What if I love her and she doesn't love me?

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What if I love her and she doesn't love me?
What if I love her and she doesn't love me?

Video: What if I love her and she doesn't love me?

Video: What if I love her and she doesn't love me?
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When a sensitive guy is rejected by a girl he's been chasing for a while, fair questions like "What should I do? I love her, but she doesn't love me" arise in his head. Both in this and in many other social situations, non-recognition from others can become a real problem for a vulnerable person, which can lead to isolation, various disorders and more serious consequences. Especially for such people, we will analyze what to do if you are not loved.

Causes of the problem

A person as a person does not have to be liked by absolutely everyone around, and it would be strange and unnatural if everyone around loved and accepted you for who you are. There will be detractors anyway.

But if the vast majority of people around you react negatively to your presence and your actions, or avoid you altogether, then thisdefinitely a reason to think and ask yourself reasonable questions: "Why don't they like me?" or "Why do I love her and she doesn't love me?"

loneliness in the crowd
loneliness in the crowd

This problem most often occurs when a person at a certain point in his life begins to show personal qualities that repel other people and even loved ones from him. These qualities will be discussed.

Negative perception of the environment

We have all met people who always go wrong, everyone is against them and everything around is bad. They are annoyed by bus conductors, cashiers in stores, low wages that are constantly delayed, and the like.

All this accumulates in one big lump, and others will treat such a person with understanding only at first, but if such a perception of the world only intensifies, it is likely that even the closest people will try to reduce communication with such a person to a minimum, or even begin to avoid it altogether.

sad locomotive
sad locomotive

Everyone has enough problems in one way or another, and everyone wants positive emotions from life, so people try to stay as far away from any negativity as possible.

Arrogance and closeness

Unfortunately, to notice these qualities in yourself is sometimes an extremely difficult task. And even if you consider yourself an open and friendly person, your unapproachable facial expression, coupled with a closed body language, conveys completely opposite information to others.

And thoughno one will logically understand what exactly is so repulsive about you, your closeness, one way or another, will be perceived accordingly.

arrogance and delusion
arrogance and delusion

If you also need to constantly belittle someone around you or make fun of them in public and point out every mistake to fuel your self-confidence, then it will be absolutely natural that everyone will start to bypass you.

Too talkative

Those who in a conversation do not give others the opportunity to insert a word, prefer not to involve in these conversations at all, because all people have a need for at least someone to hear them.

unwillingness to listen
unwillingness to listen

There are those who just can't stop. They keep throwing out their "incredible" stories, jokes, anecdotes, and so on, thinking that they are entertaining the whole company and everyone around is listening to them with interest, when in fact the rest of those present are already looking for an excuse to get away from such a storyteller. This is why men love it when a girl is not talkative.

Who girls don't like

Those who wonder: "Why do I love her, but she doesn't love me?" - often represent pathologically unhappy people. A woman wants to see a man next to her who knows what he is doing and walks his path with confidence.

And although each of us has our own dramas, when you start pouring all this on a poor girl who does not expect this from you at all, her interest in you fades away almostlightning fast, though she may pretend to be very sympathetic.

The same thing happens when a man takes the position of a victim in life. This manifests itself in the form that such a person constantly tries to justify his failures, even when no one accuses him of anything.

Also, not so obvious, but help can also be extremely repulsive. When communicating with a person of the opposite sex that interests you, it is important to remember that you are not meeting with her in order to do her job, solve her problems, and the like. To do this, she most likely has a bunch of other guys.

How to fix the situation

Guys often say: "I love her, but she doesn't love me." In dealing with this problem, and also in case of non-acceptance by others, the first step will be a thorough introspection. After all, you need to understand what exactly needs to be worked on. In order to find out, just take a sheet of paper and write down on it all the moments of the past day, both pleasant and not so.

All your own thoughts, the words of others, as well as your own remarks and actions in different situations, written down on paper, will help you analyze your behavior and understand what exactly is not going the way you would like. And the following simple actions will help you become much less repulsive both for the opposite sex and for the people around you in general:

  1. Start to really listen to the people around you, instead of just waiting for your turn to speak.
  2. Smile more often, no matter how trite it may sound, but a smile, not eventhe most pleasant, increases your attractiveness many times over.
  3. Realize that you are not perfect and learn to openly admit your own mistakes.
  4. Really respect the people around you and recognize their dignity. If you try, you can find at least something in any person that commands respect.

One of the most important skills that will help you earn the favor of others is love and acceptance of yourself, as well as the ability to be happy and maintain a positive emotional state even in the most difficult times. Master these skills and people will be drawn to you.