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How to understand that he loves me? Key features, expert advice
How to understand that he loves me? Key features, expert advice

"How do I know he loves me?" - every girl asked a similar question at least once, since it is quite difficult to determine the real attitude of a young man to a particular person. A person can say that he loves, but his actions very often indicate the opposite. In our article we will try to cover this topic in more detail. Here you will find the main signs that a man has strong feelings for you, as well as expert advice on how to make a man fall in love with you.

Pay attention to the guy's behavior

Don't know how to understand what your loved one loves? Most experienced experts recommend first of all paying attention to the behavior of a young man in relation to his beloved. Love is sincerity and openness for your soulmate. If a person behaves with you in private in a completely different way,than with other people, it means that he has very strong feelings for you. For example, with friends, he can be polite and serious, but with his girlfriend he behaves quite awkwardly and often does things that are contrary to common sense.

The girl is having fun with the guy

Also, a person in love will always try to share their deepest emotions and experiences, but at the same time feel very comfortable in your company.

If your boyfriend is not shy about telling you about his problems, but always says that he is very comfortable with you, then you should hardly doubt the sincerity of his feelings. Of course, some individuals can pretend, but such hypocrisy, as a rule, becomes noticeable after a few weeks of communication.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

"How to understand that he loves me, but hides his feelings?" - Another popular question that many girls ask themselves. It is not surprising. Many guys hide their true feelings for a particular girl until they are completely convinced that the young lady deserves them. At the first meeting, the girl may seem kind, sweet and sympathetic, but after a few weeks of dating, it turns out that she is extremely selfish, arrogant and loves herself more than anyone in the world. That is why guys are in no hurry to show feelings for unfamiliar personalities. However, there is still a way to recognize their true attitude towards you.

Pay attention to the look of the young man. As a rule, even if a person hides hisfeelings, his eyes tell the truth all the time, especially if they are directed at the object of desire. Sometimes you can see how a guy looks at you at the moment when he thinks that you do not see it, and with close contact, his pupils begin to dilate. As a rule, if a girl notices a guy looking at herself, then he will immediately turn his eyes away. Try to observe a young man or ask a close friend about it.

Is he happy to see you after a hard day?

To understand that you are truly loved, many psychologists recommend paying attention to the attitude of the second half to the object of their adoration at the moment when he returns after a hard day's work. As a rule, a person in love will show his feelings, despite physical fatigue. Even if your boss has been chasing your boyfriend around all day, after work he will still come to you and tell you how much you are dear to him.

Loving couple at sunset

Try to analyze the behavior of your young man at the moment when he is tired. You can spontaneously say something nice to him, and if an immediate reaction follows, then there is nothing to worry about - your boyfriend is really crazy about you. However, if you hear something like: "Sorry, I'm not in the mood today," then you should seriously think about the sincerity of your soulmate's feelings.

Goofing around is best with your lover

If you want to understand that your loved one loves you with all his heart, then try to play a trick on him. If hesupports a joke or even starts to develop it, then you should definitely hold on to this person. People in love can laugh next to the object of their adoration even without any reason. They often sing songs in the presence of their significant other and shout loudly about their feelings in crowded places. Of course, such behavior can sometimes cause embarrassment in a girl, but she may not worry that a young man really has tender feelings for her.

You can also try to intentionally say something not very funny. Most guys in love in this situation will try to fake a genuine laugh, because they don't want their lover to feel embarrassed because of a bad joke. However, if a guy starts fidgeting or feels uncomfortable in the presence of a "loser joker", then you should not count on something more serious than friendship.

He is sad when you are sad

Boy and girl are sad together

Some psychologists say that patients asked them a rather interesting question: "How to understand that he loves me if he is silent?" Indeed, recognizing the real intentions of a silent person can be extremely difficult, but not impossible! Experts advise in this case to use a rather non-standard psychological technique. Tell the guy some sad story or pretend that you feel incredibly hurt in your soul. If a young man calms you down or also becomes sad, then you should seriously think about starting to build relationships with this young man.human.

Of course, it also happens that a guy feels only friendly feelings for a girl when he is sad with her, so you should not be guided only by this point. However, it is also impossible to completely remove it from the accounts.

