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From what to build a Batman motorcycle with your own hands?

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From what to build a Batman motorcycle with your own hands?
From what to build a Batman motorcycle with your own hands?

Modern parents, in pursuit of meeting the needs of their children's toys, are in a hurry to buy more and more new play sets. In particular, we are talking about Lego constructors.

But, as practice shows, many of the collected compositions in small quantities of cases remain intact. How can you resist a lot of detail and not try again to disassemble and reassemble something interesting?

Unfortunately, small details are often lost, and if it is impossible to repeat the design exactly, the child generally loses interest in the designer. Are you familiar with this situation?

lego motorcycle batman

Don't rush to get upset that money wasted. Yes, Lego sets are not cheap today. Let's think about what can be built from the remaining parts of the sets. And we can say this with confidence in your house, if your child is fond of Lego, there are many. Let's get to work!

Batman's Motorcycle Parts Compilation

From a variety of Lego parts, you can safely assemble a vehicle, for example. many boysprefer the hero Batman. A motorcycle from Lego will be just right for him.

The original set of such a toy contains more than three hundred parts. These are straps, and round connectors, and wheels, and all kinds of transitions.

Since many of the parts you need may not be available, we offer a simplified version of the model.


second version of the motorcycle

This motorcycle looks a little more modest. But the essence remains the same. Assembling a new model will not be difficult.

Just as easy

This simple Batman motorcycle can be made with your child. It has a reinforced frame, so the product will be stronger.

the third version of the motorcycle

Third option

Surely, you will find parts for this sample of Batman's motorcycle. A pair of wheels and several connectors - that's the transport for the main character.

fourth version of the motorcycle

Original solution

And this is an interesting option with long exhaust pipes. Please note that this sample requires even less detail than the others.

option 5 motorcycle

As you can see, Batman's motorcycle can be constructed from Lego in different ways. The main thing in this case is to turn on the fantasy. You don't have to buy an expensive toy set. You can get by with more than the available parts.

Assembly recommendations

Start work on the assembly of a particular model should be with the selection of parts.Pay attention to the following points.

  • The motorcycle for Batman (the photo clearly shows this) has more powerful wheels than the body itself.
  • Each model is equipped with long exhaust arches.
  • The base - the support between the wheels - is one third of the motorcycle.
  • Almost all parts of the toy transport are black. The addition of yellow and gray elements bring additional contrast.

Illustrative examples show that it is not necessary to have any skills to assemble interesting Lego toys. The main thing in this case is the association with real models.

To create an individual model, take several samples as a basis and make your own adjustments. We hope everything works out for you! Involve your children in this business, because there is nothing better than joint creativity.

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