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A bedtime story for your girlfriend. Romantic stories about love

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A bedtime story for your girlfriend. Romantic stories about love
A bedtime story for your girlfriend. Romantic stories about love

Love is a wonderful feeling that usually comes with romance. If a young man wants to make his chosen one pleasant, then you can tell a fairy tale to your girlfriend before going to bed. After such an end of the day, her night dreams will only be pleasant and memorable.

Who seeks will find

Tell your loved one this story before bed. The girl will surely like it.

There was one laywoman in the world, she had everything: food, shelter, and household. The only thing she lacked was communication and intimacy.

And then one day she went around the world in search of her happiness. Every time the girl came across someone on the way, she thought that these were the ones she was looking for. But the wanderers quickly got bored with her, or they stopped noticing her, since our heroine's disposition was quiet and modest.

Fairy world

One day, on a damp dank night, a lonely girl got caught on the way home. She decided to try her luck and rang the bell. opened the doora pleasant young man who surprised the wanderer with his polite manners, so she entered the dwelling without fear. She was so tired that she was immediately fed and put to bed.

But at night, an evil spell fell on the house, and she woke up in the morning without any strength on the street. But stronger than fatigue was the fear that paralyzed the girl, and she rushed to run as fast as she could.

Since then, the poor wanderer has not trusted anyone. But believing in love made her move on.

But one day she sat down to rest on the bank of the river and saw the same wandering young man. They talked, and the girl found out that, it turns out, the traveler is also looking for salvation from loneliness. And they realized that this is fate and that those who seek will surely find their happiness.

Such a fairy tale to your girlfriend before going to bed touches the heart.

Angel and shadow

This tale of love, told to a girl before going to bed, will be remembered for a long time, as it says that a great feeling brings even opposites together.

Once an angel, beautiful with its light, kindness and beauty, fell in love with a shadow, terrible with its darkness, evil and ugliness. But his love did not reciprocate, saying that they were not destined to be together.

Later, the shadow decided to accept the angel's courtship, but this did not last long, as she was tired of the gifts brought. Then the poor angel began to suffer and cry.

And bright feelings awakened tears in her black soul. For the first time, the shadow felt the need to do good, and then she began to do small good deeds.

The dark forces saw this and decided to drive her off the earth. The unfortunate woman found herself not on earth, not in heaven, but in a gray abyss.

Rider in the forest

The angel found out about the trouble of his beloved and set off on a long journey to her. She saw the shadow of a young man and realized that she loved him and that good conquered evil, and then reincarnated as an angel.

The lovers flew to heaven and began to live happily ever after.

A funny short story for a girl before bedtime

There once lived a queen who lost everything. Every day she could not find the right clothes, shoes, jewelry, or books. The king didn't like the queen's forgetfulness, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Once they arranged a feast in the neighboring kingdom, the king and queen were already going to address, as the bewildered realized that she could not find her crown. She examined the whole castle, searched all the rooms, but did not find the necessary thing. Then the ruler burst into tears, threw her into a fever, and she went to the kitchen to drink water and calm down. And then he sees on the table, next to the food, his loss. Then the wife laughed and remembered that she got up at night to eat and then took off the diadem so as not to interfere, and forgot it here.

From that moment on, the ruler stopped forgetting anything.

This is a short and funny fairy tale. Before going to bed, you can tell a girl to cheer up your beloved.

Reading man

Wish Fulfilled

There was one bright star in the sky, which really wanted to do gooddesires. But she was so far away that no one thought anything of her. Our star was sad because of that and became dimmer.

A month laughed at our star, boasting that it is big and many people admire it every day, and it also lights up the way for wanderers at night, which means it brings a lot of benefits, unlike such a small star.

Once a little girl saw a sad girl on earth, who yearned for her beloved. He once went to another kingdom and disappeared.

Then the star began to ask her friends how to fulfill people's desires. "To do this, you need to fall into the abyss and die," the other luminaries answered her.

And then one night our little star gathered and rushed into the abyss. And while she was falling, the girl made a cherished wish. An asterisk performed it and died, bringing great joy to a person.

The girl's betrothed arrived in the morning, and there was no limit to her happiness.


