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Massage magnetic insoles: overview, types, manufacturers and reviews

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Massage magnetic insoles: overview, types, manufacturers and reviews
Massage magnetic insoles: overview, types, manufacturers and reviews

Even at the dawn of our era in China, it was found that there are a huge number of dots on the surface of the human body. By acting on them, you can activate the body's forces to fight diseases. There are many zones on the human foot. They are reflexively connected with all its organs. Walking barefoot, especially on rough surfaces, strengthens the body. But since we use shoes, this effect disappears. Therefore, first in China, and then in our country, magnetic insoles were created. Their use brings us closer to the natural foot massage that occurs when a person walks barefoot.


The main share of production falls on numerous companies that are located in China. In enterprises, large and small, magnetic insoles are made. They pass quality control at all stages.

magnetic insoles

In China, foot he alth is of great importance. It is regarded as the "root of the human body" and is considered its "second heart". Therefore, in this country, much time and effort is devoted to technical research anddevelopment of new elastic materials that can last up to ten years. They try to make their products from such a polymer gel that it contributes to more cushioning, eliminates germs, keeping feet clean.

magnetic insole

Even one Chinese company produces over 50 million pairs of insoles a year. And there are dozens of them in the country. And magnetic insoles from China disperse all over the world. At the same time, a product called Nikken is being made in Japan, and Kenko Strides magnetic insoles are being made in Israel. In our country, the largest manufacturer is LLC VITASEL Moscow (LLC BIOMAG), which has a subsidiary in Rybinsk - LLC Nadezhda.

Types of insoles

All insoles are divided into three types: preventive, medical and hygienic. The latter type includes massage.

The Kenko Nikken magnetic insole consists of two layers. The upper is a stretchy, ribbed finish that feels like walking on pebbles. And the second layer is magnetic. It cleanses the blood vessels. Magnetic massage insoles Nikken Magsteps (Japan) inside consist of two layers of reinforcing mesh, which is designed specifically for this product. Outside, they are covered with a flexible and durable coating that will last for many years. Their surface has a 100% magnetic layer, not counting the special inclusions inside. Suitable for daily wear.

magnetic massage insoles

Another model from the company, the Nikken Magstride, also has a three-layer construction. Butit is made on the basis of high-strength soft and elastic foam, which passes air well. The foot that rests on these magnetic insoles "breathes" freely. They are very suitable for strenuous and long-term sports.

Israeli Kenko insoles are interesting because both sides massage the foot. They just have different intensities. Therefore, the consumer can independently choose the depth of massage. This magnetic insole is also 100% coated with a magnetic layer. These insoles, like others, stimulate the foot massage with every step. It is very convenient to have two pairs - for indoor shoes and for street shoes.

There are metallized insoles, which consist of 15% copper, 15% magnet and 70% PVC. Such copper accessories can help relieve sore feet.

magnetic massage insoles

Comfortable and flexible design with 6 copper discs and 9 magnets. It naturally improves blood circulation and reduces discomfort. A ribbed surface with arched knots provides an invigorating massage, while vents help cool airflow. Care is very easy. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

Biomag magnetic insoles

This product is in great demand by Russian consumers. Many years of work, which led to the high quality of all medical products and insoles in particular, which were certified by the Ministry of He alth of the Russian Federation.

Their design

Magnetic massage insoles are made of flexible plastic. Built into itby casting magnetic balls. Their action approaches the influence of the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

biomag magnetic insoles

In addition, there are rounded spikes on the surface that massage the foot according to the physiological principle and provide air flow to it. All together enhances the bioenergetics of the human body.

Their impact

Since the points on the foot are connected to all human organs, the spectrum of action that magnetic massage insoles have is very wide:

  • Restores blood circulation in the arms and legs. Veins and arteries begin to function normally.
  • Swelling on the legs disappears.
  • Pain caused by osteochondrosis in the spine is relieved.
  • The overall immunity of the body increases.
  • Heart pains disturb much less often, up to complete disappearance.
  • Insomnia goes away if the insoles are put into the sock at night and put on all night.
  • The pancreas begins to normalize and equalize blood sugar levels, bringing it closer to normal.

Insoles are purchased according to shoe size. They are easy to trim with scissors in the shape of shoes and boots. They need to be washed when they get dirty. With such use, they will last at least ten years.

magnetic insoles

Reviews about magnetic insoles

People who buy insoles are not disappointed. On the contrary, they find different advantages. Let's start with ease of use. They are easy to wash in soapy water. And the service life, as statedthe manufacturer, judging by the reviews, is long. At first, it is difficult for the foot to get used to the small massage spikes, but with constant wear, they no longer feel like something foreign. But the massage is preserved at the same time - there is an effect on biologically active points.

As a result, some of those who wore them coped with pharyngitis, leg cramps, pain from a heel spur (one feels amazingly light) and from a herniated disc, pressure fluctuations, headaches. Improved vision in those who regularly work on the computer. Having worn them, many are ready to recommend them to friends and acquaintances.

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