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Birth in Israel: cost, citizenship of the child, reviews
Birth in Israel: cost, citizenship of the child, reviews

Medicine in Israel is known for its quality. Citizens of different countries come for treatment. Many pregnant women plan to give birth in Israel, because qualified specialists work there and the most modern equipment is used. The infant mortality rate in this country is one of the lowest.

Difficult pregnancy

Organization of childbirth in Israel

Specialists taking childbirth in Israel help women with he alth problems. The good quality of reproductive technologies makes it possible to support patients with complications and carry out rehabilitation. All the necessary equipment is present in the clinics in case of unforeseen circumstances. Doctors take special measures to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth in Israel are safe, with minimal risk to life.

Normal he alth of patients is maintained with Rh conflicts, premature contractions, leakage of amniotic fluid, injuries and otherscomplexities.

How to organize childbirth in Israel

The mechanism for providing obstetric care for Russian citizens has long been worked out.

It is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • Arrange a flight.
  • Rent a living space.
  • Create a standard list of services at the clinic.
  • Sign required documents.
  • Pay for additional services if necessary.

Women can seek services from intermediaries or organize childbirth in Israel without outside help, choose a suitable institution, contact doctors, get acquainted with the conditions under which specialists agree to work, the cost and the list of required documents.

After arriving at the clinic a few months before the birth, the following certificates are provided:

  • Results of ultrasound and other analogues.
  • Weight Gain Information.
  • Conclusion of a gynecologist.

Originals of all certificates and copies in English are provided.

It is recommended to contact the organizing company working in every Israeli clinic. Coordinators deal with visa processing, booking tickets and renting accommodation. With their help, it is easier to sign insurance policies, contracts for medical care. A company representative accompanies the woman upon arrival in the country.


To avoid complications, experts recommend contacting the clinic during pregnancy planning. The cost of childbirth in Israel depends on the additional services that the patient expects. Atin the absence of the possibility of long-term residence in this country, you will have to plan visits to a specialist for the 10-12th, 20-22nd and 34-35th weeks. Another examination is carried out 1-1.5 months before the birth, doctors study the tests to find out the features of the course of her pregnancy and choose an individual approach to the patient.


How much does childbirth cost in Israel

Specialists try to ensure that all biological processes proceed naturally. The woman herself decides how her pregnancy and childbirth will take place in Israel. Each medical manipulation is carried out with her approval. An obstetrician is present next to the patient, he is assisted by an anesthesiologist, neonatologist, and other doctors. Intensive care is provided as needed without delay.

The dynamics of contractions and the baby's heart rate are monitored using the ATG device. The presence of the father or any of the relatives during the birth is allowed.

Examination of a baby by a neonatologist is carried out when childbirth is completed in Israel and in any other country. The cost of additional services is determined after the woman is discharged from the medical facility, when all the necessary procedures have already been completed.

Mom and baby are in the clinic for up to 3 days. The recovery period is extended if any complications arise. Four meals a day are provided, there is a kettle and a refrigerator in the room.

How do people give birth in Israel?

Reviews about childbirth in Israel

The cost of childbirth in Israel for Russians depends on the amount required by the organizer of the move from the Russian Federation. Futurea mother solves the problem of ensuring the he alth and full development of her child, so she has many other issues that need to be addressed.

Israeli women are calm about the upcoming event, as they are confident in the quality of local medical services. Girls boldly give birth to 3-4 children, which cannot be said about residents of the CIS countries.

Israeli women are sure that the father of the child will constantly support them, they feel calm, less nervous when their husband is around. In the future, women in labor will be given the opportunity to visit several maternity hospitals. Tours do not show all the rooms in which the patients are located. There is always an opportunity to ask questions to doctors and get a comprehensive answer. All fears and doubts are dispelled in people after getting acquainted with the necessary information. It remains only to choose the best option and calmly wait for the birth.

