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Marry an Armenian: traditions, pros and cons
Marry an Armenian: traditions, pros and cons

Armenian man - with this expression, an image of a tall, handsome young man with a bright oriental appearance appears in my head. Surely, many representatives of the weaker sex are ready to go to great lengths so that such a mysterious and attractive handsome man is at their feet. But how many Slavic women know about the Armenian character, their native traditions and way of life? If you are one of those girls who wants to marry an Armenian, you should find out more about your chosen one before deciding to take such a serious step.

What is the Armenian character like

In Russia, men of this nationality are trying to adapt primarily territorially, because otherwise they simply will not be able to live here. Over time, obvious changes take place in the young man - by his nationality he still remains an Armenian, but in his behavior and worldview he becomes more like a Slav. And there is nothing strange in this, because gradually a person simply adapts to a different environment and mentality.

A stable image of a fatal man, famous for his ardent temperament andcaring attitude towards girls. In reality, the Armenians do not stand out so much among people of other nationalities. They are distinguished only by jealousy, a sudden change of mood, undeniable charm, irascibility, diligence, loy alty to traditions and customs, and reverence for family values. Men living in Russia are usually more sociable than their compatriots who remained at home. True, we should not forget that each person is individual, and Armenians are no exception to this rule.

Marry an Armenian: pros and cons

Armenia is a long-suffering state in which, for a long time, in order to build your own housing and harvest, you have to make a lot of effort. Maybe that's why the men who grew up there prefer not empty talk, but actions.

Few people know that the indigenous people of Armenia are only at first glance so aggressive and strict. In fact, behind their charming, attractive appearance, vulnerable and rather subtle natures are hidden, who certainly know how to love and sometimes do rash acts. Such men are actually able to appreciate every joyful moment and give their sincere feelings to women.

However, not everyone understands what it really means to marry an Armenian. Of course, the first thing to say is that such a family most often turns out to be very strong, since it is built on mutual understanding and respect. Armenian men really know how to honor their traditions and treat their loved ones with sufficient respect.

Should I marry an Armenian

Where can you meet such a person? Of course, you can go straight to Armenia as a tourist. Probably, few people know that this country is really beautiful. And it is possible that it is in its open spaces that you will be able to meet a worthy person who will make you happy. If you manage to win his heart, then very soon you will be able to marry an Armenian.

So, you will become part of an Armenian family, and, most likely, you will soon realize how lucky you are. After all, people born in Armenia value their loved ones above all else.

What to expect

Should I marry an Armenian? Each girl determines the answer to this question for herself. But you should know that, usually, such families turn out to be incredibly strong, large and friendly. If this is exactly what you need, then you may well become the chosen one of a real Armenian.

Such a man, of course, becomes the head of the family, placing all the responsibilities on his own shoulders. But it is worth saying that this does not mean at all that an Armenian is a tyrant or a despot. First of all, he is a loving and caring husband, and also a father.

Advantages of marriage with an Armenian

Such a strong-willed and responsible man will work day and night to feed his wife and children. By the way, another advantage of the Armenians lies in the fact that they love children very much. Their kids always live surrounded by respect, care, loy alty and honesty. Although rigor and discipline areintegral components of education.

What is needed for a successful marriage

If you can accept all the customs, traditions and laws of the Armenian people, then your acquaintance with a representative of this nationality may well develop into something more. Even if you fail to marry an Armenian and build a love relationship with him, you will still be guaranteed a strong friendship. But how to understand their holy customs?

First of all, you should learn more about the history of Armenia. You will need to try to feel all the pain of this unfortunate people for yourself. Do not forget that in their temperament and disposition, the Armenians are significantly different from other Caucasian peoples. They are more reasonable, filled with dignity and confidence. Another important quality characteristic of Armenian men is unshakable calmness.

The wars that took place on the territory of their country for a very long time taught these people above all to value peace, kindness and harmony, and also to enjoy life.

Marry an Armenian: life stories

Love, as you know, has no nationality. But if you are one of those women who, by all means, wants to marry an Armenian, you should prepare for some of the features of such a marriage. And for example, here are some stories from the life of our readers.

