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Belly goes numb during pregnancy - causes
Belly goes numb during pregnancy - causes

A woman who is happily expecting a baby is often disturbed by unusual sensations that she has never experienced before. Anxiety during pregnancy is absolutely normal and has hormonal causes: this is how nature makes sure that the expectant mother does not miss important signals about the baby's condition. The main thing in such a situation is to arm yourself with information so as not to worry in vain, and if necessary, immediately consult a doctor.

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Why does the stomach go numb during pregnancy

Many women experience unusual abdominal numbness at different stages of pregnancy. It can be both barely perceptible and quite unpleasant. If the lower abdomen becomes numb during pregnancy (it is accompanied by pulling or painful sensations inside), then this may indicate an increased tone of the uterus. If the upper abdomen becomes numb without discomfort inside, then this is due to the growth of the child and the stretching of the skin of the abdomen of the expectant mother. Numbness and abdominal pain may also beassociated with various inflammatory processes in the reproductive system.

Hypertonus condition

During pregnancy, the muscles of the uterus are in a semi-relaxed state. The contraction of these muscles of the human body, like any other, is regulated by the nervous system and is carried out at the hormonal level. Certain signals from the nervous system can cause hypertonicity, or increased tone of the muscles of the uterus. This condition occurs for various reasons.

It happens that the body of a pregnant woman reacts this way to stressful situations or fear. Therefore, during pregnancy it is so important to try to protect yourself from unpleasant experiences, negative information, unfriendly people. Also, increased tone may be associated with excessive physical activity of a woman. If the stomach becomes numb during pregnancy after physical activity, it is better to try to avoid them in the future: do not lift weights, do not make sudden movements, replace active sports with activities at a slower pace.

Why does the stomach go numb during pregnancy

Is hypertension dangerous?

The state of hypertonicity can be dangerous for the baby, because it will receive less oxygen and nutrients. This directly affects its development. If the stomach becomes numb during pregnancy during the first trimester, when such a phenomenon is not associated with the growth of the abdomen or the preparation of the body for childbirth, it is better for the expectant mother to postpone all matters, try to lie down at least a little and not be nervous. The state of calm usually quickly normalizes the hormonal background, which contributes torelaxation of the uterine muscles. If this does not help, it is better to visit a doctor as soon as possible, and in case of increasing pain, call emergency help.

Numbness during contractions

Numbness inside the abdomen in the last trimester, on the eve of childbirth, indicates the beginning of the so-called training contractions. Thus, the body gives the expectant mother to understand what sensations a woman will experience at the onset of childbirth. Distinguishing training contractions from real ones is easy - they are fickle, they can subside and start again, while labor pains are characterized by growing sensations, an increase in the duration of each and a reduction in the time interval between them.

If the skin of the abdomen goes numb

Pregnancy in the second or third trimester is accompanied by a rapid growth of the baby, and, as a result, an increase in the volume of the belly of the expectant mother. Such changes can cause compression of the nerves and stretching of the tissues, which is felt as numbness of the skin. The degree of this phenomenon can be different - from slightly perceptible to extremely unpleasant. Usually, a pregnant woman loses sensitivity in the upper abdomen, but there are the same sensations on the sides and in its lower part. It depends on the physique of the woman, and on the size of the child, and on the elasticity of the tissues.

Numb stomach in a pregnant woman

Such phenomena are absolutely normal, but it is better to inform the doctor at the next appointment that the stomach becomes numb during pregnancy.

Numbness Prevention

If you complain of numbness, the doctor will check if this condition is associated with hypertonicityuterine muscles and may offer to be examined for inflammatory processes. If the expectant mother's stomach becomes numb during pregnancy not for these reasons, then most likely the doctor will give the following recommendations for the prevention of this condition:

  • try not to be nervous;
  • use every opportunity to rest and relax;
  • watch your posture;
  • not stay in one position for a long time;
  • eat well, but don't overeat;
  • give the body at least a little physical activity (walking, swimming or other exercise habitual for a woman);
  • surround yourself with pleasant experiences;
  • spend more time outdoors.
Pregnant woman in nature

Abdominal numbness after sleep

Many women complain that their stomach becomes numb during pregnancy after sleeping. This condition is most likely associated with compression of nerve endings and usually occurs at long stages of pregnancy, when the abdomen is significantly enlarged. To prevent this type of numbness, you need to choose a comfortable sleeping position. For many women, the sleeping position on the side works well. In this case, you can use special pillows for pregnant women, which have an elongated shape. Such products allow the expectant mother to comfortably position her legs - so as not to pass on the stomach.

Sleep pregnant

The usual “on the back” position is not the best, it can lead to squeezing and pinching of nerve endings.

In any situation pregnanta woman should not ignore the signals of her body.

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