Humidifiers: pros and cons, functions and capabilities of the device
Humidifiers: pros and cons, functions and capabilities of the device

Video: Humidifiers: pros and cons, functions and capabilities of the device

Video: Humidifiers: pros and cons, functions and capabilities of the device
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To create an optimal and comfortable microclimate in residential premises, various household appliances can be used. Among them, air humidifiers stand out, thanks to which you can get humid and pleasant air in every living room. Especially often, such devices are purchased by young parents who want to create optimal living conditions for newborns. Before buying this equipment, you should decide on the pros and cons of air humidifiers, their varieties and functions. Only after careful study of reliable information can you make a bargain.

Why do I need a device?

Initially, it is important to understand what a humidifier does. The pros and cons of this device depend on its type and characteristics. The main purpose of this technique is to create a comfortable microclimate in the living room. Especially often it is installed in children's rooms, as dry air is considered dangerous for young children.

If there is dry air in the children's room, this will lead to the following negativeconsequences:

  • child's he alth worsens;
  • immunity is reduced;
  • dryness of the mucous membranes appears;
  • allergic reactions to animal hair or plant pollen are detected.

Therefore, parents who care about the he alth of their baby should create good conditions for his life. They need to know what a humidifier does. The pros and cons of this device should be evaluated before direct purchase in order to choose the most optimal and safe model. Additionally, it is recommended to read reviews from direct users.

types of humidifiers pros and cons
types of humidifiers pros and cons

Purchase Benefits

Initially, you should evaluate all the pros and cons of an air humidifier for an apartment in order to establish the feasibility of this purchase. This device belongs to climatic technology, which is intended to increase the humidity of the air. But a change in the microclimate leads to the fact that high humidity can harm other equipment, interior items and even plants.

When studying the advantages and disadvantages of a humidifier, especially much attention should be paid to the pros. These include:

  • dry air can destroy quality wood flooring, so moisture ensures optimal conditions for this material;
  • low humidity causes plants to die, so increasing it can lead to the constant flowering of numerous flowers;
  • due to high humiditycracks will never appear on wooden furniture, so climate technology increases the service life of expensive interior items;
  • a truly comfortable microclimate is created in the premises, which positively affects the well-being and he alth of people;
  • reduces the risk of allergies or asthma.

Due to the above advantages, many people prefer to buy this appliance for installation in a children's room or their own bedroom.

disadvantages of humidifiers
disadvantages of humidifiers


It is important to consider not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of humidifiers. They are as follows:

  • increases the risk of a sore throat, which adults and children can get sick due to an excess of moisture, as this leads to the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract, which is the optimal condition for the development of bacteria;
  • usually people purchase a device that does not match the power and characteristics of the existing room, so it is not possible to create an optimal microclimate;
  • it is dangerous to constantly use a humidifier in the children's room, because if the baby touches the operating device, it can cause a burn on the skin, so you need to install the equipment in an inaccessible place or buy an ultrasonic humidifier;
  • Consumable costs are considered high, and the frequency of replacement depends on the brand and type of appliance.

Many disadvantages of air humidifiers in the apartment are far-fetched. But stillto create a comfortable microclimate in residential premises, attention should be paid not only to air humidity, but also to its purification. You need to use the device wisely, so you should not raise the humidity to 80%. It is optimal to keep it at the level of 60%.

humidifier pros and cons for a child
humidifier pros and cons for a child

Main device types

It is necessary to understand not only the pros and cons of air humidifiers, but also their varieties. The following types of devices are distinguished:

  • ultrasonic;
  • traditional;
  • steam;
  • washing.

Each variety has its own characteristics, which should be understood before making a purchase. This will allow you to purchase equipment that will perfectly meet the requirements of users.

Ultrasonic device

It is considered the most common and safest to use. Features of its use include:

  • products are equipped with a piezoceramic membrane that vibrates under the influence of alternating current;
  • water is poured into a special container, which, under the action of vibrations, breaks into small particles;
  • these particles come out through the fan;
  • ultrasonic device produces cool steam, so it is safe for children and adults;
  • some appliances are equipped with an additional function, due to which warm steam appears;
  • the cost of such devices is considered low, but at the same time they can be equipped with various additional functions, to whichrefers to steam separator, humidification levels or steam sterilization;
  • on expensive models there are electronic displays with which you can set the desired parameters of the equipment.

