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Elite stroller "Hesba" - a combination of style, comfort of legendary German quality

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Elite stroller "Hesba" - a combination of style, comfort of legendary German quality
Elite stroller "Hesba" - a combination of style, comfort of legendary German quality

The Hesba stroller is considered a premium product these days. The most progressive young families discovered this name quite recently, but the history of the manufacturer goes back almost 100 years. Why is this happening? The answer is simple. The point is not only the relatively high price, but the fact that the manufacturer has never set himself the goal of flooding the market with his products. In this age of high technology and conveyor stamping, it's hard to believe, but this factory still uses manual assembly. Therefore, each stroller "Hesba" can rightfully be called a piece. It is not surprising that in the deluxe VIP package, this stroller is among the five most expensive in the world. Depending on the configuration, the cost of the stroller is 1600-3600 US dollars.

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Historical background

The Hesba stroller factory was opened in 1925. For the first quarter of a century of its existence, the manufacturer produced strollers only for dolls and toys, and only in 1950 produced a baby carriage for the first time.

From the first days to the present, all production is located in Bavaria(Germany). All materials, spare parts and components that are used in the manufacture of strollers are produced in Europe and meet high quality standards. The volume of production is relatively small and limited by the fact that the processes are not conveyorized. Most operations are done manually.

Product highlights

"Hesba" - an elite class stroller. If you purchase such a children's transport for your baby, the risk of meeting a family walking with the same model will be negligible. Distinctive features of these strollers are classic design, legendary German quality, sophisticated appearance, wide functionality, and compliance with the requirements of the modern market. Thanks to this, your Hesba stroller (reviews of the manufacturer testify to the quality and close attention to every detail) will always remain unique and recognizable.

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The company believes that it makes a personal contribution to the happy childhood of its little consumers, and is aware of the full burden of responsibility for this loud statement. Therefore, all materials that are used to create baby strollers are environmentally friendly and have the appropriate certificates. In addition, each Hesba stroller has a three-year manufacturer's warranty.


The plant produces several models of strollers designed for use from birth. Each model is available in one of four grades:

  • basic - seat, hood andthe carrier is made of high quality textiles, on the handle there is an overlay made of genuine soft leather;
  • luxury - seat rails, stroller handle, rim of the hood and the edge of the carrier are finished in leather, other details are made of high-quality textiles;
  • deluxe - handrails, back and side parts of the seat, as well as the handle of the stroller, the top of the hood and the sides of the cradle are trimmed with natural leather, the rest are high-quality textiles;
  • deluxe VIP - stroller upholstery and handle pad completely made of genuine leather.

All models in any of the four design options are equipped with a chassis to which you can choose wheels (white cast, black inflatable large diameter, black inflatable small diameter). Includes footmuff, bag, carrycot cover and pump.

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Condor Coupe ("Condor Coupe") - the Hesba stroller, the photo of which gives an idea of ​​its sporty style, often becomes the choice of young and active parents.

Corrado ("Corrado") features a more rigorous classic design.

Concepto Cabrio ("Concepto Cabrio") - Hesba's most spacious strollers. Feedback from parents suggests that even large children are comfortable in such transport.

Concepto ("Concept") - modern children's transport in casual style.

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