Cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester: list, instructions for use, reviews

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Cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester: list, instructions for use, reviews
Cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester: list, instructions for use, reviews

Video: Cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester: list, instructions for use, reviews

Video: Cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester: list, instructions for use, reviews
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With the onset of pregnancy, cardinal changes occur in the female body, which significantly weakens its immune system. But this is important for the full and normal development of the child. As a result, resistance to virus attacks drops markedly. As a rule, such diseases are accompanied by a cough. In addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that not all medicines are suitable for women during pregnancy, regardless of the period. What to do? Fortunately, there is a solution - cough syrup for pregnant women. 1 trimester is coming, the second or third - it doesn’t matter, such remedies can cure a cough. Moreover, in terms of efficiency, they are in no way inferior to tablet preparations, if not even superior. Sometimes this is even the only right solution to get rid of a cough.


The treatment of patients under normal circumstances is very different from that of pregnant women. And if the first is notthere are no restrictions on the intake of various means, then expectant mothers are not allowed to use every medicine. This is explained by the fact that the active substances of most medications are able to penetrate the placental barrier. Thus, nothing prevents them from exerting their influence on the fetus, and not for the better. Mutations cannot be ruled out.

safe cough syrup during pregnancy
safe cough syrup during pregnancy

Cough is no exception to the rule - it is also desirable to fight it with harmless means. Therefore, doctors have to choose only those means that will not harm the developing fetus. And among all the drugs that can be used during the 1st trimester, cough syrups for pregnant women are highly effective. It is worth highlighting a number of features of their application:

  • Unlike tablets, the liquid medium does not irritate the gastric mucosa. Plus, syrups have far fewer side effects.
  • Most of the liquid medicines on the market today are plant-based. That is, for pregnant women, this is an ideal therapy for getting rid of cough. The same cannot be said for many pills, which are often synthetic.
  • The use of syrups is safe throughout the period of bearing a child, and even in the first trimester, which is the most important period.
  • Due to their shape, syrups are absorbed by the female body much faster thanpills.

Besides this, cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester are usually made with a fruit flavor. Due to this, taking such medicines is not only effective and safe, but even pleasant!

Syrup Indications

For pregnant women, coughing is dangerous because it can provoke a contraction of the reproductive organ. This is accompanied not only by a pronounced pain syndrome, but also by disruption of the blood supply to the fetus. Eventually intrauterine hypoxia develops.

But the greatest danger of coughing is in the first trimester of pregnancy. As you know, in such a short period of time it is not so easy to find the right medicine. Active substances may cause unwanted effects in the child.

cough syrup for pregnant women
cough syrup for pregnant women

Indications for cough syrups may include the following situations:

  • bronchitis in various forms;
  • inflammatory process in the lungs;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • tuberculosis;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • tracheobronchitis.

When forced expiration, it is important to use only harmless medicines, which are many cough syrups for pregnant women in the 1st trimester or later.

Defensive reaction of the body

The mucous membrane of the larynx is exposed to various factors from time to time, which sooner or later leads to forced exhalations, performed involuntarily, which is called a cough. Thanks to thesejerky exhalations from the larynx and respiratory tract remove foreign agents and mucous secretions.

Sometimes a cough can be short-lived, caused by a foreign body, dust or tiny particles entering the throat or nasal cavity. In this case, it passes quickly and does not cause concern. A prolonged cough clearly indicates some kind of pathological disorder. The reason for this may be various factors:

  • chemical type - cigarette smoke, chemicals, gases;
  • thermal - hot or cold air, steam.

Depending on the course of the clinical picture, including the form and nature of the development of the pathological condition, the doctor selects the appropriate course of treatment by prescribing safe cough syrups during pregnancy.

Dry cough

This is a natural reaction of the human body to the activity of pathogens, which include powerful allergens. The root causes of such a reaction can be considered an inflammatory process that affected the oral mucosa or trachea, blood disease, and the presence of neoplasms. A cough is called dry only when it is not accompanied by mucus or phlegm.

This unwanted symptom in early pregnancy should be de alt with as soon as possible. In advanced cases, the cough takes on a chronic form, which subsequently threatens to increase the tone of the uterus directly during the attack. By the end of the gestation period, persistent seizures may even end in premature birth, or this will lead toearly rupture of amniotic fluid.

cough syrup during pregnancy 1st trimester
cough syrup during pregnancy 1st trimester

In this regard, the fight against such an ailment should begin from the moment it appears! And not the last role is given to dry cough syrups. Pregnant women with their help can protect themselves and their child from unwanted consequences.

