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Stroller "Zippy" - comfort and quality

Stroller "Zippy" - comfort and quality
Stroller "Zippy" - comfort and quality

If earlier, in Soviet times, young parents did not know where to buy, or rather, “get” a baby stroller, today couples face a different choice: which model to buy for the long-awaited baby. Indeed, at present, the range of baby carriages is so large that it is sometimes very difficult to make the right choice.

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For many years, foreign and domestic manufacturers of baby strollers have been striving to improve existing models: to simplify their management, create maximum comfort and ensure the safety of the baby. Outdated models are constantly being replaced by new ones that amaze parents with their functionality.

In recent years, many young families have chosen "Zippy" baby strollers, which have an original design, versatile design and good maneuverability in any weather.

Stroller "Zippy 2 in 1" is indispensable for parents accustomed to an active lifestyle. It is light, fast and well controlled. It is very important for many young families that children's transport is compact and takes up very little space. In addition, along with the stroller you get a spacious cradle, a bag,mosquito net, and for mom - a raincoat. This model can be converted from a winter version to a summer one. This gives

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a way to save money on a stroller and other optional accessories.

The Tootis Zippy strollers differ from previous models by a successful novelty: they are treated with silver ions. Thanks to this, spilled baby food or milk does not penetrate deep into the fabric, and an unpleasant odor does not appear. Moreover, they are easy to clean and do not leave stains on the surface of the material. And most importantly, microbes and bacteria do not multiply in these places. This is especially true in the warm season.

The Zippy 3 in 1 is a progressive stroller made from multi-level tested materials. There is a very comfortable, reliable and spacious cradle for newborns, and the sports part of the stroller has a transparent window. The big hood will reliably protect your kid from a rain.

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Baby stroller "Zippy Futuro" has adjustable shock absorbers, a very comfortable handle that adjusts to the required size. This model is suitable for those who are often on the road. It weighs only 11 kg, which means that the process of storing and transporting it is greatly simplified.

The "Zippy Futuro" stroller occupies a leading position among the luxury modular strollers. By pulling out the cradle, you can easily turn it into a sports model. The window on the roof of the stroller is covered with a mosquito net. It is very comfortablewhen walking in hot weather. The frame is made of aluminum alloy. Coating fabrics reliably protect from wind.

The stroller "Zippy Inglesina" is suitable for babies from birth to three years. Its back can have four positions, there are seat belts, a cape on the legs, a rain cover, a cup holder. The stroller weighs only 8.5 kg. Buyers of this model note its increased cross-country ability, it is easy and convenient to operate.

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