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Vitamins for parrots: review, dosage, contraindications

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Vitamins for parrots: review, dosage, contraindications
Vitamins for parrots: review, dosage, contraindications

In natural, that is, wild, conditions, budgerigars receive good nutrition. They simply do not need any specific additives. Keeping in captivity is a completely different environment, where there is no grazing in principle, and the bird in this case needs minerals and vitamins.

In the summer months, the latter can be replenished with fruits and vegetables, but in the winter, food is not so varied. Therefore, many people ask a completely logical question, what can be fed to a budgerigar other than food, so that the diet is as close to natural as possible. As an alternative to natural products, special additives are used to replenish the elements necessary for poultry.

Today's market offers a plethora of vitamin options for budgerigars. And if experienced breeders have long identified interesting options for themselves, then beginners experience serious problems with choosing the best solution.

So, let's try to find out what you can feed a parrot to make up for his need for vitamins and minerals. Consider the popular and well-established onproducts on the market that have received positive feedback from professional breeders and veterinarians.


In some cases, vitamins are contraindicated for parrots and will not bring any benefit, but only harm. Ideally, you need to take tests and consult an ornithologist, or at least the advice of a local breeder. Experts recommend giving vitamin preparations to support the bird's body in the following cases:

  • during molting;
  • for diseases of the liver and pancreas;
  • problems with the immune system;
  • tumors of different nature.

It is also worth noting that under the guise of vitamins for budgerigars and some kind of daily top dressing on the market, you can find extremely low-quality preparations, where there is no balance of elements in principle. In a nice package, for example, there may be a shock dose of iodine. The bird needs the latter only in case of an acute shortage, and an excess of this element can become a catalyst for a serious illness or even lead to death.

Quality vitamins for parrots are, first of all, an ideal balance in a number of elements necessary for a pet. Thus, the bird's immune system is supported and metabolism is improved. So you need to purchase such drugs in trusted places and after consulting with a specialist. Veterinary clinics, pharmacies and specialized stores are considered the safest points of sale. In the latter, you can buy not only vitamin supplements, but also other utensils - drinkers, cages and enclosures forparrots.

Next, consider the best solutions that can be found on the domestic market.

8in1 Cotrition Vita-Sol Multi Vitamin

This is a vitamin complex containing all the elements necessary for a bird. Ornithologists and breeders speak positively about Vita-Sol 8in1. The product provides complete feeding of the pet, contributing to the correct development of birds living in captivity.

8in1 Cotrition Vita-Sol Multi Vitamin

Vita-Sol 8 in 1 parrot vitamins are great for sick and debilitated animals. Veterinarians recommend this complex last in the first place. The composition includes groups of vitamins A, B, D, E, C, F.

All these elements have a positive effect on the quality of feathers, skin, gastrointestinal tract of a pet, and also help to increase immunity. The dosage of vitamins for parrots is detailed in the local instructions, so this should not be a problem.


Another complex preparation highly recommended by many ornithologists and breeders. "Gamavit" for parrots is distinguished by a balanced composition of vitamins, s alts and amino acids.

vitamins for parrots Gamavit

It is worth noting separately that there were no side effects after taking the drug. Veterinarians prescribe "Gamavit" for beriberi, anemia, and also to stabilize the immune system. In addition, the complex helps after poisoning.

8 in 1 Tonic & Bitters

This is a medical, and at the same time, preventivevitamin complex. Reviews about the drug are mostly positive. The set of vitamins and minerals indicated in the composition really takes place and effectively copes with the tasks.

8 in 1 Tonic & Bitters

Among other ingredients, one can note the presence of joster - one of the best laxatives for birds. In addition, this element minimizes fermentation processes in the gastrointestinal tract, and also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Some experts recommend this drug for the fight against worms and parasites.

