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Metis German Shepherd: description, character, content features

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Metis German Shepherd: description, character, content features
Metis German Shepherd: description, character, content features

The German Shepherd originated in Germany as a herding dog and is loved for its intelligence, speed, agility, ste alth and stoicism. Now it ranks second in popularity in the world. This article features 11 of the best German Shepherd mixes that are sure to win your heart.

Husky mix

The German Shepherd and Husky mix, known as the Gerber Shepsky, is a high-energy, highly intelligent, wolf-like companion.

They are playful and energetic dogs suitable for an active lifestyle. They love to be busy, so don't make the mistake of leaving them alone for long periods of time. Unfortunately, in many cases this mix has inherited the Husky's predisposition to boredom and frustration.

Their thick coat sheds twice a year. German Shepherd and Husky mix puppies are very trainable, with a cheeky temperament that just makes you smile - if you are an experienced owner.

Husky mix

Labrador mix

Metis German Shepherd with a Labrador is calledsheprador. This big playful dog will become a loving member of the family. He is loyal, very smart, friendly and strives to please his owner. Sheprador will be a medium sized dog when fully matured:

  • 55-65 cm;
  • 23-36 kg.

Their fur varies greatly in color and pattern. Some are solid (like a Labrador) while others are mixed (like a shepherd).

The nature of the German Shepherd and Labrador mix is ​​friendly. These dogs are smart, very loyal and active.

This is an impressive dog. The friendliness and gregariousness of the Labrador combined with the intelligence and confidence of the Shepherd makes the perfect family companion. Interest in this mestizo is gaining popularity.

Although this mix has the makings of a flawless dog, remember that environment and upbringing matter a lot.

If a mestizo is brought up in a he althy environment and well socialized, then he does not show any signs of aggression.

These dogs are fantastic with children thanks to their playful and energetic disposition.

Labrador mix

Royal Sheepdog

If you are looking for a solid temperament and a huge body size, then the German and East European Shepherd mix will suit you. Known for his predictable temperament and love for children, this dog makes an excellent family companion. They are naturally working dogs and are therefore easy and quick to train. Sizes are:

  • up to 70 cm at the withers;
  • up to 70 kg.

Like all dogs, they can become mischievous if left bored andneglect them. However, with the right training mixed with socialization, they make excellent companions. It should be noted that it is better to purchase such large dogs in German shepherd kennels. This guarantees a good pedigree that will prevent your pet from being disobedient.

chow chow mix

Black German Shepherd

Technically, it's not exactly a German Shepherd mix. The dog is the result of mating generations of only black German Shepherds. Or in the case where two-colored dogs produced a black variant.

These mestizos are similar in temperament to a typical sheepdog. They are intelligent and trainable, and are widely used in police and military services. This is a fearless and loyal comrade, only in a different color!

In the German Shepherd kennel, these puppies cost from 700 to 2000 dollars. The price largely depends on how many he alth tests the breeders do.

Black German Shepherd

Golden Shepherd

Golden Shepherd is the result of mating a German Shepherd with a Golden Retriever.

This mestizo is a relatively new designer breed. They really appeared only in the late 2000s. Not registered with any kennel clubs, they are listed on the International Register of Designer Dogs.

The German Shepherd is loved for intelligence and training, the Golden Retriever for sociability and ease of care. Combine them and you have a wonderful family dog.

The more they train from earlyage, the less dangerous they will be as they grow. Praise and rewards are all that is needed in learning. Then you get a super friendly, athletic, stable and well trained pet.

Golden Shepherd


This German Shepherd mix originated in the 1970s. Dog handler Tina Barber was frustrated with the standard Shepherd's he alth problems. They were too expensive for most families and also began to develop serious he alth problems such as hip dysplasia and spinal curvature.

Barber wanted an affectionate yet masculine companion with fewer he alth issues. She started with a German Shepherd. I crossed her with a Malamute, then with a Canadian White Shepherd. And finally, with the Czech wolfhound.

Shilon is the result of all these incredible breeds.

From mild to hard temperament, this breed must match potential owners who are judged by breeders to establish what temperament best suits their lifestyle.

metis shilons


This German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix will range from 34 to 52 kilograms in weight and up to 65 centimeters in height.

You can pretty early tell who his parents are by the black and brown coloration. They also usually have a medium, dense coat. Malchover sheds a lot, so it's not ideal for those with allergies.

Being a mixture of two strong and fearless guardians, Malchover is a level-headed mestizo. Hecan be cautious and aloof with strangers, but loyal and loving to his family.

Their intelligence and trainability make them ideal family companions (provided the family has experience raising large, powerful breeds).

Rottweiler mix

Mongrel mix

German shepherd and mongrel mixes are smart and capable dogs. Their devotion and courage are unparalleled. They are amazingly versatile. Of course, they won't become show champions. But fans of this cross claim that they are more calm, hardy and unpretentious than their purebred relatives.

They have a reputation for being great watchdogs (and they are). But a shepherd and mongrel mix should never be kept chained or tied just to keep her on guard. This leads to frustration and aggression. The pet is happiest indoors with the family, but with access to a large, fenced yard where he can burn off some of his natural energy.

If you are wondering how to distinguish a German Shepherd from a half-breed, then in this case the family brand will act as a guarantee. Since in a cross with a mongrel (especially if it is large), external differences are extremely difficult to find.

Mongrel mix

Pitbull mix

The smaller size of the pit bull means that this mestizo is much smaller than the German Shepherd. On average, from 13 to 40 kilograms. This may be convenient for keeping in an apartment. Being a mix, these dogs may look more like a pit bull or a shepherd.

Whenwith proper upbringing and socialization, this is a faithful, protective and self-confident dog.

They thrive with experienced owners, an active lifestyle and adapt well to family life.

Pit bull mix

Mastiff mix

This is a very large mix. A large house with a guarded yard is essential for this powerful dog.

This fearless companion is best for owners with experience with large breeds.

Being a giant breed, the German Shepherd/Mastiff mix has rapid growth at an early age. Proper training is critical to preventing injury and poor development.

Make sure you provide good quality food that meets his daily nutritional requirements. Recommendations suggest no more than 26% protein during growth to ensure slow and sustainable development.

If you have the knowledge and understanding for this gentle giant, with early socialization and training, he will be relatively calm and genuinely loyal. He is truly unaware of his size and loves nothing more than sitting on his master's lap.

Mastiff mix

Chow chow mix

Known for its leonine appearance, the German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix is ​​not for the faint of heart. These dogs are both super trainable and incredibly stubborn.

Chows are loyal to those they love, but are known for their aloofness towards strangers. German Shepherds are famous for their protective qualities. Their mix can be intimidating forstrangers.

They are black-brown or brown in color and have a gorgeous mane.

Chow trainability is not a strong characteristic, so patience is a key factor in raising these mestizos. They respond best to praise and reward based training.

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