On one amazing island lived a tribe of Indians, among whom was one beautiful and cheerful girl. Her name was Ai. Once the woman stopped smiling, became sad and sad. And the reason for this was Avitira, a guy who came to the island of Packet to go fishing.

He did not pay attention to Ai, because she yearned and shed bitter tears for the young man. She stopped going out, kept sitting by the window and singing sad songs about love.

The girl began to go out early in the morning to a high cliff to look at Avitira, who got into his boat and sailed away to his beloved island.

Aya's tears wereso bitter that the drops of the cliff burned through, and the songs so sad that they echoed from the grotto all over the area.

The girl on the mountain

Once a guy lay down in a rock grotto to rest and heard enchanting songs. They enchanted him, and he began to come to listen to them every day.

Once the young man wanted to drink, he pressed his lips to the water flowing down the walls, but it turned out to be Aya's bitter tears. Then his heart was filled with strong love for the girl, and they began to live together happily ever after.

From now on, there is a rumor that the water flows down to this day and whoever drinks it will fall in love with Ai forever.

The Enchanted Woman

She lived on the same lake Swan. She did not communicate with other birds, but always swam by herself. And then one day a fisherman came to the lake. He was fishing and saw a beautiful white bird. Yes, he liked the bird so much that he married her.

White Swan

The man built a house over the water, and they began to live there with the Swan for a long time and peacefully. But once the fisherman wanted to go to his native city, as he yearned for his relatives and friends. The bird felt a bad premonition and began to persuade the guy to stay at home. But he did not listen to her and left, but returned with his friends.

They drank and decided to hunt the poor Swan. And the fisherman was so drunk that he fell into oblivion. And when he woke up, he did not see his bird. There was only a girl with an arrow in her chest. The man then realized that his wife was bewitched. Since then, he began to yearn and live inalone in the forest.

A short story for your girlfriend before bedtime

There was a girl named Fairy. Once she was picking strawberries in the forest and met the prince. They looked into each other's eyes and fell in love.

The king got angry when he found out about this, and put the Fairy in the highest tower of the kingdom. He said he would release the girl only if the prince marries the princess.

The young man stole his beloved and they ran away into the forest, but suddenly they heard a chase. Then they asked the nymphs for help. The nymphs told them to throw themselves off a high mountain - they did so. Horsemen galloped up, looked down from the cliff and saw only dead bodies, and then they left with nothing.

Suddenly, the bodies disappeared, and two flowers appeared in their place, in the buds of which there were two little men - the prince and the Fairy. Since then, they have been living in that forest and fulfilling the wishes of the wanderers they meet.

Fairy flowers


Somehow a peasant's daughter fell ill. He called the celestial to heal her. Since then, the guy became a frequent guest of the peasant, drank, ate with him and rested.

Celestial on earth

The celestial understood that it is good to have a lot of money, and now he began to sell his drugs and heal people for coins. They found out about it in heaven and scolded him, deprived him of his magical powers and sent him to earth to live.

Then the celestial settled on the banks of the river and began to cultivate the land in order to feed himself. He took a peasant's daughter as his wife, and they began to live together, giving birth to many children.

Began to come to that area a lotpeople, and a village grew up there. The land here was considered very happy, because a celestial settled here.

Princess Love

This is another fairy tale. Before going to bed, you can tell your beloved girl so that she falls asleep faster.

There once was a princess who dreamed of great love. One day the king summoned princes from neighboring states and held a feast. But the girl did not like any young man, because they thought only about power and money.

Dancing, the princess saw a beautiful young man who turned out to be a servant, and fell in love with him.

The next day, the princess went out for a walk in the garden and met a guy she liked. They stood opposite each other and did not dare to utter a word. Finally, the lovers spoke and decided to run away into the forest and build a hut there. In the forest, it became brighter with love, and the animals, in gratitude, began to come to the sparkling hut and bring food to it: nuts, berries, honey.

The king was looking for the girl everywhere and could not calm down. Finding her in the forest, he wanted to put the servant in jail. But the old man saw how happy his daughter was and how she loved a man. Then the father took pity on the young and allowed them to live together. And then the lovers got married.

Here are such sad and funny stories to tell a girl before going to bed.

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