The elements included in the composition have the most favorable effect on the state of the stomach and contribute to an increase in intestinal tone. As a result, the pet's gastrointestinal tract gets rid of previously accumulated toxins, which strengthens the resistance of organs to concomitant diseases.

An extended list of contraindications is indicated in the local instructions. But it is worth mentioning separately about pets with serious liver problems. The last zhoster is strictly contraindicated. Specific dosages depending on the weight, height and age of the bird are indicated in the instructions. Also worth noting is a very convenient bottle with a dispenser, which greatly facilitates the issuance of vitamins.


This is a specific drug that improves the plumage of a bird. The product contains 13 vitamins, 6 useful trace elements, as well as a sufficient amount of calcium and 18 free amino acids.


This set supports the pet's body during molting and stimulates growthfeathers. The latter acquire a pronounced color and a pleasant glossy shade. The product has no serious contraindications.

Vets are generally positive about Nekton Bio (for feathering) and strongly recommend it, especially during the molting season. The required dosage is calculated based on the age and weight of the bird. Detailed information is indicated in the instructions that are attached to the drug.

Orlux Omni-vit

This is a multivitamin complex for all types of exotic pets, including budgerigars. The drug comes in the form of a powder that can be added to both drinking water and daily food.

Orlux Omnivit

The product contains all the necessary vitamins and amino acids. Experts recommend this complex for pets with reduced immunity, during the breeding season, as well as after illnesses and some kind of stress.

Inside the package there is a detailed instruction, which indicates the contraindications and the exact dosage of the drug, based on the weight, age and condition of the bird. Everything is described in sufficient detail, so, judging by the reviews of the owners, there are no questions left.

Beaphar Mausertropfen

The vitamin preparation comes in liquid form, so it can be safely added both to drink and to bird feed. The elements that make up the product make it possible to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals of the animal, as well as improve its plumage and cheer up.

Beaphar Mausertropfen

Experts often recommend this drugparrots during molting. The product has no serious contraindications. The intricacies of dosage can be found in the detailed instructions that come with the vitamins.

Orlux Muta-vit

This is a multivitamin powder supplement. The composition, in addition to a complete set of vitamins and minerals, includes sulfuric amino acids and biotin: group B (1/2/3/6/12), H, A, D3, K, C and PP. Such a set of elements allows you to normalize metabolism, and at the same time helps to improve the feather cover and the general condition of the pet.

Orlux Mutavit

Specialists speak highly of the product and recommend it to owners of all types of birds, including budgerigars. Dosage shouldn't be a problem. Detailed instructions are attached to the supplement, where portions are indicated depending on the type, age and physique of the pet.

Beaphar Vinka

Experts recommend this vitamin supplement for immunocompromised birds. Included in the A, C, E, K and B groups, as well as choline with biotin, help maintain the pet's tone and good mood.

Beaphar Vinka

Breeders very often use this drug during the molting period of animals. In addition, the elements included in the composition have an extremely favorable effect on young animals. Veterinarians recommend this vitamin supplement for chicks to increase resistance to viral diseases and improve feather growth.

A bottle in the classic volume of 50 ml is completed with detailed instructions, where all contraindications and dosage are indicated, taking into account weight,condition and age of the bird. The smaller volume comes, alas, without any documentation, so for the first purchase it is better to choose a volume of at least 50 ml.

Beaphar Trink & Fit Birds

Specialists recommend this vitamin complex for birds with feather problems. The blackcurrant concentrate, glucose and dairy products included in the composition contribute to the formation of he althy bone tissue.

Beaphar Trink & Fit Birds

As a result, the lack of vitamin C with calcium is compensated, and the feathers take on a beautiful look and give off gloss. Veterinarians do not recommend this drug to he althy animals. Good food, which is sold in specialized stores, is rich in calcium and other minerals.

An excess of this element will not harm a he althy pet, but the practicality of acquiring this complex is a big question. In the box with vitamins there is a detailed instruction, which indicates the contraindications and dosage of the drug in certain cases.

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