He likes to discuss future plans with you

A rich man smokes a cigar

A very good method to answer the question: "How to understand that he loves me and that he needs me?". Psychologists have come to this conclusion a long time ago. If a guy constantly discusses plans for the future with his girlfriend, and he does it not in general terms, but laying out the most intimate details, then he is definitely secretly in love with this girl.

True love implies a great desire to live a long and happy life with a person. If a guy expresses plans for his future to you, then he wants to share his future only with you. For example, many men tell their crushes how they plan to grow their business, how many children they want, when they plan to get married, and so on. If your boyfriend constantly brings up this topic in conversations, then you are very lucky.

Love cannot be without compliments

"How to understand that the husband does not love?" - a rather pessimistic question, but its relevance is growing from year to year. The thing is that, according to psychologists, love in most couples lasts no more than three years. After that, partners feel affection for each other or even dependence, but warm feelings gradually fade away. If yourthe young man stopped complimenting you at least once every few weeks, then you should start worrying about your relationship.

Of course, you should not immediately arrange a dressing up for your spouse and suspect him of cheating. On the contrary, it is better to pay attention to yourself. Most girls after the wedding completely stop caring for themselves, after which they are surprised that their husband ceases to have feelings for them. Go to a beauty salon, get yourself a new haircut or update your wardrobe. Make your man feel again that there is no one more dear to him than you.

I love you…

Heart with hands on the background of the sunset

Such words are heard by billions of people around the planet, but not in all cases they sound sincere. There is a huge difference between "Liu cha!" and "I love you …" If your significant other really has warm and tender feelings for you, then these words from her lips will sound confident, and notes of hope will be noticed in her voice - the hope that you will tell her something in return.

To confess your love to someone, you do not need to look for reasons. A man can just look at a girl and realize that his life has no meaning without her. A man in love never thinks that a confession may sound inappropriate, and he pronounces these magic words with feelings, looking straight into his eyes.

The guy has nothing to hide from you

The question of how to understand that the former loves will arise in the girl by itself when the young man again offers her to be together. girls rightthey do not trust the person with whom the relationship once did not work out, especially if the guy betrayed his beloved and left for another. However, there may be exceptions, when the unfortunate boyfriend, after long wanderings, realizes that he cannot have feelings for anyone except his beloved.

The girl found the guy's correspondence

If you decide to rekindle your old relationship, then you should not hesitate to ask your boyfriend to be as open as possible with you - you have every right to do so. If a young man is against you knowing his password from a social network, claiming that this is "his personal space", then in most cases there is simply no point in continuing such a relationship. Sooner or later, the guy will betray you again.

I missed you…

The guy missed the girl

"How to understand that you truly love a person?" - if you are asking this question, then try to imagine that this guy went somewhere very far away. Will you miss communicating with this person or will you quickly find a replacement for him? This principle also works in reverse. If a guy, when meeting you, constantly says that he missed you, although you have not seen each other for only a few hours, then he is most likely very much in love with you. Also, a young man can write about what he misses when you leave the city for a few days. Be that as it may, if a person cannot live without you for a while, then they definitely care about you.

He comes to the rescue inany minute

A man in love will always come to the aid of his soul mate, even if an unpleasant situation occurred at an inconvenient time for him. Love is being there no matter what. So if your boyfriend quit all his affairs (study, work) and came to you across the city in order to brew a mug of hot tea when you are sick, then you should definitely take care of such a relationship. A loving person will always help you, even if it will bring much greater losses for him. And in sorrow, and in joy - this is what kind of relationship we wish our readers.

We hope our article helped you answer the question: "How to understand that he loves me?" If this information seemed not enough to you, then we recommend that you watch a short video, which also talks about the signs of true love on the part of a guy for a girl. The author of this channel is quite well versed in psychology, as evidenced by the number of his subscribers, as well as the percentage of positive and negative ratings for the video.

What do you think about how you can recognize the true feelings of a young man? Perhaps you have had to deal with a similar question more than once, and have you found a universal answer for yourself? Share your experience, and perhaps you will be able to influence the development of relationships in some couple and someone on the other side of the globe will be immensely grateful to you for this.

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