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How to understand that a girl wants a kiss: body language interpretation

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How to understand that a girl wants a kiss: body language interpretation
How to understand that a girl wants a kiss: body language interpretation

"How do you know if a girl wants a kiss?" - a similar question is asked by many guys who have no experience in a serious relationship. The interpretation of body language will help to answer it. The fair sex will begin to make involuntary movements of the lips, will stare into the eyes of her young man, will allow the man to be at a short distance from her face. What other methods exist to determine that a girl is ready?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Such a statement is far from a fiction. To understand that a girl wants a kiss on the lips, you must first of all pay attention to her eyes, because it is in them that you can see the reflection of the true emotions and desires of a person. For example, a beauty may not take her eyes off her lover for a long time, thereby trying to create an intimate atmosphere. I had a chance to make eye contact with the girl several times - do not delay with the first kiss.

The girl looks at the guy

Also, many of the fair sex are tryingseem submissive when they are ready for intimacy. Most girls will lower their eyes and chin down, trying their best to avoid eye contact with their boyfriend. Slightly parted eyelids are also a very good indicator - this is how some beauties declare their desire to become closer with a man.

Moist lips and fresh breath

A couple more signs that let you know if a girl wants a kiss. Most beauties try to lightly moisten their lips before an intimate moment, so that the sensations are more pleasant. You can notice this by the characteristic reflection while being in the sun or in a bright room. Also, a girl can involuntarily bite her lower lip, thereby forcing her loved one to take action. The exception may be those cases when she performs such actions constantly.

Wet lips of a girl

Fresh breath is another sign a guy should look out for. This also includes tinting lips with shiny lipstick (if before that the girl rarely used makeup). The beauty will carefully prepare for a date, during which the first kiss may occur. Therefore, if you notice that her lips have become more desirable for you, then do not hesitate! Most likely, the girl is already burning with the desire to enjoy an intimate moment.

flared nostrils

This may sound rather strange, but to understand that a girl wants a kiss, you need to pay attention to her nose. Research has shown thatmost beauties before an intimate moment involuntarily push their breathing holes apart in order to absorb as much oxygen as possible. Why do it? The thing is that during the first kiss, many people hold their breath, but to make the moment as long as possible, they absorb more air.

Girl with flared nostrils

However, this technique should be taken only in a certain context. For example, if you started a serious quarrel or argument with a girl, then it does not make sense to pay attention to flaring nostrils, since the beauty thus shows aggression. But if you notice a similar feature in a calm environment, when your faces are at a fairly close distance from each other, immediately kiss the beauty.

Interpretation of body language

First, pay attention to the pose of the girl in which she is. If the fair sex leans closer to her partner, she specifically opens up for a kiss. However, you should not be overly persistent if the beauty keeps away from you all the time. Chances are she's not ready for her first moment yet. Well, or the bad breath of a partner is to blame, so do not forget to freshen up before a date.

The guy kissed the girl

You can also try experimenting a little. Try to tilt your body a little to the side, as if leaning on an invisible object. If the girl repeats this action, then you can safely kiss her. The point is that peopleunconsciously repeat the actions of those they like a lot. So you can try to gently hint the beauty at an intimate moment. If she slips, then you should wait a little more time.

Arm movements

Kissing a girl on the lips for the first time is a rather serious step that should be thoroughly prepared for. If a guy does this at a time when his beloved is not ready - be in trouble. In order not to spoil the pleasure of the first kiss, you should pay attention to the beauty's hands, because very often she uses them in order to unconsciously show her femininity and readiness to enter into an intimate relationship with a partner. Here are just the basic details that a man should remember:

The girl is holding a cup
  • girl constantly plays with beads or a chain in her hand;
  • beauty winds a long strand of her hair around her finger;
  • the fair sex strokes the glass.

However, it should be understood that all of the above actions must be performed in a sensual sense. Some girls just have a habit of keeping their hands busy all the time. If until this moment you have not noticed this for a beauty, then you can kiss her right on the lips. As a rule, a girl uses her hands to flirt with a man or try to appear more feminine and attractive. Be that as it may, a moment like this should definitely be used for a kiss.

Open pose

To understand that your girlfriend is ready for the first kiss, you must alsopay attention to the position of the body of the beauty. A very good sign is an open posture: the body is slightly tilted forward, the arms are folded at the sides, the legs are directed towards their partner, the eyes are looking at the man's face. This situation indicates that your beloved is ready for the first kiss, but is waiting for the first step from you.

The girl is sitting with the guy

You should also pay attention to how much free space remains between you. If a girl constantly strives to be closer to her companion, then she should move to a new level of communication. But a closed posture or distance from your partner is a pretty bad sign. It is necessary to immediately change something in the relationship (definitely not to kiss her), otherwise you risk losing your beloved forever.


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to help understand that a girl wants a kiss. Do not forget that these are only the most common signs that a beauty is ready for the first time. There are many more signs to interpret. When assessing the situation, pay attention to even the smallest nuances and before the kiss, make sure that you smell good on your breath so as not to spoil the intimate moment.

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