How to feel sorry for a girl with words: the right words, tips and tricks

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How to feel sorry for a girl with words: the right words, tips and tricks
How to feel sorry for a girl with words: the right words, tips and tricks

Video: How to feel sorry for a girl with words: the right words, tips and tricks

Video: How to feel sorry for a girl with words: the right words, tips and tricks
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Most men feel embarrassed when a girl cries. Surely, many fall into a stupor, because they do not know how to behave in such a situation. It is important to remember that we all have bad times. And at this moment I really want support and consolation. And sometimes the mere presence of a loved one nearby is enough. But how to feel sorry for a girl with words? This is detailed in the article.

What happened?

Before we move on to considering how to feel sorry for a girl with words, you need to find out the reason for what happened. Before you say anything, calm down and take any action, you should assess the situation.

Girl comforting her friend
Girl comforting her friend

If a girl is angry, then think about what could make her angry. If sad, then, most likely, something upset her. Crying means the situation is very serious.

Perhaps she told you something or you are aware of the problems that happened to her at school orwork. Then it will be easier for you to understand what words and phrases you need to choose for consolation.

woman crying
woman crying

Some women tend to get upset over trifles. Sometimes a broken nail or a torn stocking can throw a girl off balance. Men do not tend to behave like this, so they do not understand tears and frustration over such small things.

How do I know what the problem is?

How to feel sorry for a girl with words when she feels bad? First you need to find out what upset the beautiful person so much. If you don’t have a single thought about this, then ask her about it directly. Be prepared for the fact that she will not give a complete answer, but, most likely, will get off with a banal “nothing”. You don't have to be angry about it. Be patient and try again to find out the cause of her frustration.

girl crying
girl crying

Your job is to show how much you care about her. Moreover, you are always ready to support her in difficult times.

Ask the question: "How can I help you?" This way it will be easier for you to understand what happened and what action she expects from you.

Call or text

How to feel sorry for a girl with words via SMS? To calm a friend with a message when she is feeling bad, you should write something nice. But besides that, your message should include information that will help the girl cope with the current situation.

If you don't know the cause of the concern, SMS support is meaningless. In this case, it is better to call or meet. Do not deceive yourself and her, if you really want to calm down, then already in the course of the conversation you will understand the reason for her frustration.


How to pity a girl with words when she is tired? It doesn't matter if you agree with her arguments or not, make sure that you are ready to be with her and help. Take her to a calm and quiet place where she can cry. Tell her that you will be on her side in any situation:

  1. “I understand perfectly well that you are having a hard time. I'm sorry.”
  2. "I can't even imagine where you have so much strength. It must be very difficult.”
  3. "Please tell me how I can help you?"

How to feel sorry for a girl with words in SMS? When your girlfriend is tired, you can use the phrases written above. However, if you are in a love relationship, then do not forget to write about how you value her. Moreover, you can invite her to relax together, so you will have a good weekend and help your chosen one recuperate.

Resist advice

Most people tend to get upset when a way out of the current situation is hard to find. So don't try to give advice. Most likely, all options for solving the problem have been considered before. And your recommendations can only aggravate the situation, as the beautiful person will once again be convinced that the situation is really hopeless.

Let's consider how to feel sorry for the girl with words in this case:

  1. "I have no idea howit's hard for you right now.”
  2. "Unfortunately, I don't have a ready solution for this situation. But know that I will always be by your side.”
  3. "What do you plan to do in this case?"

Don't downplay the problem

Never tell a girl that she is crying because of nonsense. Such statements can be perceived as an indifferent attitude towards her. Remember that you are there to support her or try to solve the difficulties that have arisen together.

How to feel sorry for a girl with words in this case? Never say the following phrases:

  1. "You were too good for this job. Trust me, she wasn't worth your time." If a girl is upset, then she really regrets that she lost the opportunity to work there.
  2. "I totally understand how you feel right now." Each person experiences the same feelings differently, so you cannot know what is going on in the soul of your interlocutor.
  3. "You'll be fine, you're so strong." Even very strong people sometimes need to be weak. Therefore, do not make the girl think that she cannot show her weakness with you.
  4. "I understand you perfectly. It happened to me once…” Remember, this is not about your problems. You must listen and support the interlocutor.

How to say sorry to a girl when she is sick?

Compliments and encouraging phrases can always support a person in difficult situations. Sometimes you can just talk heart to heart.

The girl got sick
The girl got sick

For a sick girl, words are not as important as care and support. Wish her a speedy recovery, arguing that you feel very bad without her.

Bring her fruit, her favorite flowers, or treats. Invite her to watch an interesting movie.


How to feel sorry for a girl with words, but do it carefully so as not to upset her even more?

how to feel sorry for a girl
how to feel sorry for a girl

Follow the basic rules:

  1. Don't leave. If you notice that your chosen one is not ready to talk right now, wait a bit.
  2. Once she calms down, offer to help her.
  3. If you see that you are unable to help her cope, then invite her to chat with a friend.
  4. Humor is inappropriate. Don't try to cheer up a girl who is depressed.
  5. If a woman tells you that she wants to be alone, then give her space. But do not go far, perhaps soon she will call you, as she needs support.


how to feel sorry for a girl with words when she is tired
how to feel sorry for a girl with words when she is tired

Some men misunderstand how to calm a girl down with words. Consider the recommendations that will help you avoid mistakes in communicating with a girl in need of support:

  1. Most guys choose phrases that lead to an argument. As a result, the girl begins to turn on even more, and as a result, a real scandal erupts with tears.
  2. Don't change the subject abruptly. manyit is hard for men to listen to the same thing from a woman for some time. So he suggests changing the subject. The girl perceives this as an indifferent attitude to her problems.
  3. Don't ignore a woman's sadness and tears. Some men believe that only they can have serious problems, and girls just suffer because of all sorts of little things. If you do not reassure your chosen one, then your relationship may soon end. No woman needs a man who treats her with indifference.

Sometimes it can be difficult to calm down a worried girl, but if a guy truly loves her, he will do his best to keep her from crying.