risk of fetal exposure.

Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy should be comprehensive. Usually several drugs are selected at once so that the pathogen does not have the opportunity to develop resistance to the drug. If the composition contains salicylic, sulfuric acids or tar, then the external agent is safe. You can pay attention to "Lamisil" from the fungus. The tool is safe enough for pregnant women.

What medications are recommended?

Medicines for external use should be applied to the area affected by the fungus several times a day. Release forms are very different. The doctor should prescribe them and keep the treatment process under control. Today, such drugs have been developed that do not have a negative effect on the body. Use during pregnancy is also allowed. These are such remedies for nail fungus during pregnancy, such as Mikogel, Travogen, Clotrimazole and others. Some drugs include urea and bifonazole, due to these substances, the affected nail plate softens, which is then easy to remove. These drugs include Mycospor.

Berezhnov's liquid from nail fungus or Citrosept's solution is perfect for pregnant women. Natural preparation, grapefruit extract, which is part of,disinfects the affected area, kills the fungus and prevents the infection from spreading further. The same principle of action for therapeutic varnish from nail fungus during pregnancy "Lotseril". It not only kills the fungus, but also forms a strong protective film on the nail, this allows you not to get infected again.

Sprays and creams are not less effective than varnishes and solutions. The cream has a light texture that allows it to be easily absorbed. For ease of application, you can use sprays, their rapid penetration into the site of infection helps to relieve the symptoms of inflammation and cure the fungus faster. The representative of this group is "Lamisil" from the fungus.

What to choose: traditional or folk methods?

Drugs act on the fungus much more effectively and faster than traditional methods, as they penetrate deeper into the affected area and kill it. When recovering from this disease at home, you need to remember that even the most effective compress will affect the fungus for a long time, which means that the affected area will become even larger, and it will be even more difficult to treat it. In addition to drugs aimed at treating nail fungus, the doctor usually prescribes a course of vitamin B, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, and retinol. In order to completely recover from the fungus, you must follow all the prescribed recommendations of the doctor. Treatment cannot be interrupted, as the disease may return in an even more acute form.

Folk methods

It is possible to treat nail fungus during pregnancy using folk methods. But before proceeding tohome treatment, you need to get advice and approval from a doctor about this. Foot baths may be contraindicated, and doctors generally do not recommend their use during pregnancy.

As a means that will remove the pathogen, relieve inflammation, either various tinctures or juices of medicinal plants act. They are impregnated with tissue and applied to the affected areas in the form of a compress.

You can also treat your nails with vinegar or essential oils that kill the fungus. Taking medicines without a doctor's prescription can be fraught with very serious consequences.

does nail fungus affect pregnancy

Popular folk recipes

Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy should be accurate, careful and, most importantly, safe. After all, any intervention in the he alth of the mother can affect the he alth of her unborn child. Usually, drug treatment is prescribed for such a disease, but during a woman's bearing a child, many attending physicians tend not to take risks and replace chemicals with more natural and mild folk remedies.

Is nail fungus dangerous during pregnancy?

Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus include infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. The selected plants should have antifungal, antibacterial, soothing and healing properties. These include:

  1. Plantain herb. It has antifungal and healing properties. Used as bath infusions.
  2. Mint leaves. Possessesantibacterial action, the contained essential oils will eliminate the unpleasant odor that accompanies the fungus. Used as a poultice on sore spots.
  3. Gold mustache. The sap of the plant acts as an excellent antiseptic. Lubricate diseased areas.
  4. Lilac flowers. It has a good antibacterial effect. Use alcohol tincture to wipe the affected areas.
  5. Grass of succession. Since childhood, many babies are bathed in a series to eliminate itching, rashes and diaper rash. It is also suitable for the treatment of nail fungus, due to its soothing properties. Used as foot baths. When using baths, it is important to pay attention to the temperature, the water should not be very hot.

Healing herbs have a minimum number of contraindications, their action is mild and complex. However, before use, you should familiarize yourself with all the available contraindications and check for an allergic reaction. In addition, you must notify your doctor.

Other ways

Other folk remedies include various products that every housewife most likely has at home.

  1. Bow. This, of course, is not a fragrant lilac, but a more affordable remedy, which is in no way inferior in efficiency. Traditional healers recommend lubricating the affected areas with onion juice 2 times a day.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. A penny drug from a pharmacy has quite a few good reviews in the treatment of nail fungus. It is recommended to apply a cotton swab for a few minutes to patientsnails several times a day.
  3. Iodine. Great product to use as a healing nail polish.
  4. Soda and s alt. Another budget funds, for which you don’t even have to go to the store. The use of soda baths can slow down the development of the fungus. In combination with s alt, it has a good antiseptic effect.

Oils and infusions

In addition to the above methods of fungus treatment, such remedies as:

  • Propolis tincture. Promotes skin regeneration, relieves itching. Apply a moistened cotton pad to the affected nails for a couple of minutes.
  • Essential oils. Almost all essential oils have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil is especially recommended for the treatment of fungus. It is gently applied to the nails without touching the skin. For a safer application, you can mix a couple of drops in a base oil (olive, for example) and use externally as such.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the treatment with natural remedies often does not have a quick effect, it should take some time before full recovery. But from the pluses, a long-term result can be distinguished. There are many recipes that have shown their effectiveness, have many positive properties and are much more affordable financially. It is important to approach such treatment wisely: study contraindications, check for allergic reactions and be sure to consult a doctor.

remedy for nail fungus during pregnancy


During pregnancy, all hidden diseases begin to appear, since immunity is weakened during this period. The most common disease that appears as a result of infection is nail fungus. With advanced forms, the fungus can affect internal organs, which is very dangerous not only for a woman, but also for an unborn child.

It is very important to know and adhere to some conditions that will help prevent the onset of the disease, they will be the best and most effective measures for the prevention of nail fungus during pregnancy:

  • don't wear tight shoes;
  • when visiting crowded places, wear closed shoes;
  • Stay hygienic, wash hands thoroughly, especially when using shared items;
  • when a fungus appears in one of the family members, disinfect everything, use individual towels, underwear, do not walk barefoot;
  • avoid injury, even the slightest;
  • use special antiseptic for shoes;
  • wash feet well and dry;
  • when feet sweat, you need to take action to fix the problem;
  • all nail care tools must be customized;
  • scan feet and hands for signs of disease;
  • contact only proven manicure and pedicure masters who process tools after each client;
  • best to wear cotton socks, change them daily, wash at 90 degrees, iron after drying;
  • at the first sign of fungus, you need to processskin with special preparations.

Also, at the first suspicion of a disease, you can use "Exoderil". How much does the drug cost, indicated above. Its effect is beautiful.

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