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Swollen gums during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, doctor's advice, safe medical and folk treatments

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Swollen gums during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, doctor's advice, safe medical and folk treatments
Swollen gums during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, doctor's advice, safe medical and folk treatments

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman's life. The body of the future mother has to cope with unusual loads. Problems can begin with those organs that have never caused trouble. Quite often, women in an interesting position are faced with dental problems. In this article, we will look at what should be done if the gums are swollen during pregnancy.


girl holding her tooth

Let's take a closer look at them. So what is the reason for this state of affairs? The fact is that pregnancy leads to serious changes in the hormonal background. It can also significantly impair metabolic processes. Another important factor is the lack of nutrients and vitamins. All of them are primarily spent on the development and growth of the fetus. Significant harm can be done to the body of the expectant mother.Of great importance is the increased acidity in the oral cavity. This is due to the fact that when carrying a baby, it is observed due to heartburn or toxicosis. As a result, a problem often arises: swollen gums during pregnancy. What to do? How to deal with this condition? Let's try to answer this question.

During pregnancy, a woman has to revise her diet in such a way that it contributes to the proper development of the baby's body. All nutrients and nutrients the fetus receives from the mother. The heart of a future woman in labor during pregnancy has to pump more blood. In order for the kidneys to retain more fluid, the adrenal glands are stimulated. They begin to produce more cortisol and aldosterone. As the volume of fluid in the body increases, it begins to settle in the tissues and cells. Therefore, quite often, expectant mothers complain that the gums are swollen. During pregnancy, such a manifestation is not at all uncommon.

Gum tissue is able to accumulate a huge amount of fluid. She swells first. Therefore, symptoms such as swollen gums and sore often appear. What to do in this case? There are several simple and effective ways to help relieve symptoms such as sore and bleeding gums. They will be discussed in this review.

Prevention measures

So what are they? In order not to experience problems with teeth and gums during childbearing, allhygiene procedures in the oral cavity. The incisors must be cleaned not only with a brush, but also with dental floss. It is also recommended to use special rinse aids.

So that the body of the future mother does not experience a lack of vital components, it is worth carefully choosing a diet. You can also take additional vitamin and mineral complexes. Your pregnancy doctor will help you choose the right vitamins.

At the first manifestations of unpleasant symptoms in the dental cavity (the gums began to hurt or the cheek was swollen), you should contact a qualified specialist. It is best to consult with your gynecologist before visiting the dental office.

Very often inflammation of the gums during pregnancy is associated with drastic changes in the hormonal background. Also, such a manifestation can be caused by a significant decrease in the body's resistance. Swollen gums at the back of the jaw may indicate wisdom or figure-of-eight teeth.

Can I go to the dentist?

pregnant woman at the dentist

Often, expectant mothers are interested in what to do if the gum around the tooth is swollen. What to do in this case? The older generation often dissuades them from going to the doctor. According to them, visiting the dentist during pregnancy can be dangerous. However, their opinion is wrong. Previously, when obsolete drugs were used for pain relief, dental treatment during pregnancy was really undesirable. medicine through the placentacould easily enter the baby's body and harm him.

Today, medicine has taken a big step forward. Now you can treat your teeth during pregnancy without any harm to the baby. In fact, unhe althy incisors can pose a great danger to a child. In conditions of weakened immunity during pregnancy, inflamed gums can become a real gateway for the penetration of more serious infections. Therefore, if you experience the slightest ailments of this kind, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. Experts believe that dental treatment is best done between the 14th and 27th weeks, but if necessary, you can visit the doctor in other months.


toothache during pregnancy

What should I pay attention to first of all? Of course, pregnancy is considered a wonderful time in a woman's life. During this period, she faces many changes. However, not all of these transformations are pleasant. A dental problem is one of those.

Many women panic when they notice that the gum around the tooth is swollen. During pregnancy, this condition can seem extremely dangerous. Another big concern is bleeding gums. To avoid discomfort, the expectant mother begins to brush her teeth not as intensively as required. As a result, the problem starts to progress.

The condition when the gums are swollen during pregnancy is called gingivitis in the language of dentists. The process of inflammation usually triggers the accumulation of plaque in the gum area. Most often, the gums begin to hurt on3-4 months of pregnancy. This is usually expressed in the appearance of edema and a change in the color of the gums. At the first stage, they may be reddish, and then gradually become cyanotic. Gingivitis symptoms are especially acute when eating and brushing your teeth.

Pregnant women often also complain about the appearance of pain at rest. In severe cases, plaque sores may even appear on the gums. If this condition is not treated in time, the problem worsens. As a result, the gum margins will gradually grow.

What to do?

What if the gums are swollen and hurt? What to do? Is there any way to alleviate the situation? Gargling with infusions of herbs such as sage, linden, or chamomile will help soothe the pain for a while. Dentists recommend thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity after each meal. In this case, gum problems will not make you worry during pregnancy.


at the dentist's

Many expectant mothers don't know what to do if their gums are swollen. The gums during pregnancy can disturb quite often. Experts even call this phenomenon pregnancy gingivitis. Treatment for this condition usually involves a range of procedures. All of them are aimed at eliminating the causes that caused the disease. The sooner gingivitis is treated, the better it will be for both mother and child. This will help minimize the negative impact. Experts recommend that even at the stage of pregnancy planning, take care of carrying outmedical measures.

