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Parting words to kindergarten graduates from the teacher, head, parents
Parting words to kindergarten graduates from the teacher, head, parents

What words to say goodbye to preschool children, seeing them off to school? What do you wish them goodbye? Remember funny or good? Poetry, song or prose to express feelings? Everyone must decide for himself. The most important thing is that the words of parting words to kindergarten graduates come from the heart. Where to start, how to finish, what to start from in preparing a solemn farewell speech? If these questions are before you, then this article is designed to help. It contains poetry and prose, exemplary words and speeches, as well as advice for everyone who congratulates preschoolers on their kindergarten graduation.

The children of the kindergarten are graduating, they really need to be congratulated

The end of kindergarten is a touching and solemn date in the lives of children and parents. From very tiny kids, preschool children have grown to first graders. During this time, they learned a lot, read, counted, drew, played, sang, sculpted and glued. The teachers have become close friends for the kids and, saying goodbye to the children, they will solemnly pronounce parting words to the kindergarten graduates. The future will hear this dayfirst graders kind words from parents, garden workers and, of course, from the headmaster.

advice for kindergarten graduates

Give teachers the floor to see them off to school

Every day there were educators with the children, who sometimes know more about the kids than their parents. They are witnesses of successes and failures, ups and downs, assistants and senior comrades. Their kids respect and love. Together with them, the children have come a long and interesting way, so at the farewell party, parting words to kindergarten graduates from the teacher traditionally sound. You can remember interesting moments, statements of the guys, their discoveries and successes, wish them successful studies and new good friends in a poetic or free form.

parting words to kindergarten graduates from the teacher

Poetic speech of the teacher

My dear preschool children!

Oh, how big you have become!

You are leaving for first grade, And I remember crumbs of you.

How did you come to the group timidly, He didn't sleep, but this one didn't eat, Almost everyone asked for a pen, And now…how you have changed!

How many books have we read, You probably don't remember yourself!

And we understood life from fairy tales, Where good and evil were distinguished.

Blots with a brush put clearly, But they learned to draw perfectly, And everyone admired the work, We also placed them in contests!

We fought with mathematics for a long time, But you all learned how to count!

Onwe took a walk knowledge, Cones, Christmas trees, steps counted.

And how did you like music!

They clapped loudly, they marched.

And now in the music room

You both sang and danced!

It's easy to be friends with physical education, If you can run and jump, Jump with a rope

And, of course, play ball.

We became a sports group, And more than once others were defeated!

Started every day with exercises, May your he alth be in order!

My dear guys!

Before you were preschoolers, But go to first grade, I'm sorry to let you go!

You try to study at school, And I will be proud of you, Kindergarten don't forget

Report your progress!

Everything we learned, keep, Cherish your friendship firmly, Be patient, pay attention

Good luck friends, goodbye!

parting poems for kindergarten graduates

Need a hint, so be it, so as not to forget the words

Parting words to kindergarten graduates from a teacher can also be heard in prose. Then the teacher selects the words that, in his opinion, will reach the hearts of the children. In any case, the congratulations must be prepared in advance and preferably placed on a beautiful postcard. Even if you plan to speak by heart, at such an exciting moment, words can simply fly out of your head, and, having lost your bearings, it will be difficult to continue the speech. A small, beautifully designedA "cheat sheet" in your hands will be able to help you out in this case.

The administration of the garden for kids is happy to try

The first person who meets kids and their parents in the garden is the head of the kindergarten. It is from a meeting with her that the life of a child in a preschool institution begins: he will accept documents, distribute them into groups, organize food, cleaning, repairs and other points. Solving hundreds of important issues every day, this person creates all the conditions for a child to live comfortably in the period of preschool childhood within the walls of a preschool institution. Parents and children are sure to invite the leader to a farewell party, thank you for the difficult and hard work, and in response, parting words to kindergarten graduates from the head traditionally sound. And it’s very good to choose not pompous and bureaucratic words, but those that will come from the heart.

As has traditionally been the custom, the teaching staff annually prepares parting words for kindergarten graduates. In prose or in verse it will be pronounced, it does not matter. Most importantly, children will hear words of love and wishes for further success. Leaving the walls of the preschool institution, they will take with them the warmth and care with which they were surrounded.

parting words to kindergarten graduates from the head

Congratulations from the relatives (pronounced by dads and moms)

Leaving the kindergarten, the children say goodbye to his staff. The only ones who always stay close are moms and dads. It is with their help that future schoolchildren will begin to storm the heights of knowledge, begin to do homework and receive their first grades, thereforeit would be logical to hear parting words from parents for kindergarten graduates at the festive event.

Our dear children!

You are going to first grade, And on a day like this, of course, We are very happy for you!

We used to be very afraid

Even bring you to the garden.

Suddenly a daughter will cry there?

Will my son suddenly feel sad?

But then we realized:

It's comfortable for the guys here, A cheerful laugh will tell us, That the child is happy to be here.

You are going to school, We are worried. Ouch!

Teacher and nanny

Could you take it with you?

Suddenly the teacher will be strict?

A child won't understand something?

And they will cook in the dining room

Compote, but he doesn't drink it?

But those torments are in vain, Children go to first grade, Get let there knowledge

And grow he althy.

You guys try hard

Be good, So that not only mom and dad, Don't let your garden down.

Our children grow up, That's basically the whole point.

To the teachers - thank you, Well, good luck to the children!

parting words to kindergarten graduates from parents

Here's a treat for the ears - the wishes of the little ones

Next, we give small verses - parting words to kindergarten graduates, which can be heard from the lips of toddlers or older preschool children.

Today is not an easy day –

Joyful, cheerful.

You have today -graduation, You are going to school.

We stay for you

To play with toys

We will roll the truck, Put dolls in pillows.

To collect your portfolios

Pens and notebooks, And a textbook to read, And bookmarks in it, And take breakfast with you

Dough pie.

Really for toys

No room?

This is "a" and this is "b", Then I don't know

But I'll grow up a little, I'll read everything to you.

You will learn to read, Don't be lazy!

To distinguish letters, Befriend them.

Somehow I became a cow

Legs and horns count, It turned out three first, And then I decided that five.

To solve the problem

You take a closer look, Remember what the cow has

Four legs, not three.

In general, do not be bored at school, Visit our kindergarten!

words of advice to kindergarten graduates

How to prepare a farewell speech?

It is better to start wishes with some kind of appeal that attracts the attention of children. Often speakers exclaim how children have grown up and how beautiful they are today. You can express surprise: “Are these the same children who a few years ago cried and called for mommy?”

Each group has its own characteristics, its own traditions, its successes. This “highlight” should be remembered on such a day. For example, if the children were distinguished by artistry, then remind them of their bestperformances or performances, some kind of occasion or award. If the group is sports, then you should name the best athletes and remember victories in competitions and tournaments. We can talk about children with creative abilities as future soloists of the big stage and great artists. Mentioning the specific deeds and merits of the group will enliven the farewell to kindergarten graduates, make it targeted, prepared for specific children, and not just faceless, taken from the Internet.

The next point of speech should be wishes. Traditionally, graduation from the walls of the kindergarten aims children at school, so there are calls to study well, to be diligent, attentive, polite, to find new friends and not forget old ones, to remember everything that kindergarten has taught.

Parting words to kindergarten graduates usually end with the words: "Good luck!", "Good hour!", "Congratulations!"

parting words to kindergarten graduates in prose


We examined the exciting moments associated with preparing for the solemn moment of graduation from a preschool institution, told how to write parting words for kindergarten graduates, gave examples of congratulations and wishes. We hope our article will help you adequately send future first-graders to school.

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