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Events in Ryazan on City Day. Ryazan: City Day-2015

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Events in Ryazan on City Day. Ryazan: City Day-2015
Events in Ryazan on City Day. Ryazan: City Day-2015

Anniversaries are celebrated not only by people, but also by entire cities. 2015 became a special date in the history of Ryazan, founded in 1095 on the territory of the current Church of the Holy Spirit. From a small Pereyaslavl, the city turned into the capital of the great Ryazan principality, and now it is the largest scientific and industrial center with more than half a million inhabitants. The pride of Ryazan is the Higher Airborne Command School, which brought up a whole galaxy of real defenders of their homeland. The capital of the Airborne Forces traditionally celebrates its birth at the same time as the paratroopers. On the eve of new celebrations, we should remember what pleased the townspeople with the 920th City Day.

Day of the city of Ryazan

Ryazan: triple holiday

About a thousand large and small events were planned over three days: Friday 31.07; Saturday 01.08 and Sunday 02.08.2015. The three-day celebration was a real gift to the townspeople, who could visit competitions, excursions and concerts for free, visit the ballooning festival, kayaker competitions,water show and the final show on Victory Square. And even participate in a subbotnik for the benefit of the city.

Although the main program was on Saturday, traditionally residents were waiting for the military sports festival. After all, the unofficial anthem of the city is the song "The Capital of the Airborne Forces" performed by the group "Winged Infantry". As a reward, the Aviadarts-2015 International Competition, held at the training ground in Dubrovichi, was timed to coincide with August 2.

ryazan city day celebration

Cultural events in Ryazan on City Day

The Podbelka-2015 festival became the central musical event, allowing street musicians to demonstrate their talent at seven venues on the first day of the celebration. Local bands HotStaff, "ChuDa" and "Parnassus" were neighbors with guests from St. Petersburg, who were cordially received on the Day of the City of Ryazan.

The future participant of the project "Voice" (season 4), beloved by the townspeople Ella Khrustaleva, pleased with her participation in the evening concert in the city park. The Puppet Theater was waiting for the children, and Sofya Nikulina with the program “On the Thin Edge of Being” was waiting for lovers of Orthodox culture. The youth were invited to watch movies at night. For music lovers, the brass band performed a symphony concert on the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin. Residents not only became spectators of amazing events, but also participants in numerous amateur art competitions.

Military sports program

Dyagilevo microdistrict hosted participants in parachuting competitions, and the floodplain of the Pavlovka River becamea platform for the three-day, thirteenth in a row, festival "Sky of Russia". It has never been so spectacular, with the glow of balloons in the evening. "Flying people" on jet skis demonstrated breathtaking stunts on the city beach, culminating in an amazing fire show.

events in ryazan on city day

2015 is the year of the 85th anniversary of the Airborne Forces. The Central Sports Complex traditionally invited spectators of the grandiose military-patriotic holiday of paratroopers to the stands with a demonstration of military art and samples of equipment. As always, it began with a moment of silence, including one for the dead pilot on City Day. Ryazan said goodbye to one of the participants of Avidarts-2015.

Citizens could become not only spectators, but also participants in most sporting events where it was allowed to pass the TRP standards.

Celebrating the day of the city of Ryazan on Victory Square

The most beautiful chord was the final part of the holiday, which brought together thousands of people in Victory Park, where city leaders Andrei Kashaev and Oleg Bulekov spoke to the residents. The festivities began with a concert by the Mayakovsky group and the new composition of the Hands Up group. The guest star was the singer MakSim, all the songs of which the audience met with applause, singing along with the artist.

Spectators were treated to a night disco and festive fireworks that ended the City Day. Ryazan remained true to itself: after a deafening illumination, the favorite of the paratroopers "Sineva" sounded.

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