Wet cough

In this case, mucus is released from the bronchi, thereby the body cleanses itself of accumulated sputum. At the same time, the reason for its appearance lies in the development of respiratory diseases:

  • ARVI.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Asthma.
  • Whooping cough.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Violation of the pulmonary circulation

If left untreated, a cough becomes a serious threat to both the mother and her child. And since this symptom is caused by pathogens of a viral or bacterial nature, the risk of intrauterine infection cannot be ruled out.

This, in turn, is fraught with various consequences, up to malformations of the child or miscarriage. Therefore, the importance of taking wet cough syrup for pregnant women should not be underestimated!

Effective drugs

But what exactly do doctors prescribe to women to fight coughs while they carry their baby under their hearts? It is worth listing some of the most effective drugs that can be used at the earliest stage of pregnancy. It is the first three months that are the most important period in the development of the fetus - there is a laying of all organs,including skeletal shaping.

And if coughing fits are caught in this particular period of time, it is recommended to contact a specialist as soon as possible. He will select the appropriate drug. Let's look at a few effective tools, and also study what advantages and disadvantages they have. This is very important when choosing this or that medicine!

1. Syrup "Eucabal"

This medicinal product is manufactured by the German company Esparma GmbH. It is based on only plant components - extracts of plantain and thyme (thyme). That is, this is one of those liquid media preparations that are approved for use by pregnant women.

cough syrups for pregnant women
cough syrups for pregnant women

The syrup is effective for severe coughing attacks, but, in addition, it has a number of advantages:

  • High efficiency.
  • Versatility of the drug.
  • Helps thin secretions for easy mucus flow.

Expectant mothers should take note of an important point. There have been no serious and global studies on exactly how Eukabal syrup affects the female body during pregnancy. For this reason, it is not recommended to use this remedy without a doctor's prescription. In addition, the drug has some disadvantages, which you should also be aware of:

  • The medicine contains a lot of sugar, so there is a risk of allergic reactions.
  • In case of a pathological condition of the liver, do not use syruprecommended.
  • Measuring spoon missing.
  • Pronounced thyme flavor.

This syrup is recommended to be used after meals. As for the dosage, it is as follows - 1-2 tbsp. l. 3 to 5 times throughout the day. The duration of therapy is usually about two weeks for mild disease.

If taking the medicine does not bring the expected result, the expectant mother should consult a doctor for an explanation of the situation. In the presence of complications, the doctor adjusts the duration of treatment on an individual basis.

2. Herbal remedy "Stodal"

Another drug produced in Germany by Boiron. Syrup "Stodal" also refers to the means of homeopathic nature. That is, it is devoid of toxic substances, and the ethanol content is so minimal that it does not pose a danger to either the body of a pregnant woman or her child. In other words, it is completely safe to use this drug.

stodal syrup
stodal syrup

The preparation contains extracts of useful herbs:

  • Pulsatilla, rumex are good herbs that are widely used in folk medicine. As part of the syrup, their effect remained unchanged.
  • Ipekuana - to eliminate the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane and calm the lungs.
  • Brionia - promotes faster separation of mucus from the bronchi.
  • Drosera - soothes severe coughs.
  • Lobaria pulmonary - eliminates both swelling and inflammation, and also helps to cope with a sore throat.

At the same time, the action of the syrup "Stodal" allows not only to get rid of cough, but also to strengthen the immune system. And the fact that the drug is based on plant components indicates the relevance of its use in relation to pregnant women. In addition, it can be combined with other medicines, since the syrup is not able to enter into chemical reactions.

The dosage of "Stodal", including the duration of its administration, is calculated by the doctor, since the treatment regimen in each case is individual. In the first trimester, it is recommended to take 1 teaspoon three times a day. Such a children's dose is explained by quite understandable reasons - the female body is most sensitive to the effects of various external factors, including the active substances of medicines.

3. "Doctor Mom"

This name hides a whole line of medicines that are produced in different forms. And one of them is Doctor Mom cough syrup. During pregnancy, it is also safe to use, since the drug is also based on plant components. Among them are basil, aloe, licorice. And unlike other medicinal cough syrups, there is no alcohol! Therefore, many doctors prescribe it to many pregnant patients in the presence of colds accompanied by cough.

Cough syrup Doctor Mom
Cough syrup Doctor Mom

The high content of active substances makes this drug truly unique in every sense. When taking "Doctor Mom" you can cure many respiratory diseases.ways - tracheitis, bronchitis, laryngitis. In addition, the presence of herbal ingredients suggests the absence of any side effects.

Dosage of cough syrup "Doctor Mom" during pregnancy - 1 tsp. at least 2 times a day. The duration of the drug is usually from 5 to 7 days. However, if necessary, treatment can be extended or a second course will be prescribed. It all depends on the situation and the clinical picture of the patients. Just keep in mind that the composition of the syrup contains sucrose, therefore, it is undesirable for patients with diabetes to use it.