So, a girl named Anna shares her experience of family life with an Armenian. She married him 12 years ago, and since then she has never regretted it. According to Anna, for a long time they did not want to accept her in his circle, but when she didbecame part of his family, she was truly loved. The girl admires her husband, and he answers her with his care, respect and understanding. Anna calls her husband a family man who does not just look after her children, but really lives for them. By the way, the girl does not need anything - the head of the family provides for the needs of her household in everything.

Stories from the life of Armenian wives

Another girl, Svetlana, has been happily married to an Armenian for 10 years. She calls her family incredibly strong and friendly. Svetlana says that there are a lot of Armenians around her husband, because they always try to stick together and help each other. At all family holidays, the house is full of people, very fun, noisy and interesting. True, his parents also accepted the girl very wary and not friendly. But over time, the situation improved, and Svetlana became a full member of the family.

The infamous marriage

Just recently, a scandal broke out in the press under the heading: "A Chechen woman married an Armenian." It would seem that this is bad? In fact, these two peoples have long been at enmity with each other. Pushkin wrote about Chechen contempt for Armenians.

That is why, when the famous Chechen singer Kheda Khamzatova married an Armenian, the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, reacted sharply to the event. His speech was filled with foul language, and soon her compatriots were sent to the girl, who took her back.

Chechen woman married an Armenian

How to interestArmenian

First of all, it should be said that there is no evidence that men of this nationality prefer a certain type of women. So dyeing your hair from white to black, or gaining a few extra pounds is absolutely pointless.

An Armenian may be interested in the mystery of a lady, the presence of a so-called zest, which is visible, but remains unsolved. This is the only way to attract him, arouse interest and truly intrigue. If you met him by chance, do not try to impose yourself, try to act at ease. And it is best to show impregnability - this way you can really push the Armenian to actions and deeds. After all, at their core, such men are conquerors.

Inaccessibility, mystery and well-groomed appearance should be your main trump cards in attracting an Armenian.

What to Expect from Marrying an Armenian

Marriage registration in Armenia

Is it possible to marry an Armenian in his native country? Yes, but certain conditions must be met. In order to conclude a marriage, the mutual consent of both parties is necessary. Both man and woman must be of marriageable age.

Not allowed to marry in Armenia:

  • close relatives;
  • cousins ​​and brothers;
  • to divorced people;
  • if one of the couple is incapacitated.

Marriage registration is carried out by:

  • territorial representation of the registry office;
  • registration chamberbirths and marriages.

To submit the relevant application, you must have:

  • actual statement signed by the bride and groom;
  • both passports;
  • certificates that confirm the absence of previous and current marriages.

A foreigner will additionally need to make a copy of the passport and certify it with a notary.

Armenian marriage

Armenian wedding traditions

To marry an Armenian means to adhere to all the customs of this people. Believe me, it is difficult to find something more beautiful than an Armenian marriage. For centuries, despite the difficult situation in the state, these people have been trying to carefully preserve all the existing rituals and customs.

All close and distant relatives, friends and even unfamiliar people are always invited to the celebrations. Weddings taking place in the vastness of beautiful Armenia are always distinguished by splendor and wide scope. It is customary to celebrate marriage over several days.

In preparation for the event, all close and dear people always take part. And finally, not a single celebration passes without the engagement procedure.

On a pre-selected day, all relatives gather at the groom's house with a large number of gifts for the bride. Usually they bring jewelry.

Then, a chic banquet is served, during which the relatives wish the couple long life and a strong family. After a long event, all guests move to the bride's house.

Armenian weddingtraditions

More things to know

According to ancient customs, it is the parents of the future husband who present the outfit to the girl. And in traditional Armenian families, a ceremony is still performed to confirm the innocence of the bride.

After the wedding night, a messenger is sent to the wife's house with a red apple for mother and praise for father.

Also keep in mind that simple cohabitation is not welcome in Armenia. Usually, the groom takes the bride from her house only after the wedding.


So, you have made every effort to marry an Armenian, but what will you get in return? Usually, such men are well-mannered, attentive, it is interesting to communicate with them, they care for them unsurpassedly and always show care. According to statistics, in the vast majority of cases, Armenians turn out to be exemplary husbands, loving fathers, who put their family above everything else. They always respect their spouse and highly value her opinion.

And in order to marry an Armenian, one should adhere to all long-term traditions, rituals and, of course, know the amazing history of this people. Only on the basis of respect and understanding can you build a truly strong relationship with such a man.

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