During pregnancy, a girl is examined by a gynecologist, preparing for the birth of a baby. Many prefer maternity hospitals located near their home. Israeli women do not have to go to any particular place, since real professionals work in each medical institution. Being in this country, after the start of contractions, you can go to any maternity hospital. Almost the same conditions are organized in each institution.

As an exception, you can consider clinics that provide additional facilities:

  1. Hot tub rooms.
  2. Cohabitation of spouses under the supervision of doctors.

Read reviewsother women in labor helps to find out the features of each clinic. Moms are happy to share information, tell how much childbirth in Israel costs.

What to pack

The cost of childbirth in Israel for Russians

Israeli maternity hospitals have everything you need for mom and baby:

  • Diapers.
  • Gaskets.
  • Linen.
  • Undershirts.

Experienced women give birth like this:

  • A book or laptop will help pass your free time.
  • Food in hospitals is of high quality, but you will have to bring various goodies with you. A list of such products must be shown to the doctor so that he approves their use during breastfeeding.
  • Bath slates and house slippers will come in handy in the hospital.

It is necessary to bring things for the child to be discharged. A blanket will come in handy in cold weather.


A woman stays at home before labor starts and before the amniotic fluid breaks if the pregnancy goes smoothly. Severe pain helps to reliably distinguish labor pains. Often there is a false contraction of muscle tissue, which lasts no more than a minute, the pain does not increase. Calmness and breathing exercises can reduce the intensity of symptoms. Every woman can endure false contractions on her own.

Doctors recommend walking and moving more, sit on a rubber ball and jump a little. Such exercises relieve symptoms and help the baby to be born. When the girl upon arisingfirst pain goes to the hospital, asks for painkillers, then lies down, the natural processes in the body stop. After that, specialists will have to artificially induce contractions.

Laying on their back, patients sometimes feel pain, so they decide to give birth while squatting or in another position. The baby comes out faster under the influence of gravity. This posture is considered more natural.

Women often express demands for anesthesia. They don't offer epidurals unless the woman asks for them. Some people want to drag this out a little longer in order to independently control the process. There are women who do not use an epidural despite the imminent birth of a child.

Citizenship for a child

Childbirth in Israel and citizenship of the child

A birth certificate is issued at the maternity hospital, but being born in Israel does not guarantee citizenship. This is the main distinguishing feature of local legislation.

Foreigners often come to give birth in Israel. Citizenship for a child is determined by the passport of one of the parents. The baby is registered at the local consulate.

It is recommended to clarify the amount in advance. Work on the organization of moving to Israel, registration in the clinic is performed instead of clients. They can indicate their preference for cost and convenience.

Citizenship is granted automatically to the following categories of persons:

  1. Israeli children born in the territory of this state or outside it.
  2. A child who was born after the death of his father, who was a citizen of this country.

For adults who prefer to get a passport, repatriation is carried out. When applying, you need to confirm your Jewish origin. At the interview, the candidate proves his ability to be a model Israeli citizen.

Important features:

If a foreign citizen will be repatriated while officially married, his family members have the right to obtain citizenship. When a recognized Israeli marries a citizen of another country, the spouse will have to go through the naturalization process, learn Hebrew, and pass exams.

To do this, you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and fulfill the following conditions:

  • Live in Israel for at least 3 years from the date of application.
  • To have a livelihood, get a job or own a certain amount of money.
  • Relinquish your citizenship.

Repatriation and other procedures can be carried out without difficulty using the services of the Union of Lawyers. Many documents are processed remotely. All clients get access to important legal information. Israel has a law of return, the features of which you need to know in order to go through the repatriation procedure. Many people who do not understand these subtleties are denied visas and citizenship.

The Israelis are trying to support the Jewish majority in their country. Therefore, the law on citizenship implies more privileges for people with ethnicity. In thatquestion of great importance is the right of blood. Therefore, every Jew can obtain Israeli citizenship and the possibility of visa-free entry to many states.