In general, the liquid medium under the name "Doctor Mom" is a modern pharmacological preparation that has a mild effect on the mucous membrane. And all due to the inclusion of medicinal plants and special oils.

4. Marshmallow Root

Can pregnant women have marshmallow cough syrup? Such a completely logical question can be asked by any expectant mother, especially young girls, being at an early stage. There are no restrictions here, because this is another option for an expectorant of natural origin, which is allowed to be taken by all pregnant women. The composition of the syrup includes the root of this plant, which in turn contains useful active substances, including natural mucus.

Using Marshmallow Root Syrup makes sputum more viscous to expel it faster. In addition, the drug has good anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, its main feature, it is also an advantage, lies inno side effects. In extreme cases, the skin may slightly redden. But after some time, everything returns to normal on its own, does not require intervention from doctors.

Cough syrup marshmallow root
Cough syrup marshmallow root

Cough syrup with marshmallow root also has its own instructions for use: in case of hysterical and unproductive cough - 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day. Only first it should be diluted in a small amount of warm water (half a glass). The duration of therapy is 10-14 days. In this case, depending on the course of the disease, the course of treatment can be reduced or extended. But if there is no improvement within 3 or 4 days after starting the drug, the dosage should be adjusted.

5. "Prospan"

Effective natural mucolytic agent with expectorant properties. Due to this quality, sputum becomes more liquid so that it can be more quickly excreted from the body. At the same time, unlike traditional expectorant drugs, "Prospan" is able to split molecular bonds within the excretion.

80% syrup consists of ivy extract, which is extracted from dried leaves. But there are also auxiliary substances:

  • citric acid;
  • sorbitol.

Only in percentage terms, their share is up to 5%. The drug has a pronounced character, so you can get rid of a cough in 3-4 days. Due to this feature, it is possible to take syrup not only in the later periods of the coursediseases, but also when the attacks have appeared recently.

According to the instructions, the dosage of Prospan cough syrup for pregnant women is 5-7.3 ml (approximately 2-3 tsp) at least 3 times during the day. A more accurate dosage will be determined by the doctor and should be strictly observed. Only due to the pronounced nature of the effect on sputum, it is not recommended to take the medicine at night. Although it is unlikely to fall asleep.

6. Licorice syrup

This is also an effective remedy for the treatment of respiratory diseases of a viral nature. Only this medicine, as a rule, is resorted to only in those cases when the previously prescribed drugs did not produce the desired effect. That is, in this case, the risks to the fetus are noticeably smaller than the benefits of the action of this medication. And if the expectant mother has a strong cough that cannot be overcome by other means, then licorice is the right solution.

Licorice cough syrup during pregnancy
Licorice cough syrup during pregnancy

In addition, unlike other liquid medicines (including those already mentioned above), licorice syrup can cause side effects. In this regard, patients are not recommended to self-medicate. This is especially true for pregnant women.

A single dosage of licorice cough syrup during pregnancy is selected by a doctor. Usually this is 1 scoop 3 times a day. The syrup can be taken as is or diluted with water. The second option is desirable for those who are not used to the taste of licorice. Also, the product can be added to tea, only in this case, such a drink should also be drunk at least2-3 times a day after meals.

What expectant mothers themselves think

As you know, pregnancy lasts no less than 9 months (with favorable development). And for such a long time it is impossible to completely protect yourself from any misfortune. And coughing is no exception. This is especially true of autumn - the most favorable period for the revelry of viruses and bacteria.

And, as we now know, coughing poses a certain danger to the fetus. Therefore, this problem should be disposed of immediately after its occurrence. Some cough syrups that pregnant women can help with this well. This greatly facilitates the task of finding a suitable medicine, because patients in position are prohibited from taking many drugs.

A remedy based on marshmallow roots really helped many. Doctors even mention its complete safety. Although it does not taste very pleasant, phlegm really comes out much faster. Other mothers were saved by the influence of "Doctor Mom" for two weeks. Still others confirm the miraculous effect of Prospan syrup.

wet cough syrup for pregnant women
wet cough syrup for pregnant women

Self-treatment is unacceptable, because you can cause harm (sometimes irreparable) to yourself and your child. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a specialist for medical help in a timely manner, who will draw up an appropriate course of treatment. Every pregnant woman should take into account the importance of getting rid of a cough - a strong attack is fraught with a certain danger to the fetus. Fromintrauterine hypoxia in this case, no one is immune. Therefore, it is important to timely prescribe cough syrup during pregnancy in the 1st trimester or any other period.

In conclusion, it remains to wish every future mother to take care of her own he alth and closely monitor her condition. After all, now she has a new life under her heart, which deserves special attention!