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What and how to feed sparrow chicks?

What and how to feed sparrow chicks?
What and how to feed sparrow chicks?

When sparrow chicks (fledglings) are one to two weeks old, they are very restless and leave the nest even with a slight threat. Their parents still feed them. From meal to meal, little sparrows usually lurk. Many birds use all available means to protect their children from all sorts of danger, which includes humans.

how to feed sparrow chicks

How to feed sparrow chicks is what you think about when your children have picked up a parentless fledgling and decide to nurse it. You will have to work hard, so we advise you to explain to your children in advance that with sparrow parents, the chances of a chick to survive are much higher than at home. It is much more humane to simply transplant him to some kind of hill, or simply put him in a deserted place. If you yourself do not know how to feed sparrow chicks, you can ask your parents about it, because they have already been through this, and they probably know.

But if it does happen, forget about rest and sleep. From sunrise to sunsetevery half hour you will need to feed the fledgling before he eats. A well-fed chick will stop begging for food by opening its mouth.

how to raise a baby sparrow

How to feed a chick if birds have a very, very fast metabolism? If the chick is starving, it "burns" its internal resources. Leaving a fledgling without food for five hours will sign his death warrant. Because even if he starts eating, he will die in a couple of days due to improper metabolism. The normal interval between feedings can be determined by the quality of the litter. If the interval is small, the protein shell does not have time to form on it.

But how to feed sparrow chicks if they have nowhere to live? It is necessary to create conditions for fledglings that are close to natural, and there they have a nest. You will have to arrange it too. For the nest, it would be best to use dried grass or last year's moss. As a rule, in urban conditions it is difficult to find something like this. Therefore, we recommend using cotton wool. You just need to watch him very carefully, the paws of the chicks can get tangled in the cotton wool. The bedding is changed as soon as it becomes dirty.

How to feed sparrow chicks without proper food? Particular attention will need to be paid to what the fledgling eats. It is worth remembering that his parents fed him mainly insects. Therefore, the adopted child should be given the same thing: larvae, worms, ant cocoons, egg yolks, cottage cheese, etc., do not forget about vitamins and minerals.

Meshanka - porridge in 10 steps for a sparrow chick. This is the mostbalanced nutrition for your ward. Prepare it like this:

Step 1. Rub the carrots on a fine grater. It should be of medium size. We squeeze the juice, the pulp is what we need.

how to feed a chick

Step 2. Grind the boiled yolk on a fine grater.

Step 3. Cut the boiled chicken breast and disassemble it into small fibers, beef or pork will do the same.

Step 4. Grind juicy greens and add a tablespoon to the mixture.

Step 5. Take fat-free lean cottage cheese - half a pack (it must be poured over with boiling water at least 3 times).

Step 6. Add a couple of tablespoons of millet porridge, uns alted, boiled in water.

Step 7. Put dry ground fish food - a quarter of a tablespoon.

Step 8. It is important to pour calcium glycerophosphate into the mixture - this is a mineral substance.

Step 9. Add powdered shells of 3 eggs to the feed.

Step 10. Thoroughly mix the resulting mixture and sprinkle with powder from grated cereals and cereals.

Remember that your pet is thirsty. It should be watered through a pipette during feeding. Chicks should only be given water.

If you follow all these simple rules, you will have no choice but to raise a sparrow chick he althy and strong.

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