This appliance is allowed to be installed in children's room.

humidifiers pros and cons
humidifiers pros and cons

Disadvantages and advantages of an ultrasonic device

Before buying, you should evaluate the pros and cons of an ultrasonic humidifier. Positive parameters include:

  • work intensity;
  • no noise appears during operation;
  • it is possible to independently regulate the humidity level due to the built-in hygrometer;
  • the appliance is economical.

The disadvantages include the fact that in many models the operation of the equipment requires only demineralized and purified water, which must be bought in the store. Inexpensive models cannot be regulated, therefore, due to their operation in the premises, an increased level of humidity can be established. Such devices are designed for small rooms. Only after studying the pros and cons of an ultrasonic humidifier, you can decide on its purchase.

Traditional patterns

In another way, they are called moisturizers with natural hydration. Their device is quite simple. With the help of a fan, air is forced through a wet filter, which is regularly saturated with the right amount of water. After that, the air is sent out humidified.

Bsome models are equipped with filters equipped with antibacterial compounds, which provides additional air purification.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional humidifiers

The traditional appliance is considered quite popular among all kinds of humidifiers. The pros and cons of this equipment are as follows:

  • outlet steam is not hot, so you can install the appliance even in the children's room;
  • never the humidity rises too high as steam is not forced;
  • economy of use;
  • during the use of the equipment, a white and ugly coating on interior items is not formed, which is often found when using an ultrasonic device;
  • no need to use purified water;
  • poor performance compared to other models;
  • during operation, the fan is clearly audible, so it is not advisable to turn on such a device at night;
  • periodically have to change filters, the cost of which is considered high.

This variety is presented in different models with different cost and characteristics.

steam humidifiers pros and cons
steam humidifiers pros and cons

Steam humidifier

In such a device, the water is heated, after which the steam comes out, which provides humidification of the air in the room. Water can be heated in different ways, so the devices use electrodes or heating elements, but in any case, the steam will be warm, so install suchtechnology in the children's room is not allowed.

The pros and cons of steam humidifiers are as follows:

  • the air is moistened quickly and intensively, so in just a few hours you can reach the desired level of humidity;
  • although the outgoing steam is hot, it is difficult to burn yourself on it, unless you put your hand directly on the appliance;
  • because the temperature treatment of the air is ensured, the elimination of microorganisms is guaranteed;
  • white plaque does not form on interior items;
  • in this case, condensation may occur, due to which the condition and appearance of various items made of wood or other expensive materials deteriorate;
  • if you turn on such equipment for the whole day or night, the humidity in the room can rise to a critical value, which is bad for people's well-being;
  • scale builds up on the appliances, so you will have to clean the equipment periodically;
  • during the operation of the equipment, there is a significant consumption of water.

Another significant drawback of this equipment is the rather loud noise that occurs during boiling water.

ultrasonic humidifier pros and cons
ultrasonic humidifier pros and cons

Air washers

An innovative device is a humidifier, which not only increases the level of humidity in the premises, but also provides air purification. They are represented by improved models of classic humidifiers. They have a drum in which there are discs that absorbmoisture.

During the rotation of this drum, the disks are lowered into a special container filled with water, after which they rise again. A jet of air blows from the fan, which dries these discs, which leads to humidification of the air. Dust and dirt are washed away with water from the container, so not only humid, but also clean air enters the room.

You can fill the equipment with ordinary water, but periodically you need to clean the tank and discs from plaque and dirt. Sometimes devices are equipped with additional functions, represented by aromatization or silent mode.

What functions might there be?

If you plan to buy equipment for the nursery, then parents should evaluate the pros and cons of a humidifier for a child. Not always this equipment is suitable for this room. When choosing equipment, consider its cost, brand, safety of use, emitted noise and available features.

The most common features that these devices are endowed with include:

  • hygrostat, with which you can adjust the level of humidity set in the room;
  • air purifier allows you to remove dust and germs from the air, and for this purpose special filters are installed in the equipment;
  • timer, which sets the operating mode;
  • air ionization guarantees more thorough cleaning;
  • night mode for quiet operation at all times;
  • flavorings allow you to get indoors not only clean, but also pleasantsmelling air;
  • water lighting is meant to enhance the appearance of equipment.

The more different functions will be available in the device, the higher will be its cost. Therefore, initially it is important to pay attention to the principle of its operation, the safety of use and the possibility of adjustment.

humidifier for the apartment pros and cons
humidifier for the apartment pros and cons


There are numerous pros and cons to humidifiers. These devices are presented in several varieties that differ in the principle of operation. They can be equipped with numerous additional features that increase the comfort and safety of their use.

When choosing such equipment, it is important to consider its price, principle of operation and power.