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Stroller "Capella 901": reviews (photo)

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Stroller "Capella 901": reviews (photo)
Stroller "Capella 901": reviews (photo)

The birth of a child is always a long-awaited event and a great joy for parents, relatives and friends. But with the advent of the baby, many questions arise not only about care and feeding, but also about the acquisition of the necessary equipment for it. Buying a stroller is one of the first items on the list. Mobile tool "Capella 901" is a great thing to use when walking. Comfortable, maneuverable, it is suitable for a baby aged from six months to 3.5 years. The wide seat allows it to be used all year round.

Stroller "Capella 901"

There are many models on the market from different manufacturers and with all sorts of modifications. "Capella 901" refers to good strollers. Thanks to the wide and comfortable seat with belts, the child feels comfortable, and the mother does not worry about safety. A wide hood protects from the sun and light rain. Large rubber wheels help you get through tough terrain and high hills.

A special envelope and cape will keep the baby warm during the cold season.

chapel 901
chapel 901

When looking for suitable equipment for a walk, you should pay attention to the stroller "Capella 901". Reviews about her are mostly positive. It is easy to use, easy to use, despite the relatively large weight. In winter, it protects the child well from the weather, and thanks to a good frame and wheels, it has a high cross-country ability and makes it easier for parents to walk.


Produced stroller "Capella 901" in China. It is designed for all seasons. Its weight in a complete set - about 11 kg. You can carry a child in it from the age of 6 months. According to experts, it is quite safe, maneuverable and comfortable.

Of the advantages, one can single out a good package, in which all the details are thought out. Two covers are designed for use in different seasons of the year. Stroller "Capella S 901" has a comfortable adjustable handle and powerful wheels for walking in any weather. Additional comfort for the child is created by a soft mattress and special pads on the seat belts so that they do not put pressure on delicate skin.

stroller capella 901
stroller capella 901

Of the shortcomings, it can be noted that the stroller "Capella 901" is not equipped with a protective mosquito net and weighs a lot. This creates inconvenience if you need to transfer it from place to place. Also, the seat is not adjustable in height, but only the footrest is extended for the sleeping position.


The seat in the stroller is comfortable, high, with a soft back and lower part. When unfolded, there is a length of 85 cm for a child to sleep. Heightbacks - about 45 cm, seats and footboards - 40. The straps are conveniently fixed in the upper part of the backrest, in the corners of the seat and near the footrest. Each piece is well crafted and stitched.

The set includes a special two-sided seat pad for extra warmth in winter. Fabric pads are also put on the plastic armrests. The landing is deep, the child is well protected from the wind.

chapel 901 photo
chapel 901 photo

In the sitting position, the backrest can be set to three levels: high, medium and reclining. The adjustment knob is located at the top of the stroller, just below the hood, the movements are soft and comfortable, without any problems.


The stroller "Capella S 901", the photo of which is presented in this article, is well suited for walking in light rain. Parts made of durable material do not allow moisture to pass through. The hood is adjustable and fully folds in any position of the stroller.

stroller capella s 901 photo
stroller capella s 901 photo

In sunny weather, the upper part is completely raised, covering the child from bright rays. On the back there is a special lapel that comes unfastened and there is a mesh underneath. Through it you can observe the baby, it also serves for better air circulation. There is a visor at the front of the hood, which can be lowered like a curtain if necessary.

The stroller "Capella 901", the photo of which allows you to understand how cozy and comfortable it is, many people like it with thoughtful details. A handy pocket on the hood allows you to put your camera, phoneor a book. It is located near the handle and always in front of the eyes.


The company that produces strollers "Capella 901" also thought out a convenient handle for parents who will walk with the child. It is specially treated with foam rubber, and there is also a special Velcro cover, which, according to reviews, is much more pleasant to the touch.

stroller capella s 901
stroller capella s 901

The handle can be adjusted to the height of an adult. But a significant drawback is that it does not spread to the other side if necessary.

Wheels and brakes

All wheels are made of high strength rubber and filled with air. The pump is not included, but it can be easily picked up. The front wheels have a large turning range, but they can be fixed with a special tool. Make it easy with your foot.

