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The Capella S-803 stroller is ideal for harsh climates

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The Capella S-803 stroller is ideal for harsh climates
The Capella S-803 stroller is ideal for harsh climates

Even before the birth of the long-awaited baby, future parents begin to seriously think about choosing and purchasing a stroller, which will be his first transport in the future. There are many different models on the domestic market that can satisfy even the highest requirements.

capella s 803

Capella S-803 stroller: perfect for winter frosts

Among all manufacturers of high-quality baby strollers, it is worth noting the Chinese brand Capella, which occupies a leading position among the most sought-after brands. One of the most common and often sold models of strollers is the original Capella S-803, which is a versatile walking option that can be used both in hot summers and in harsh winters. It is an all-weather recreational vehicle with a high degree of cross-country ability and sufficient comfort for children aged 6 months to 3 years.

For use in the warm season, the universal stroller Capella S-803 is equipped with a hood withmesh insert for proper ventilation. For the winter period, it has an insulated hood, a rather warm leg cover, as well as rear large inflatable wheels.

Comfortable, winter-friendly stroller

stroller Capella s 803

For regions with more severe climatic conditions, a more complex configuration of the model is provided - Capella S-803 "Siberia" with the following necessary components:

  • insulated double leg cover (demi-season complete with winter cape);
  • well-insulated hood;
  • soft liner for comfortable seating;
  • waterproof raincoat.
  • capacious grocery basket.

Strong arguments for this universal model

Capelle s 803 "Siberia"

The universal stroller Capella S-803 has the following functional features:

  • Due to the presence of a flip system on the handle, it is possible to transport the child in two convenient positions: directly facing the mother and in the direction of travel. It is also possible to adjust the handle to the required height.
  • Fixing the backrest in 5 different positions, including a comfortable position for babies lying down (170 degrees).
  • The movable steering wheels at the front of the Capella S-803 are free to rotate 360 ​​degrees and can be locked securely if necessary.
  • To improve the patency of the uncleanedsnow and full off-road, this model is equipped with rear inflatable wheels.
  • The spacious hood is able to completely cover the child inside, even when lying down. A small viewing window in the hood allows you to periodically monitor the child in the process of movement.
  • Also has a fine mesh mosquito window.
  • Dense silicone rain cover has side perforations for ventilation.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame makes carrying the stroller much easier.
  • Provided with a secure five-point harness system with comfortable padded pads.
  • Easily adjustable footrest.
  • The stroller is assembled with one touch.
  • When folded, the Capella S-803 stroller is quite compact and can stand stably without any support.
  • Presence of shock-resistant and frost-resistant plastic elements in the design.
  • All details are made of soft waterproof fabric.
  • Sufficiently spacious seat in which even a rather large child in overalls will feel comfortable.

A few shortcomings

  • Poor cushioning.
  • In the case of a raincoat worn on the stroller, there are difficulties with throwing the handle from one position to another.
  • When the backrest is in a horizontal position, it is difficult to access the grocery basket.

This is, perhaps, all the shortcomings of this universal walking model, which were noted by consumers during operation.

Short descriptionmodels

capella s 803 reviews
  • Lightweight book folding mechanism.
  • 4 durable wheels.
  • Average weight is up to 10 kg.
  • Soft spring cushioning.
  • The average wheel diameter is 20-30 cm.

Capella S-803 reviews

stroller capella s 803

Many consumers note the optimal combination of cost and quality offered by this manufacturer's models. It is felt that the manufacturer took into account all the wishes expressed for the previous released models, this made it possible to create a comfortable Capella S-803 stroller, thoughtful and practical enough for both parents and the child himself. This model is perfect for walking even with babies in the harsh winter season, because the envelope is warm enough, as if created for such difficult conditions. The comfort in driving this stroller was also noted: the wheels ride softly, do not rattle anywhere and smoothly dampen. In addition, it is very warm and almost not blown.

When driving the Capella S-803 stroller, you need to carefully monitor that the maneuvering wheels do not lead anywhere in the other direction. The fabric base of the stroller can be easily and simply removed from the aluminum frame, it is perfectly washed from dirt, which makes it easy to care for. After washing, the model regains its presentable appearance.

Bright attractive appearance and original design, excellent cross-country ability and maneuverability, decent equipment, a security system thought out to the nuances and ensuring maximumcomfort for the child - these are the main distinguishing qualities of this model, noted by many satisfied parents. The possibility of all-weather use of this stroller, combined with relatively small dimensions and lightness - it is for these objective reasons that consumers prefer this model when choosing a stroller.

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