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Gillette Fusion ProGlide - Shaving is a pleasure

Gillette Fusion ProGlide - Shaving is a pleasure
Gillette Fusion ProGlide - Shaving is a pleasure

A little more than a hundred years ago, an American inventor patented his invention - a blade. It seems that there is nothing interesting, the usual thing, but … This little piece of steel revolutionized not only shaving, but the economy as a whole.

gillette fusion proglide

The name of the inventor was King Camp Gillette. He needed to create something that he could not do without in everyday life. This something was the blade to the reusable machine, invented by him. The cost of a piece of super-thin steel with pointed ends was low, and shaving was quite easy and comfortable. When a blade became useless, it was simply thrown away and replaced with a new one.

Here is such a regularity that creates a constant need among buyers. This marketing ploy set the stage for disposable tableware, paper handkerchiefs and more.

Founded by King Camp Gillette, the company is still one of those who puts a non-standard, innovative approach in the first place. Some marketers call this corporation devouring itself, since everything that it produces now did not exist a couple of years ago, and after a while it will become irrelevant and will also not be produced. Exactlythis view of things allows the company to occupy top positions in the arena of the global economy.

razor gillette

The company's range includes everything you need for shaving: machines and blades for them, shaving products and after it. The Gillette razor has become the most recognizable brand, popular not only with men but also with women.

The latest innovative addition to the lineup is the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, replacing the equally successful Fusion series.

The main difference between all the company's machines from each other is the mounting and the number of blades on interchangeable cassettes. Gillette Fusion ProGlide boasts five super-thin strips of steel (thinner than a human hair, according to the manufacturer) with a special coating that makes it easier to glide.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide has replaced the previous generation machines of the same model. The main differences affected mainly interchangeable cassettes. The machine itself has become a little more elegant and changed from plastic to soft rubber, which naturally affects the grip.

gillette fusion

Replaceable cassettes of the new system received channels from the inventors, into which excess foam and gel fall. Gillette Fusion ProGlide differs from its predecessor in the presence of plastic microcombs that align the hairs before shaving. Shaving is facilitated by the presence on the back of the sixth blade - a trimmer (shaving sideburns and mustaches).

Gillette Fusion ProGlide machines are on sale in three variations. Ordinarymachine tool (introduced with innovative ideas), Styler (complemented by a trimmer designed by Braun engineers) and Power (vibrating head that makes it easier to slide the blades).

In general (in the opinion of consumers), the new system deserves respect, since all the innovations declared by the manufacturer really make shaving easier. The glide has become much softer, and the sharpness of the blades remains at the level, even after the indicators located on the machine cassette indicate that it is time to change the blades. Happy shaving.

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