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We select interesting events for City Day

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We select interesting events for City Day
We select interesting events for City Day

Very often the day of a certain city passes according to the usual scenario for everyone. But this situation can be changed. Very often, local authorities offer residents to independently think over the program of celebration in which they would gladly take part. So what can be the activities for City Day?

city ​​day events


On City Day it is very important to celebrate those people who once made a lot of efforts for its development in any industry. So, you need to put flowers at the foot of all the monuments (after all, they were erected for a reason!), on the main square, tell about those people who upset the city and helped it flourish. We should also not forget about those people who are trying to make their native streets, houses or municipal buildings better even now.


The most, perhaps, uninteresting, but very important part of the City Day event is over, now you can move on to fun. So, the performances of all local groups that dance, sing, play in the theater, etc. are important on this day. They must show their best numbers,brag about the achievements of the past year.

city ​​day plan


What other events could there be for City Day? You can also arrange sports competitions. It can be football (teams of children and adults will compete), various races. You can also arrange a marathon for everyone, in which people of different ages can participate. For the elderly, you can organize a chess tournament or a domino tournament - their favorite entertainment.


The next events for City Day are fun fairs. Here you can already think of anything. So, all factories that are in the city or district can represent and at the same time sell their products, needlewomen of the city can show off their work. It is good to arrange auctions or fun sales of various products. All this can be accompanied by theatrical performances.

Master classes

The plan of events for the City Day may also include holding various master classes by experienced professionals. So, women can show how to embroider, knit or make homemade cakes, men can give master classes in metal forging, woodcarving. There are many options, you just need to bring together masters of various industries.

city ​​day celebrations


It's also a good idea to do charity work on City Day. It can be either a special promotion or just a collection of money in special boxes, for example, for a localorphanage or nursing home.


City Day celebrations should also include an entertainment program for children. So, it’s good to make carousels in the local park free on this day, dress up several people as clowns or funny cartoon characters so that they entertain children passing by on the street. It is also good to arrange a free viewing of a cartoon for children at a local cinema.

End of the day

And at the end of the celebration, the city authorities can organize a concert where they invite "stars" of various sizes - both local and folk artists. You can make a disco for young people and complete everything with beautiful bright fireworks.

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