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What is the name of the second wedding anniversary and what to give spouses?

What is the name of the second wedding anniversary and what to give spouses?
What is the name of the second wedding anniversary and what to give spouses?

If you are invited to the celebration of two years from the date of the wedding, be sure to find out what the second wedding anniversary is called. After all, now it is especially fashionable to celebrate such celebrations in accordance with traditions.

Why paper?

The anniversary, when the spouses have lived together for 2 years, is usually called paper. Why? This name indicates the peculiarity of family ties at this stage. Simply put, right now, in terms of strength, they are like such a fragile sheet of paper. This comparison is explained very simply.

What is the second wedding anniversary called?

As a rule, at this stage, spouses have babies - it is at this time that a loving couple has their first child. It is clear that this event becomes a real test for the young. Indeed, it is at this time that fatigue reaches its climax, many things of the spouses begin to annoy … Although not so long ago it seemed that life in a family consists only of joyful events and pleasures.

The second year of family life seems to throw up real problems for the husband and wife, becoming a real test of relationships forstrength. He confronts them with the realities of life, which at times seem simply insurmountable.

What should I give?

So, the question of what the second wedding anniversary is called, and what is the symbol of the celebration, has disappeared. It's time to move on to the search for appropriate gifts, as they say, in the "paper spirit". And here, too, it is very important to keep the tradition.

What is the name of the second wedding anniversary

The second wedding anniversary has come - what to give spouses? This question, usually painful for most people, is solved quite simply thanks to “celebrations with the name”. It is enough to remember that it is the second wedding anniversary that awaits you, what is the name of it, so that it clears up in your head.

Guests must replenish the paper "treasury" of the family by this date so that the nest of the spouses never runs out of paper that can be torn. Gifts in the theme include books, paintings, as well as calendars and various photo albums. Plastic gifts and furniture are allowed. By the way, a husband and wife can give each other a bundle of money, if their financial capabilities allow it.

The origins of the tradition

The tradition of giving names to the anniversaries of the life of the spouses and celebrating the wedding day appeared in medieval Germany. It was established there that the closest relatives were invited to the celebration, when the lovers officially became husband and wife. Friends were invited in two weeks and the tables were laid again. For the first anniversary, only good friends were invited, for the second - friends who had appeared in a young family since the jointlives of spouses, and the most distant relatives.

In the East (China and Japan) they did not know the name of the second wedding anniversary, but they also celebrated these days. True, numerology has already come to the fore here. According to this teaching, dates that were divisible by 4 without a remainder should be celebrated noisily. And wedding anniversaries, when spouses walk side by side through life for 5 years, 11, 22 and 33 years, had to be celebrated in an intimate setting, so that only husband and wife were present.

second wedding anniversary what to give

Of course, in Ancient Russia they didn’t even know what the second wedding anniversary was called. However, there also existed a number of ancient traditions that remotely resembled a comparison of various dates of living together with different materials. In Russia in the 19th century, after a year of marriage, a chintz scarf was tied to a woman, and on a wooden wedding (5th anniversary) it was customary to plant a seedling, which was considered family.

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