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At what age can you give a child sausages? Baby sausages
At what age can you give a child sausages? Baby sausages

After the birth of a child, every mother and father wants to give him the best. Of course, parents begin to worry about absolutely everything. For example, a particularly difficult period begins at the moment when the baby moves from breast milk and infant formula to more adult food. This is where the question arises, at what age can you give a child sausages.

On the plate

Everyone knows very well that natural products that can be given to young children are not always sold in stores. However, it is rarely possible to avoid such nutrition. Of course, in this case, above all, we are also talking about its composition of products. Some sausages are not recommended to be included in the diet even for an adult. But you can also cook homemade sausages for children. However, even in this case, you need to follow the recommendations of experts. Otherwise, you can harm the baby.

At what age can you give your child sausages?

There is only one correct answer to this question: in no case should such products be given to children under 3 years old. You need to understand thateven if we are talking about homemade sausages, then even they have spices. No one gives a child a sausage a year. You shouldn't do it later. At a minimum, you should not treat him to such a meal until 3 years old.

Doesn't want to eat

If we are talking about purchased sausages, then, among other things, they will also contain dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and much more. All these components negatively affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which is not yet so stable in a child. In addition, sausages are quite a large meal. It will be very difficult for a child under the age of three to cope with such nutrition on their own.

Another negative point is that many modern foods contain soy, which can cause allergies.

Why nutritionists are against store-bought sausages

Speaking about the age at which you can give your child sausages, some experts even compare such food with fast food. You wouldn't give your baby hamburgers or chips, would you? Any store-bought sausages, just like junk food, form completely wrong gastronomic habits and, as a result, bring more problems than good. Accordingly, in fact, they are not really of any use.

Hot Dog

Therefore, if we talk about the age at which you can give a child sausages, then you need to understand that the later the child learns such food, the better. If the child is already quite an adult, then not all sausages can be offered to him either.

What sausagesfit baby

Of course, parents should be very careful in choosing any food for their child, especially when it comes to such "fast food".

In order to purchase the right sausages, you need to pay attention to products that are labeled "children" on the packaging. As a rule, such sausages contain less spices. Also, they practically do not have any additional additives. It is worth giving preference to more popular brands. For example, the products of Velikoluksky Meat Processing Plant are famous for their good quality.

If there were no children's sausages in the store, then you can buy dairy ones. They also tend to have fewer harmful additives.

child eats

It is mandatory to consider the expiration date of products. If sausages are already “on the verge”, then in no case should you buy them for a child. Even fresh sausages can lead to serious poisoning if not stored properly or made from poor quality ingredients.

You need to carefully study the composition. If there are a large number of components marked “E” in sausages, then it is better to refuse such a purchase. It is also worth excluding those products that contain a large amount of vegetable protein. Another important point. It is necessary to pay attention to the conditions in which sausages are stored. You can only buy sausages from the refrigerator.

Helpful tips

Before you offer such food to a child, you must definitely try it yourself. If the parents are doing well, thenyou can give a small piece to the baby. However, if at least some nuance is suspicious, then it is better to abandon such experiments.

From the outside, sausages should look appetizing. The same goes for their fragrance. If the product turns very red during the cooking process, this indicates that it contains nitrates or too much soy. It is also worth paying attention to the water itself after cooking sausages. If it is strongly colored, then this indicates a large number of dyes in the composition of the product. It is better not to give such a treat to a child.

It is best to buy beef products. Sausages, skewers and other pork products are not recommended. A weak digestive system of a child simply cannot cope with such nutrition. Or you can not suffer and cook a similar product yourself.

With what you can give sausages to a child

Sausages are best served with a side dish. The best option for children would be mashed potatoes, pasta, buckwheat porridge or rice. You can also combine sausages with baked vegetables. Some parents give them simply with white bread. However, this is not the best option.

chicken sausages

Chicken sausages for children

To prepare this delicious treat, you will need 0.5 kg of chicken fillet, one chicken egg, half a glass of low-fat milk, onion and s alt to taste. Grind the fillet in a blender or meat grinder along with onions. After that, add the egg, s alt to the minced chicken, pour in the milk and mix the whole composition thoroughly.

On the nextstage, it is enough to leave the prepared mass for about 10-15 minutes. After that, you can begin to form the sausages themselves. To do this, tear off approximately 15 cm of ordinary food film and put two small spoons of minced meat on its edge. After that, you need to roll sausages and give the necessary shape. It is necessary to ensure that the mass lies as densely as possible.

The ends of the plastic film are twisted, and the result is an oblong "candy". At the next stage, you can send sausages in this form for cooking. In boiling water, they will need no more than 5 minutes. However, they may break during cooking. To prevent this from happening, using a fork or a toothpick, you need to pierce the polyethylene in several places. Then the air will circulate freely, and the film will not tear. Ready sausages are removed from hot water and cooled, after which the polyethylene can be removed.

Lots of sausages

At the same time, you can make products of absolutely any thickness or length, and be sure that they are completely natural and cannot harm the baby.

Helpful advice

However, some are afraid to cook such homemade sausages in cling film for children, as parents do not want to boil polyethylene with meat. Even if it is food, many fear that it will still release not the most useful substances.

To get around this problem, you can put prepared raw sausages in the freezer. When they freeze, the polyethylene is removed, and the products are sent for cooking. In this case, they will not fall apart,but they will take longer to cook.

Beef milk sausages

To prepare such a meal, you will need a kilogram of beef, one egg, a glass of low-fat milk, 100 g of butter, s alt and fresh herbs to taste. The meat must be thoroughly beaten off and only after that pass through a meat grinder, mix the minced meat with the egg. After that, warmed (not brought to a boil) milk is poured into the mixture and greens are crumbled. We add some s alt. The mixture is then thoroughly mixed again.

Sculpts sausages

Ready stuffing is also laid out on cling film and fastened together. Ready sausages are sent to cook for 5-7 minutes.

In closing

Obviously, sausages are not the best choice for a small child. However, if there is an urgent desire to treat a child with such products, it is best to make them yourself from fresh meat.

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