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What are the most unpretentious aquarium fish?

What are the most unpretentious aquarium fish?
What are the most unpretentious aquarium fish?
hardy aquarium fish

The most unpretentious aquarium fish are those that live in good, kind and caring hands. This is an axiom. If you violate the rules of care, everyone in your mini-sea will die. Therefore, you should not consider the underwater brethren solely as whimsical or not. It is important to create suitable conditions for the fish, and only starting from this, consider their endurance.


They top the list of those who participate in the nomination "The most unpretentious aquarium fish". Any of the subspecies is an excellent "gardener". Not only will they care for your plants and clean aquarium glass, these fish are also very undemanding. They calmly tolerate temperature changes and dirty water. The only negative is that they hide all the time, but they will become excellent neighbors for any kind of fish. Water aeration is not required for all subspecies of this genus, but it is advisable not to refuse this aquarium device.


what aquarium fish are unpretentious

A couple of decades ago, when asked which aquarium fish are unpretentious, you would have received the answer - guppies. But now things are somewhat different. A huge number of breeding forms have appeared on the market that require high quality water, which will be quite difficult for a novice aquarist to provide. If you manage to get wild specimens, then you're in luck.

Sumatran barbs

These striped pirates are very cheerful, they like to fight and bite someone's tails. Withstand any (within reason) fluctuations in temperature and water quality. A small (20-30 liters) aquarium with a filter, heater and aeration will be a great home for a small flock.


Slow beauties, primly posing near the glass, are also included in the list of "The most unpretentious aquarium fish." Withstand seasonal changes in water temperature, but require an aquarium of large volumes (from 50 liters) with filtration and aeration.


Funny, tireless little fishes. They love outdoor games and high jumps. Stock up on a large (from 30 liters), bright aquarium with a lid, which must be equipped with an aerator, filter and heater. A flock of little robbers will tirelessly delight you with their pirouettes and games.

what aquarium fish are the most unpretentious


Probably the most unpretentious aquarium fish, those who need a minimum set that supportsnecessary conditions for living: only an aquarium. A small (3-4 liters), standing in a bright room, is ideal for them. The only negative of these fish is their aggressive nature. They need stagnant warm (+22-26°C) water. Weekly replacement of a third of the volume of the aquarium is required.

Based on the above information, you can draw conclusions and decide which aquarium fish are the most unpretentious for you. And in conclusion, we want to remind you that food plays an important role, more precisely, its volume. Fish do not know the measure, and they will eat until they burst (in the truest sense of the word). A hungry fish is a he althy fish!

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