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What does a warranty seal look like?

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What does a warranty seal look like?
What does a warranty seal look like?

When talking about household appliances, we often hear such terms as "warranty", "warranty seal", "warranty repair conditions", "seal damage" and "refusal of service". So what is it, what does it look like? How to avoid damage to the seal? In this article, we will analyze the issues presented and everything related to filling.

What is a warranty seal?

The seal is used in places where prying eyes and hands should not get. Therefore, in order to avoid damage that cannot be repaired due to excessive curiosity of users, new equipment is sealed with warranty stickers. Why should a seller or a manufacturer correct errors that were not made by them, but by the end user who, not knowing the subject, decided that he could fix or upgrade the device on his own. This makes the task much easier and reduces expenses.

Where are fillings used?

Sealing, in fact, not only household and electronic appliances. Sealingthe premises, which cannot be entered by strangers, and safes, and various books of calculations and accounting of materials, money, mailboxes, ballot boxes, and so on, are also exposed. The list of places where warranty seals are used is quite large. Previously, the seals were wax, on the doors in old administrative buildings you can still see a seal with a plasticine filler, on top of which a seal is placed. But this method is not reliable enough. Now they make warranty seals with a logo, watermarks, a specific individual design, and so on. All this allows not only to improve the reliability from unauthorized hacking, but also adds corporate identity.

warranty seal

Specific application

First of all, warranty seals should fulfill their intended purpose - to hide from prying eyes what is under them. Whether it's important information or the motherboard of a new computer, the owner of the seal must know for sure that everything has remained intact. In addition, the seal should not prevent the user from performing actions with the device, which he has the right to use at his discretion. That is, it cannot be a gigantic sticker or panel that will securely close all access to the necessary ports and covers. Even better, if the warranty seal is invisible at first glance. In this case, an unauthorized access attempt cannot be hidden by sticking, smearing or wiping the traces.

warranty seals

Features and types

Properties,provided by the warranty seal, are due to the material on the basis of which it is made. They must be clearly visible attempts to open. In some cases, especially in electronic products, seals have a special indicator that changes color if the equipment has been flooded or flooded. Since water is very destructive for electrical engineering, and out-of-pocket warranty repairs are not the most favorite of accidents for the manufacturer, such an indicator plays a huge role. Often such seals are placed not only to protect equipment from hacking, but also to clarify where it was bought.

Whether this device was really bought in this store or just the user decided to cheat. That is why the seals have a characteristic individual design. It is very important that it is difficult to fake, otherwise the whole point of using it is automatically nullified.

warranty seals with logo

Production of seals

Types of warranty seals are divided into three classifications: those that are made on the basis of paper, based on film and combined seals. Paper-based seals are resistant to temperature changes and accidental mechanical damage. Breaking it without intentional impact is problematic. But under the influence of water, such a seal will collapse. Even if the wetting was insignificant and did not affect the internal structure of the equipment in any way. Such seals are not recommended to be placed on items that are stored in a room with high humidity or low temperature. At low temperaturesso-called condensate (evaporation of water) is formed, which destroys the paper.

In this case, film is preferable. It is much less susceptible to destruction from water. But its disadvantage is excessive elasticity and loose composition. It cannot be glued on the external joints of the equipment. There remains a third option. Combination of paper and film base. Such a filling has all the positive characteristics of both materials, and is devoid of their negative properties.

types of warranty seals

The filling does not immediately firmly set to the surface. It takes approximately two hours. But after that it will be impossible to remove it without damage. But this makes it possible to correct the defect if the seal was initially pasted incorrectly. The price of a universal filling will be slightly higher than that of a single material, but it fully pays off with the quality of the output.

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