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Cam - strollers for walking with pleasure

Cam - strollers for walking with pleasure
Cam - strollers for walking with pleasure

A very important procedure in the development of the child is a walk. Indeed, at this time, the baby is faced with various sources of noise, sees his peers, and simply enjoys the fresh air and warm sun. While walking in a stroller, the child is in one position quite a lot, so it is important that he is comfortable and comfortable, otherwise the minutes or hours spent on the street will turn into torment for both the baby and his parents.

cam stroller
cam stroller

Knowing this, the Italian company Cam, whose strollers are known all over the world, is continuously developing to improve their quality characteristics.

Its products are versatile and varied. Designed for people who are accustomed to comfort and compactness, it is very popular with children and their parents.

The most popular baby carriages are "Cam 3 in 1". On the chassis of this stylish three-wheeled "transport", depending on the need, you can put a cradle, a walking summer unit or a car seat.

Being a transformer, she easily assemblesand takes up little space in the house or on the balcony.

baby stroller cam
baby stroller cam

You can purchase separately summer walking Cam strollers, which have many advantages:

  • soft armrests and sides;
  • comfortable bumper;
  • adjustable backrest;
  • multi-position handle;
  • big hood;
  • pocket for essentials;
  • foot cover;
  • 5-point safety harness.

Almost all models are equipped with a reversible handle. In some cases, it is possible to change the direction of the seat or carrycot. Thanks to this, you can seat the baby facing you or the road. The handle can be easily adjusted to the desired height, depending on the height of the parent walking with the child.

The stroller is equipped with front swivel wheels and, thanks to this, it is quite maneuverable. You can easily operate it with one hand. But when driving on rough roads, it is desirable to fix the wheels, this function is also available for the Cam-carriage.

strollers cam reviews
strollers cam reviews

The bumper bar can be completely removed or opened on one side, if desired, to make it easier to seat the child. Soft suspension allows you to smoothly rock the baby. The hood on the stroller can be lowered to the bumper, thereby sheltering the child from the weather. It has an oilcloth window through which you can follow the baby while walking. Safety belts securely hold the child from falling: one of them passes between the legs, and two more pairs fix the shoulders and waist.

FromAdditional accessories in the Cam-carriage kit may include mosquito nets and raincoats for the cradle, as well as for the walking block, a pump for the wheels. All covers and fabric parts can be easily removed for washing and cleaning.

Young mothers are happy to use Cam strollers, while they leave only positive reviews. Most often, the soft running of the stroller, the absence of squeaks and extraneous sounds during movement are noted. She easily overcomes steps and curbs, rolls easily along paths and uneven paths. Bribes comfort, safety and compactness: the stroller is placed in the elevator, in the car, on the balcony, does not take up much space in the apartment. It folds and unfolds without effort, and it cannot do it on its own - there is a fuse. And most importantly, the baby is comfortable in a good stroller at any time and in any weather.

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