What is SW: complete freedom or break on pause?

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What is SW: complete freedom or break on pause?
What is SW: complete freedom or break on pause?

Video: What is SW: complete freedom or break on pause?

Video: What is SW: complete freedom or break on pause?
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Does your partner offer an open relationship instead of a traditional one? And you agree because you haven't released your last romance yet? And the status of "free" relationships was chosen as an alternative. Or is your family boat cracked, and the only solution to save the marriage was mutual freedom? In order to weigh all the pros and cons of such a verdict, let's figure it out: SW - what is it?

What is sw?

SW is an open relationship between partners. They mutually agree in advance that communication, joint recreation, intimate relationships with other guys / girls are quite acceptable. At the same time, this format of relations does not involve scenes of jealousy, lies and claims against a partner.

What is a SW relationship? Men and women do not make plans for each other. Each of them lives their own life. Partners do not become attached to each other, but enjoy the fact that they do not encroach on the freedom of their soul mate.

Are relationships really free?

Most often tothis format of relationships is resorted to by young couples in love. Many psychologists say that SW victims turn to them for help. Men seek solace in a psychologist's office after their other half has gone to a more serious man. And the “free” women, tired of jealousy, ask the psychologist to raise their self-esteem and help them regain the desire to build a family. Psychologists say that free relationships are short-lived.

what is sw relationship between man and woman
what is sw relationship between man and woman

What is a SW relationship between a man and a woman? We have understood the meaning. To clarify: the partners only at first take this format seriously, but soon they themselves do not consider it necessary to add the prefix “relationships”. Remain simply "free".

Many so-called SW victims quickly become entangled. After all, the casual sex of two people who met in a nightclub and woke up together in bed cannot be called a relationship a priori.

Even a free couple has some obligations. Of course, in this case, without implying fidelity.

Rules of open relationships

Like the traditional notion of a relationship, singles also have their own rules.

  1. Respect. Partners should not forget that they love each other. Paradoxical as it may seem, but the main task of both is not to set a record for casual intimate relationships. The purpose of such a relationship is harmony.
  2. Partner is a priority. Despite the fact that you both allow yourself closeness with other people, for each other, you should come first. If a girl urgently needs to see herman, then he must put aside all his affairs and mistresses and rush. A similar condition applies to the girl.
  3. relationships in sw format what is it
    relationships in sw format what is it
  4. Be willing to "share" a partner. Both should understand what SW is. First of all, it is like an official permission to have an intimate relationship with someone else.

Not everyone is ready to accept such an open relationship.


Physical infidelity is unacceptable for the classic idea of a family. And if we talk in the key of an open relationship? Then sex is possible with other partners. However, there is such a thing as sexwife. This is a married woman who voluntarily engages in sexual intercourse with one or more men with the consent of her husband. This is one of the variations of SW. There are several classifications of relationships in a sexwife:

  • sexual intercourse occurs in the presence of a spouse;
  • intimate relationship involves the participation of both partners (group sex, MZHM, ZHMZH, etc.);
  • a woman goes to intimate meetings, providing her husband with a “report”, “evidence of the work done.”
  • what is sw
    what is sw

Open SW relationships are not for everyone. Allowed cheating can cause new emotions, but also ultimately destroy the family.


For a detailed understanding of what SW is, let's look at a number of advantages of such a relationship. Namely:

  • Unencumbered - in such a relationship, no one owes anything to anyone. Therefore, you can stop them at any convenient time. Perhaps this is the reason open relationships can last.for decades. The only question left is their quality.
  • No limits - in SW-relationships, you do not need to set conditions for a partner or drive him into a frame. For example, after 3 years on such and such a day, you should propose to me. Within the framework of this format of relations, this is unacceptable and stupid.
  • No addiction - in an open relationship there is no jealousy, pain, "love slavery", deceit, betrayal.
  • Many couples who change their relationship format to open relationships bring newness, adrenaline and even adventurism to their marriage. A family built on such principles will definitely not fall apart from boredom and routine.
  • what is sw relationship between man and woman with meaning
    what is sw relationship between man and woman with meaning

Forbidden fruit is always sweet. It often happens like this: the girl agreed to an open relationship, and the partner did not want to go left. And this is quite understandable. Everything forbidden becomes cherished. And when the ban disappears, the desired loses its former attractiveness.

Are there any downsides to SW?

SW relationship - what is it in the key of disadvantages? Let's take a closer look.

  1. In this format of relationships, the concepts of "love" and "sex" are clearly separated. Both partners understand that an intimate relationship can be with anyone. But to love - only one (your partner). Cheating in such a relationship is accepted calmly, without making any claims.
  2. To many, the status of an open relationship seems immoral. Therefore, if you decide to be in such a relationship, then get ready in advance for sidelong glances. Relationships in SW format - what is it? It's perfectan option for young people who are not ready to start a family and have children.
  3. The status of an open relationship implies a special psychological attitude and moral preparation. It is very difficult to overcome the feeling of jealousy in oneself, the feeling of ownership. Many people can't even do it. These emotions are genetic.
  4. sw relationship what is it
    sw relationship what is it
  5. Partners often hide behind a special relationship status to avoid liability. You need to find out about the intentions of your partner in advance and in detail.

What is SW? On the one hand - complete freedom, and on the other - reshaping their principles and the risk of losing a loved one. Is such a relationship worth it? You decide.

However, marriage in the traditional sense should not exclude freedom of choice (gatherings with friends, vacations, hen/stag parties, etc.). The main thing is that everything should be within reason and with the consent of the second half. Then the relationship will be harmonious and happy!