Chapel 901 reviews
Chapel 901 reviews

There is a double brake bar on the rear wheels. It is also easily pressed with the foot.


At the bottom there is a large convenient basket, which can be loaded with interchangeable things for the child or groceries while shopping in the supermarket. The stroller "Capella S 901" will help you put the cooked lunch in a basket and go out into the park (photos allow you to appreciate the impressive size of the basket, which will fit everything you need). A pleasant walk, fresh air is always good for both mom and baby.

Folding mechanism

The stroller is quite voluminous, but it can be folded and, if necessary, carried with you, assuitcase. The mechanisms provided for this process work easily and quickly. And you can fold it with one hand. To make it more compact, you can remove the wheels and seat from it and thus put it in the trunk of a car.

Materials and care

Stroller "Capella 901", which color photo can be seen in the catalog, is made of synthetic material. The additional overlay on sitting has two parties. One is mesh for breathability and the other is fleece to keep you warm in the winter.

stroller capella 901 photo
stroller capella 901 photo

Caring for her is easy. All mechanisms are wiped with rags, as are the wheels. And the covers and pads are easily removed and washed well in warm or cool water. Dries quickly and leaves no streaks. If something was spilled on it, then it will be enough to wipe the place with a damp cloth.

All materials used in this stroller have been tested and meet quality and safety standards. Mechanisms have a long service life with constant use.


In the development and production of the stroller "Capella S 901", the photo of which is available in this article, all safety conditions for the child were provided. Special five-point belts fix the baby well in the chair, gently pressing it. Their length is adjusted depending on the size and age of the crumbs.

The mechanism that fastens the belts is strong enough, the baby will not cope with it. So parents can be calm. The zipper also has a soft pad to preventrubbed the child. The front arch with a soft slip is also provided for the safety of the crumbs. It is removable and can be removed if desired.

Wheels made of good thick rubber with treads make the stroller "Capella 901" soft. With a strong frame construction made of high quality aluminum, it is stable and stable.


The stroller is designed in such a way that in any weather the child feels protected. Deep seating and side ridges plus a deep hood will cover the baby from strong winds. The width of the seat and seat belts are designed so that the child is comfortable and free in light spring or summer clothes, as well as in winter overalls and jackets.

When using a stroller, parents should also feel comfortable. It is stable, easy to turn due to the front wheel mechanism. The handle adjusts to the height of the parent and wraps in a special cover for a comfortable feel.

The foot brake is made in such a way that the mother can, without being distracted from the child, fix the stroller only with her foot. The front clips are also easy to attach. The hood folds quickly and easily, and an additional mesh window allows you to keep an eye on your baby without having to bypass the stroller.

The basket at the bottom of the stroller always helps to free your hands and take extra things with you on a walk. These can be toys, water, food or a change of clothes.


Many parents who have purchased the "Capella 901" stroller are satisfied with itfully. Some leave it at home for the next child. Many sell and rate it very well. At the same time, buying a stroller from this company, which has already been in use, you can be sure that all the mechanisms work well, and the material retains its strength.

Particularly note the seat belt, on which the pads are thought out to protect the skin of the child. The mechanism that the baby cannot open on its own is also a significant plus.

Strollers are built to last due to the length of the seat and the height of the backrest, which is why you can see in many reviews that they only sold it when the child was 3 years old or older.

Attractive in the stroller "Capella 901" is a comfortable winter cover that is easy to use and care for. The child is always warm and protected from the wind, a winter walk is not terrible. The material does not get wet, so you can walk even when it snows or rains.

The pocket on the hood helps a lot, it easily fits the necessary things for parents or a child, such as tissues, a water bottle, a phone or a book. Everything is easy to get and no need to go into a bag or backpack.

The disadvantages that buyers noted mainly relate to the lack of a mosquito net, which is necessary when walking in the summer evening. You have to invent it yourself, it is not always convenient. Also, the width of the stroller does not fit into all elevators, and you have to lift it to the floor manually, and with such a weight it is not very convenient and heavy.

It was also noted that there was no special bag,that comes with other strollers. But this problem is easily solved.

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