Cost of medical care

When organizing childbirth in Israel, there is no need to go to the cashier, hand over an envelope with money, cognac and other goodies to specialists. Shoe covers and bathrobes do not need to buy. Medical institutions earn from 3,500 to 7,000 dollars for each birth. Therefore, each hospital will be glad to new visitors. A woman arrives at the maternity hospital without an appointment. There is no need to wait in line and choose a clinic in advance. They let you into the delivery room with a 3 cm dilatation, so there is no need to rush, so as not to have to wait in the corridor.

In Russia, many companies help organize childbirth in Israel. The cost in 2019 of such services is about $7,000.

Price includes:

  • Examination before childbirth.
  • Childbirth.
  • Examination of a woman and a child by doctors in the postpartum period.
  • Stay in clinic until discharge.

Caesarean section costs up to $4,000. The price increases several times in case of premature birth or other disorders requiring a long stay in the clinic. The total cost of medical services can reach 10,000.

In the Tel Hashomer facility, doctors demand $5,000 for services. This amount does not include the cost of accommodation and tickets. A room can be rented for 1500-3000 shekels. The apartment costs 3000-4000 more. Airfare fromMoscow - from 220 dollars.

Clinic stay

Pregnancy and childbirth in Israel

After a caesarean section, the rehabilitation period is extended to 10-14 days. Mother and newborn are kept together or in separate rooms. The room is designed for 2 patients, but for a fee you can use a single box. The gynecologist conducts several examinations for the entire period of stay in the maternity hospital. The neonatologist takes care of the babies. The baby is screened and other tests to identify pathologies. Vaccination is also carried out in the maternity hospital at the request of the mother.

Four meals a day are provided, food is delivered to the ward. The mother chooses the mixture for the baby on her own if she does not want to breastfeed him. An extract occurs if the he alth of the woman in labor and the baby is not endangered. For transportation, you will have to buy a car seat. Medical facility staff checks for availability.

When to return?

After discharge, the parents are in a family hotel or in a rented apartment. It is better not to return to your native country immediately, it is recommended to wait a bit so that the baby gets stronger. Permissible conditions for moving are discussed with the local pediatrician. Births in Israel for repatriates, foreign citizens and other persons are accepted under the same conditions. However, after discharge from the hospital, each family takes care of themselves and their children on their own.


Modern equipment supports the he alth of a woman and a child during childbirth in Israel

Many girls plan their birth, draw up a detailedplan, indicate how they would like to organize everything. A list of preferences can be distributed to all obstetricians who work with a patient who went to give birth in Israel.


  • Medical workers were sympathetic to the request to introduce themselves and explain what they intend to do when they come to the ward.
  • Girlfriends frightened one woman with their stories, they said that any obstetrician could come into the ward and demand something from the woman in labor. Some specialists perform vaginal checks that are not necessary.
  • When a woman gave birth in Israel, doctors could put epidural anesthesia at any time during childbirth. In Russia, this procedure is performed only until the middle of the opening.
  • The woman decided to organize her second birth in Israel. Friends advised and explained that the quality of patient care there is much higher than in Russia. She settled in a hotel and periodically came for examinations. When her husband came to visit her for the holiday, the water broke from excitement. They went to the clinic, the doctors responded quickly and gave an epidural when the woman felt pain.

Midwives allow the baby to be picked up after birth to ensure skin contact with the mother. The umbilical cord can be cut after its pulsation stops. Thus, the baby's body receives more blood and nutrients from the placenta.

In a video called “Our birth. Our first birth in Israel” shows the process of staying in the clinic on the example of a particular family.

In the postpartum wardpeace and tranquility are maintained. Usually there are 2-3 women in labor. The child is sent for testing at the request of the parents or left in the infant. Modern technology is used to care for the baby, life support equipment is used if the newborn has he alth problems.

Top medical facilities

Women giving birth give good reviews about these clinics:

  • Manol Medical Center is a well-known Israeli institution that provides all the necessary services for pregnant women and women in childbirth.
  • "Assuta" - the medical center is considered the most prestigious in Israel.
  • Ichilov Hospital provides everything needed for childbirth.
  • Sheba is one of the largest medical research centers.

Each maternity hospital has qualified staff.

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