The process of therapy, regardless of the cause of the disease, should always begin with a professional cleaning of the incisors. This procedure will help remove dental deposits such as tartar and plaque. After that, anti-inflammatory measures are taken. For this purpose, special preparations and agents responsible for the normalization of vascular permeability should be used. Most often, drugs such as Novembikhin, Glucose, and Lidazu are used to restore the size and shape of the gums. For the treatment of gingivitis, pregnant women can also be recommended massage, electrophoresis and darsonvalization.

What if a pregnant woman has a toothache, swollen gums? What to do? Many experts recommend adjusting your diet. It should contain all the useful substances and trace elements necessary for the body.

Very often, pregnant women face such a problem - swollen gums near the tooth. In the case of a strong tissue growth, the only correct solution to the problem will be a surgical operation. During it, the doctor will be able to remove hypertrophied tissues.

Gingivitis is often associated with other inflammatory diseases. Therefore, it is extremely important that within the framework of complex therapy not only the elimination of symptoms is carried out, but also the treatment of the cause that caused them.

Bleeding gums

swollen gum

Is this oral condition dangerous? Quite common among pregnant women is bleeding gums. FirstAt times, this symptom may seem quite simple and harmless. However, over time it leads to significant problems. What to do if the gums are swollen during pregnancy? What about bleeding? It is worth dwelling on this in more detail.

Fir oil stops bleeding gums well. This tool must be applied to a bandage or cotton swab and applied to the affected area for 5 minutes. The procedure is carried out daily until the symptoms disappear completely. Kalanchoe juice is also an excellent folk remedy for bleeding gums.

Remove inflammation and reduce swelling can also warm infusion of linden and oak bark. Dried herbs are mixed in a ratio of 1:2 and poured with a glass of boiling water. The mixture is heated on the stove for 2-3 minutes, and after that it is infused for another 4-5 minutes. Just strain and cool it, and the remedy for bleeding gums is ready.

An excellent prophylactic against bleeding gums is the most common sauerkraut. Pregnant women can eat it as much as they want. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which is especially useful for expectant mothers. In addition, doctors recommend eating as many fresh apples and carrots as possible. These products help to massage the gums and also help to clean the spaces between the teeth.

In any case, bleeding in the oral cavity during pregnancy is a reason to consult a dentist. A specialist will help determine the cause of this condition and prescribe treatment.


Swollen gums during pregnancy? Unfortunately, thisis not the only dental problem that a future mom may face. With inflammation of the gums, the incisor cavity remains stable. Periodontal pocket in this case is not formed. However, in some situations, the tissues of the tooth socket become inflamed and destroyed. This can lead to accumulation of pus under the tooth. Here is the main difference between periodontitis and gingivitis.

What if the gum around the tooth is swollen? What to do to prevent complications? Dental treatment should begin at an early stage of the disease. Otherwise, the disease can lead to infection of the fetus.


How to choose the most effective ones? To treat inflammation of the gums during pregnancy, you can use special medicines. A good result is the use of tincture "Rotokan". A teaspoon of the product must be diluted in a glass of water and used as a rinse. You can also rub Kalanchoe juice on your gums.

An excellent drug for the treatment of inflammation in the gums is Metrogil-denta. Before using any medicine, you should consult with both your dentist and your pregnancy doctor.

Swollen gums after dental procedures

pain in the teeth

In some cases, during gestation, urgent assistance from a qualified specialist may be required. Then inflammation of the gums becomes not just an unpleasant consequence of pregnancy. It develops as a resultperforming dental procedures. So, for example, such a problem often arises when the gums are swollen after tooth extraction. In this case, such a symptom is likely to be temporary. Over time, as the wound begins to heal, the swelling will decrease. To alleviate discomfort in the oral cavity, you can use special medicines. Gargles with herbal infusions are also good.

Why else could the gums swell? The wisdom tooth often causes this symptom. The eruption of "eights" is characterized by extremely painful sensations in the gums. In some cases, only a complex operation to remove a tooth helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes the pain goes away on its own. To relieve discomfort, you can use special medicines with anesthetics. They numb the diseased gums, visibly reducing pain.


A condition like pregnancy can affect your oral he alth. Women at this time often face such an unpleasant problem as swelling of the gums. Every second woman in labor has this symptom. It's all about hormonal imbalance. Estrogen and progesterone contribute to the formation of favorable conditions for the formation of the fetus, but at the same time they can have a negative impact on the state of the body of the expectant mother. Morning sickness, fluid retention, back pain and swollen gums are just some of the symptoms that cause significant discomfort to a pregnant woman.

pregnant woman brushing her teeth

The main cause of gingivitis is the activity of pathogenic bacteria at the base of the teeth. Subject to oral hygiene, you can save yourself from such unpleasant manifestations as bleeding and inflammation of the gums. Teeth should be brushed with a soft brush. Food particles often remain in the space between the incisors. To remove them, use a special thread. An electric toothbrush is perfect for this purpose. With increased sensitivity of the gums, gels and pastes should be used. A proper diet is also of great importance. It should contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Keep your incisors he althy, not only during pregnancy, as toothache causes significant discomfort to the general condition.

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